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InSinkErator Evolution® 100 disposer

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InSinkErator Evolution® 100 disposer
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InSinkErator Evolution® 100 disposer
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InSinkErator Evolution® 100 disposer
This tap design is included in our standard range tap options when you purchase any of our filtered and reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

InSinkErator Evolution® 100 disposer

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Evolution 100 disposer

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Sometimes, a conventional food waste disposer just isn't enough. If you're frequently having trouble with difficult items like bones or potato peel, it might be time to go to the next level of food waste disposal technology.

The Evolution® 100 is one step beyond the standard family food waste disposer. It's larger, more powerful, and thanks to technology, it's even quieter. With a big 1005ml grind chamber and stainless steel elements for grinding, you'll be thoroughly impressed by how much weight the Evolution® 100 can dispose of.

Unlike entry-level waste disposers, the Evolution® 100 boasts a 2-stage grind, resulting in a finer grind for your waste disposal. And, for ease of installation and convenience of use, there's also a built-in air switch accessory in chrome. With 0.75hp, there is lots to love about this unit.

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  • 5 year warranty
  • 2-stage grind technology for finer waste disposal
  • A space-saving compact design
  • Quiet compared to standard waste disposal tech
  • 1005ml grind chamber
  • Auto-reverse action
  • 0.75hp


  • Set the home at ease with a comparatively quiet mechanism
  • Strong grinding, 0.75hp, 2-stage grinding and a large grind chamber all come together to grind virtually any food waste
  • Difficult to dispose of foodstuffs like potato peel and bones are made short work of
  • With excellent craftsmanship and a 5 year warranty, you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time


31.1 cm
Flow Rate
1005 ml
Temperature Range
Not Applicable
3-4 KWH p.a, equal to approx. $3.50 p.a
5 year warranty
Suitable for
Home, Small Office

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