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Filtered Water For Cafés and Restaurants

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Cafés and Restaurants

Water Systems for Restaurants and Cafés

For cafés and restaurants, it's important to not only meet but exceed customer expectations. When your customers ask for filtered or sparkling water, how do you keep up with the demand? We can provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for serving your customers healthy and clean water.

Cafés and Restaurants

Why Choose The Water People


Meet with us

We're always happy to visit your premises. Our team members can organise a face-to-face meeting to discuss your needs for a water dispenser.


Custom solutions

Our experts can give you sparkling water systems for restaurants, perfectly tailored to your budget and maintenance expectations.


Expert advice

Our team of experts have years of experience in helping customers like you find an economical water dispensing solution.

As a Service Technician for The Water People, we are 100% focused on bringing you great service with a friendly smile and first class knowledge of the product we supply and install.

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Long-term Partnerships

Sparkling water systems for restaurants need to be serviced and maintained correctly to keep up with your customers' demand for sparkling water. Servicing and maintenance of sparkling water systems for restaurants can be complicated and time consuming for staff.

Here at The Water People, we're committed to making it easy to maintain your café water dispenser. We work with you on a long-term basis to ensure your sparkling water systems are properly maintained. Our team uses industry leading software to keep track of the service history of your café or restaurant water dispenser.

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Installing a Sparkling Water Tap for Quat Quatta Functions Venue

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Quat Quatta is a high-end wedding reception venue that approached us for a sparkling water solution. They wanted to explore the possibilities of reducing their costs of purchasing bottled sparkling water.

The venue also wanted to improve their efficiencies with fast table service, and to minimise waste. The minute guests arrive, their staff needed to swing into action and offer fast service. They needed a sparkling water system that could cope with the capacity of up to 160 seated guests.

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Following our on-site inspection and recommendations, the reception compared the two options for renting a sparkling water tap or purchasing their own outright. The cost and long-term commitment of renting a sparkling water system was too high compared to purchasing the Billi Alpine Sparkling Water Tap.

The Billi sparkling water tap with a larger 6kg refillable CO2 cylinder has a large chilling capacity, dispensing 100 litres of chilled filtered water per hour. This new system has exceeded the reception's expectations.

This sparkling water solution has made the team more efficient with no more sparkling bottles to open and no more bottle waste to dispose of. Staff can fill up their carafes fast and effectively without compromising quality that their function venue demands.

Servicing & Support

Sparkling water systems for restaurants and cafés need the right maintenance to ensure they continue to dispense clean and healthy water. Our team can provide ongoing scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs to ensure your restaurant or café can always provide sparkling water to customers.

  • Regular filter changes
  • Service checks
  • Break-down repairs
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System Rentals

Some establishments prefer to rent a water dispenser to provide their customers with sparkling water. Sparkling water systems for restaurants can be a more cost-effective and convenient solution. Servicing maintenance and filter changes can still be included in the rental fee.

  • One year minimum contracts
  • Year on year rental contracts after your first year
  • Flexible, customised contracts to suit your needs
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Frequently Asked Questions

How man litres of sparkling water does an instant sparkling water tap provide?

As a general rule, it takes approx. 6 grams of CO2 to produce 1 litre of sparkling water. We recommend your system has a refillable CO2 cylinder, and all brands can be adapted with these.

CO2 cylinders come in either a 2.6kg size which delivers approx. 433 litres sparkling water or the 1kg size which delivers approx. 1000 litres of sparkling water. Ensure you have a spare "reserve" CO2 cylinder on hand at all times in the event you run out during service.

I want to create a self-service drink station. What do you recommend to go in here?

Many cafés and restaurants now offer a "go to" water drinking station that patrons can help themselves to. This avoids customers waiting around for service and frees up your staff to serve food.

As long as you have a water supply outlet and power point where you wish to have this, then your options are endless. It's as simple as building a cabinet (or adapting an existing one) and installing your tap. While a drain is also recommended it is not mandatory for this setup.

Sparkling water systems for restaurants often feature a "drip tray" that is easy to clean and collects any water spills eliminating the need for a drain. Most brands of filtered water taps have an instant "shut off" function that shuts the tap off as soon as the handle or lever is released. A drinks station could simply offer filtered chilled and ambient drinking water or filtered chilled, and sparkling drinking water.

What are the ongoing costs associated with maintaining a sparkling water tap?

The brand you choose will determine the price of the associated consumables. As a guide, the replacement water filter will cost approx. $180 every 6-months. The refillable CO2 cylinders will cost between $65 - $95 depending on size as a "swap over" and then you need to consider labour costs if you do engage an industry professional.

You can expect to pay around $100 labour fee for service call outs and filter/CO2 changeovers, however, this does vary from city to regional areas. Plumbers may charge higher fees, and industry prices do vary for services fees on sparkling water systems for restaurants.

What considerations should I explore when considering a filtered water tap?

What features are you looking for? All filtered water taps have the option of offering filtered chilled, sparkling, or boiling water in one single tap. These taps are also available with just one water type or with a combination of these.

It's critical you consider what capacity your establishment will require in the busiest of times. How many cups of chilled/sparkling and or boiling water can you expect to use per hour in peak times? This will determine the right size system for your needs and all brands offer varied capacities to suit small to the heaviest of usage.