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Water filter repairs and servicing

We repair all drinking water systems

All major brands
Independent advice
Real customer support
Australia-wide service

With our expertise, there’s nothing we can’t handle

Whether you need an installation, service or filter replacement for your filtered water system, you can trust that our specialists will have the task done in no time.

Our commercial team services systems all over Australia, and our residential team covers Metro Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula.

  • Sparkling, chilled and hot water system repair
  • Water filter replacement
  • Faucet and hardware replacement
  • Specialists in Australian and international brands
  • Food waste disposer repair
  • Drinking fountain maintenance
  • Mains connected water cooler repair
  • Bottled water cooler servicing
  • Wall-mounted boiling water system repair
  • Reverse osmosis water purification system servicing

Brands we service

Our service technicians are trained and accredited to repair popular water filter systems from industry-leading brands.

Our filtered water system services

Consider us your full-service team. Whatever the product and no matter the issue, we’ll figure out a solution. And we’re not precious about whether you’ve bought your products from us — if you need help, we’ll be there.

The Water People team member installing filter under sink


We can install all residential- and commercial-grade filtered water systems. If you need a water filter replacement, we can either do it for you or send you the parts and provide clear and simple DIY instructions.

The Water People team member working on switch board for water filter

Repairs & maintenance

We can provide same-day filtered water system emergency repairs for unexpected breakdowns, especially if you run a high-traffic commercial establishment.

The Water People team member servicing water filter

Scheduled servicing

Our comprehensive and proactive maintenance program is designed to prevent malfunctions or filter blockages in your water systems, and to extend their operational lifespan.

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Products we service

We service all filtered water system products. Whether you’ve got a single filtered water tap at home, a dozen filtered mixers at your restaurant, or a hundred water fountains around your campus, you can leave the job to us.

Google reviews

Here are a few sterling reviews from our clients. If you’ve got a moment, we’re always grateful for critical feedback.

"Customer Service at The Water People is exceptional. Staff are friendly, kind, and responsive. Service people arrive quickly, on time and are awesome.

Lou M

"I purchased my reverse osmosis water filter from The Water People and have been using them for my water filter cartridges for over 20 years now. Love that I get them sent automatically and I don't have to think about it. All the staff are very friendly and always happy to help with anything. They only stock the best quality filter cartridges; with the best interest of their customer being very important."

Laura B

"Thank you to the amazing team at The Water People. Each and everyone of you made this process so easy. From Imogen in the call centre to Dale in installation. Thank you so much. We love our new Triple fluoride filtration system."

Athena D

"I use reverse osmosis system installed by The Water People for about 10 years now. Recently I had to change a faucet due to a kitchen reno and they kindly found exactly what I required for me! Good company and good craftsmanship."

Mikhail A

"The admin staff went the extra mile to accommodate an appointment with minimal notice. They were understanding and helpful. Quick response to my email too. Alan, the technician who came out was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Excellent customer service all round."

Danielle Q

Our process

customer support

Get in touch

We’ll schedule a consultation at our Melbourne or Sydney offices, visit your site for a preliminary check, or send our technicians to get straight to work.


Job’s done

The technician will assess and repair your filtered water system, mixer, coolers, and any other product you need seeing to. If we need to order new water tap repair parts, we will schedule a second service visit ASAP.


Ongoing servicing

We record your water system repair and service history in our database so we can proactively contact you before breakdowns occur or filters clog.

Frequently asked questions

Do you repair Zip taps and Billi taps?

We perform water tap servicing and repairs on all leading brands, including Zip and Billi. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and relationships with leading manufacturers to ensure you get experienced service every time.

There is no hot water coming out of my boiling water tap, can you help?

Depending on the brand of your system, there can be many reasons for this. Some possibilities include the hot pump having worn down over time, the boiling element not working, or some other electrical problem within the boiler causing this issue.

Get in touch with us and we'll work through the issue and find the right solution.

The water pressure has reduced to a dribble through my tap. What do you think could be the issue?

If water pressure is the only problem, this most likely means that your filters are blocked. Simply changing your filters should fix this. We also offer a water filter repair service.

How do Iknow when my water filter needs replacing?

Three of the most common signs your water filter needs to be replaced are:

  1. Weakened water pressure
  2. Discoloured or odorous water
  3. Discolouration in and around the filter

How often should water filters be replaced?

The age-old question: no one answer suits all situations. It depends on the amount of use and the quality of your main water supply.

Rather than playing a guessing game, it's best to stick to a general rule: filters in the workplace should be changed every six months, and filters in the home every 12 months. However, there are some variations to this depending on the type of water filter system you have. Contact us, and we'll discuss your water filter service situation.

My filtered water tap is 7 or 8 years old. I've spent a lot of money on repairs over the years and it's causing troubles again. What do you suggest?

Your system’s usage and service history determine its lifespan.

On average, a Zip or Billi tap should last up to eight years. Once past this, it's probably due for replacement if parts are becoming too costly. Speak with us about your situation, and we'll devise a solution for your needs.

How do I replace water filter cartridges?

Your first step should be to identify the make and model of the water filter you need. Once you have purchased it, it should come with filter replacement instructions. The process will require you to:

  • Turf off your water supply and release the pressure within it
  • Remove the clogged cartridge and clean its housing
  • Install and prime the new cartridge
  • Turn on your water supply and monitor its flow rate

It is possible to change your water filter without a professional's help, but it requires a fair bit of plumbing knowledge to ensure you don’t damage your filtration system or cause a leak. We strongly recommend you contact a trusted plumber or reach out to us so we can help you organise a service.

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