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Drinking Water for Gyms and Sports Clubs

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Gym and Sports Clubs

Drinking Water Systems for Sport and Recreation

Providing clean and healthy drinking water in the sports and fitness industry is paramount. Health conscious members need to stay hydrated during a workout or while competing. The Water People can provide you with a gym water fountain that's easy to dispense water and requires minimal downtime for any servicing and repairs.

Gym and Sports Clubs

Why Choose The Water People


Custom solutions

We can provide custom drinking water solutions that will cater to the individual needs of your gym or sporting club.


Expert advice

Our team will assess your facility and its expected water usage before recommending the perfect solution for drinking water.


Meet with us

A site visit to your facility can be arranged. Meet with us in person for honest advice on your gym or sporting club.

The sales department were able to answer all of the questions related to the job we needed done. They made suggestions on what products and services were best suited to get everything complete. The whole experience was professional and hassle free. From start to finish the service was fantastic, and the job that was undertaken is now complete and the water fountain is working without fault.

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Long-term partnerships

Gyms and sporting clubs rely on multiple water fountains to help keep members hydrated for physical activity. It's paramount that these water fountains keep up with the heavy demand of members and staff.

Maintaining a gym water fountain can be very complex and time-consuming. The Water People are dedicated to making gym water fountain maintenance easy with long-term service partnerships. Using our industry leading software, we keep track of the service history of each gym water fountain to ensure they're always maintained and working correctly.

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Urgent Repairs For Virgin Active

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On-site gym water fountains were not chilling water and were out of warranty

The maintenance mangaer of Virgin Active contacted The Water People in May 2018 with the challenge of 5 on-site wall recessed drinking fountains (not supplied by The Water People) that were not chilling. Gym members were complaining the drinking water was not cold enough. The internal chassis (chillers) had broken down and the systems were only around 4 - 5 years old.

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After an initial free on-site inspection and some product research, The Water People discovered that the manufacturer of the existing drinking fountains was asking exorbitant prices for replacement chillers. The manufacturer was no longer making the internal chillers required for the fountains. We had to come up with a cost-effective and efficient solution.

To save Virgin Active from the huge expense of replacing all of their drinking systems with new ones, we came up with a workaround solution. Our solution was to simply replace the internal chillers with the Australian made Waterlux 14 litre chiller, an internal inline filter and fittings kit. All of these parts were measured on site. Ventilation was set up and we provided the systems for their on-site maintenance technician to replace, under our guidance on site himself.

The result? Five drinking water systems are now dispensing cold, filtered and refrigerated water. We've now established a great relationship with other Virgin Active branches both local and interstate. These branches have also opted to repair their drinking systems with our own tailored solution.

Servicing & Support

Drinking fountains for gyms and sporting clubs should be able to provide clean drinking water for its health-conscious patrons. Our licensed plumbers can provide regular servicing, maintenance, and emergency repairs to ensure your drinking fountain will always dispense healthy drinking water.

  • Regular filter changes
  • Scheduled service checks
  • Emergency breakdown repairs
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System Rentals

Some sporting facilities choose to rent a gym water fountain instead of purchasing them outright. Renting a gym water fountain can be a more cost-effective solution seeing as you can include servicing, maintenance, and filter changes in the rental fee.

  • Ongoing customer service
  • One year rental contracts that can be renewed
  • Flexible, customised contracts to match your usage
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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm applying for a government grant to purchase one or more drinking water systems for my sporting club. Can you please provide me with a quote I can submit to the government?

Certainly. Send us an enquiry via our contact page, and we'll gladly provide you with a professionally written quote you can include with your government sporting grant application.

Is it feasible for one of our sporting club members to change over the filters in order to save on service costs?

Yes, it is. We can even provide you with filter change instructions if you need or offer phone assistance. Please keep in mind that when you change your water filters ensure you check all lines and connections coming into and out of the system.

It's important that any parts that are leaking or aged be replaced to avoid expensive fitting ruptures and flooding risk. We also mail out our filters Australia wide on a regular mail out service with no postage fees associated.

My sporting club is based in a regional area, are your services still available to us?

Yes, we supply and service Australia wide. Our warehouse and head office is located in Melbourne, however, we have a handpicked network of highly skilled and qualified service technicians Australia wide.

We operate a gym and the drinking fountain is no longer chilling. Can you assist us?

Yes. Most likely it's the internal chassis (or chiller) that has run its course. We can replace the internal chassis but it may prove to be more costly than just replacing the entire drinking fountain. Ask us and we'll advise you based on the age of your system and usage.

The bottle filler tap on our drinking fountain has snapped and is now leaking water. Can you provide us with a solution fast?

This is very common with gyms and sporting clubs as the manufacture's standard bottle filler tap can appear to retract and bend when in fact it is not designed to do so.

The simple and most cost effective solution (that tap costs around $78) is to remove this tap and replace it with one like our Antique Water Filter Tap. Replacements like this don't bend and you'll get a longer service life out of this repair solution.

The water is coming out really slow from our drinking fountain. What do you think the issue may be?

More than likely it is the filters blocking up and restricting water flow. If it has been more than 6-months, then it's probably time to replace the water filter. A new water filter will most likely fix the pressure issue with your gym water fountain.

Can you install a gym water fountain? What considerations should I think about when choosing one of these?

All gym water fountains should be installed by a licensed plumber. They require a water inlet and a waste drain outlet. A licensed plumber will need to conduct the installation to industry regulations and standards.

We can supply a system for your with all the fittings needed ready for your local plumber to install. We recommend you consult with your local plumber first so they can provide you with an installation quote. Your plumber should be able to provide you with a quote of works required to ensure the installation of a gym water fountain within your facility is a viable option.

How much industry experience do you have? How can I be sure that you will uphold your service promise?

Established in 1990, we have been the go-to drinking water experts for over 28 years. We uphold great pride in all that we do. We are a private family owned and operated business who always goes above and beyond to ensure you will use our time and time again. We don't lock you into any service contracts as we don't feel we need to.

There is a reason our business has grown to what it is today and will continue to grow, and that's because once you use us, you're highly likely to come back time and time again. Give us a try, you have nothing to lose.