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Frequently asked questions about your filtered water tap

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Frequently asked questions about your filtered water tap
technician performing servicing of a filtered water taptechnician performing servicing of a filtered water tap
Servicing and repairs
The Water People
The Water People
September 29, 2021
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Answers to the top questions asked by customers

Filtered water taps will need cleaning, servicing, and maintenance from time to time. Reduce the risk of the need for repairs by reading through our answers to the top questions asked by customers.

At The Water People, our professional technicians know what it takes to keep your system operating at peak performance all year 'round. To book a service for your filtered water system, get in touch with our customer service team.

filtered water tap servicing and maintenance

How do I clean my water dispenser?

Each individual device will have its own cleaning instructions that you can follow. Otherwise, you can book a clean and service from the professionals at The Water People.

How long does it take to repair or replace a water dispenser?

A regular service will only take about 30 minutes. More extensive repairs or total replacements may take longer — up to a couple of hours. Installation and replacement should always be undertaken by a qualified tradesperson, while repairs should be actioned by a professional technician from The Water People.

My filter service light is on or flashing. What does this mean?

This means that your system is due for a service. You can try turning the system on and off again to see if the light remains. If it does, get in touch with The Water People and book a service as soon as it is convenient for you.

The hot water is not hot/the cold water is not cold. What does this mean?

Ensure the water system is turned on and is not being used beyond its recommended capacity. Otherwise, there may be a problem with filtration. Contact the Water People if the problem persists.

Why is the system not dispensing water?

Again, this may be a problem with power. Ensure that your system is turned on. If it is, the issue may be something that needs professional attention.

My dispenser seems to be working fine. Do I need to clean it?

Yes! Your water system, regardless of make and model, should be cleaned at least twice a year to promote peak performance and prevent the build-up of materials. You can't see inside your system when it is working throughout the day, so it is important to keep on top of this.

How do I stop my water dispenser from leaking?

Turn off the system immediately, disconnect the power plug from the wall, and call The Water People for a service. Water and electricity should never mix.

I have just recently changed my triple filter system and the water tastes odd. What is wrong with it?

Our triple fluoride systems have 3 stages, and must be flushed in a certain way to avoid any flushed particles from one filter entering another filter. When changing your drop-in filters, follow these steps:

  1. Start  by removing all three filters
  2. Replace only the sediment/pre-filter and fluoride (middle) filter
  3. Place the housing for the carbon/virus filter back in empty
  4. Proceed by flushing the two filters for an absolute minimum of 15 minutes
  5. Once you have finished flushing, you can then put your carbon/virus filter in and flush for a further 2 to 3 minutes

It is crucial that the fluoride filter is flushed for at least 15 minutes. This provides time for any loose particles to be flushed and not end up in your carbon/virus filter, affecting taste or potentially blocking the filter.

My filtered water tap has an extremely weak flow. It is taking ages just to fill a small glass. What's wrong?

With this scenario, we know that there is something causing a blockage in the system. Most would assume it would be the filters, but sometimes this can happen with new filters installed. The best approach to finding the blockage is to start right at the source.

  1. Firstly, check your mains supply. The best way to do this is to check your mixer tap. If cold water is running through the mixer tap, you know the mains pressure is good.
  2. The next step is to check your pressure limiting valve. This is the grey plastic valve with PLV 350KPA written on it.
  3. Remove the tubing from the ‘OUT’ side (direction of flow is indicated on the PLV), and grab a bucket or large bowl and turn on the tap. If the flow is weak the PLV needs to be replaced.
  4. Check the filters. From the ‘OUT’ side of the filters, there will be a tube heading to the tap or unit.
  5. Remove this tube from the unit. Grab a bucket or large bowl and turn on the tap, if the flow is weak then you have a blocked filter,

A typical culprit is the carbon filter. You can take the filters out and check each individually to find the blocked one.

I’m finding floaty bits when dispensing cold water from my mains water cooler! What's going on?

The mains water coolers have a little tank that sits on the top of the unit. It is easy to get to — just two screws and the lid pops off. If you see bits floating around in this tank, it is well overdue for a good clean. The filters will stop a lot of bad things from getting into the unit. These flakes are calcium deposits which develop when calcium separates from other naturally occurring minerals in the water after being exposed to cooler temperatures. Simple empty the tank, wipe it all down and flush several times.

I’ve just changed my sediment and carbon filter and the water looks milky, but settles after a minute and tastes fine. What is this?

This is perfectly normal! It's trapped air inside your filter housings coming out in the form of tiny bubbles. This will fix itself after a week or so as the air slowly forces its way out. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. It will not affect the taste or quality of the water, so do not be afraid to drink up!

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