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Drinking water solutions for small and large corporate offices

Increase productivity and well-being with crystalline water

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Providing your staff with clean drinking water is a foundational OH&S requirement. But there’s more to it than that. Giving your office easy access to crystal clear and great-tasting water encourages a regular glass, and staff who are hydrated, healthy and happy are more productive, too. 

The Water People’s excellent selection of bubblers, purifying filters, and water coolers can supply your office with sparkling, chilled or boiling water on tap.

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Why Choose The Water People



We're dedicated to providing custom water dispensing solutions that cater to your office's unique water usage requirements.



Our qualified technicians offer an ongoing repair and maintenance service to ensure your office water filter is always in great working condition.


Talk to us

Our office water filter experts can arrange to meet you in person to analyse your office's water usage and discuss which options are available.

Hot and cold office water cooler

Smiling staff catching up around the office water cooler is a classic image of a happy workplace. Our coolers create a space worth meeting up at.

Select bottleless water coolers that draw their supply straight from the mains, or stick to replaceable bottles. Our purified water coolers supply either chilled-ambient or chilled-hot combinations of water, so your team can top up their bottles or make a quick cuppa.

Purified office drinking fountains

If you’ve got a large office, then an evenly-distributed network of office bubblers is sure to keep your staff hydrated on the move.

Whatever your needs, we have an ideal solution; we can supply floor-standing touchless water fountains for high-traffic worksites and offices that need hygienic protection, or in-wall bottle filling stations for sites with limited space.

Versatile filtered water taps

Transform your existing water supply with our spectacular filtered water taps, so your staff and clients can enjoy unlimited filtered water from any station around the office. 

Our certified plumbers can help you install office water filters in your site’s kitchen or break rooms — all of your tap water will run clean. Not only do they provide pure-tasting water, but they also offer sparking, cold and hot water through our touchless tap options. How’s that for convenient?

Monday mornings can wreak havoc when the boiling water tap fails, and your staff can't kick off their day with their much needed morning coffee boost. No office should wait a week for a service call out. A good reputable service company should be able to be on-site within 24 hours (or sometimes even the same day) to get your system back up and going as quickly as possible.

Helping Red Energy Save on Their Sparkling Water Tap Supply

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Overspending on frequent C02 replacements.

Red Energy has under sink filter taps in their office that provide clean drinking water to over 200 staff. After they started purchasing several small twin packs of C02 bottles for their sparkling water, we identified that restocking this size was both costly and time consuming for their business.

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New C02 bottles that reduce maintenance costs

After conducting an on-site, inspection we came up with the solution of converting all of their sparkling filtered water taps with larger 6kg refillable C02 cylinders. While this was an up-front cost, over time, they will save a lot of money without the need for so many frequent service call outs for cylinder replacements.

Committed to sustainability

We firmly believe in our social responsibility. Clean water is our business, and we are only too aware of how important it is for each of us to do our part to protect our irreplaceable natural resources.

That’s why we have taken clear and specific steps to reduce our environmental footprint and cut plastic waste. We have partnered with a leading salvage company to recycle all of our drinking tap hardware and CO2 bottles. You’ll even find many of our products boast energy-efficiency features to help keep your business environmentally friendly as well. Of course, even those without such features can help you cut down on bottled water. Every step towards progress is worth the effort.

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Long-term partnerships

Modern workplaces often rely on multiple office water dispensers to provide their staff with clean and refreshing drinking water. With high usage rates, it's paramount that you see to it your drinking water systems are serviced regularly.

Our qualified and experienced technicians can perform regular office water filter changes and maintenance checks for your office water cooler. Regular checks will safeguard your water system from breakdowns and annoying disruptions to your office's drinking water supply.


Whatever your office needs


Our licensed plumbers will be happy to install your new water fountains or water filters, saving you the hassle of organising the set-up yourself.


We include servicing, maintenance and filter changes in the rental fee so that you can calculate your yearly costs precisely.


If your water’s limply dribbling from the tap or chilled water’s coming out tepid, we’ll diagnose the problem and offer you a cost-effective solution.


Whether or not you’ve noticed a problem, our regular maintenance service can solve major breakdowns long before they have the chance to occur.

Give your office an endless supply of filtered drinking water


Australia-wide service

While our offices and distribution hub are based in Melbourne, we can service all of Australia. We have nurtured a nationwide network of exceptional delivery partners and technicians who can deliver and install your office water coolers and water filtration systems wherever you are.

customer support

Servicing and support

It's paramount for any office to supply clean and healthy water to all its staff members. Water system breakdowns can cause a massive disruption to any busy office. That's why we provide a reliable ongoing maintenance and emergency repair service for all makes and models of office water dispensers.


System rentals

Offices often choose to rent a water dispenser instead of buying one due to the flexibility it provides. Rental contracts can be negotiated and customised to suit your office's changing needs. Ongoing servicing, filter changes, and maintenance can be included in your rental fee.

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How often should my office water filter be changed?

You water dispenser will need its filter changed every six months for optimal performance. 

We can provide regular maintenance servicing for your office’s water dispensers. Our visits will ensure everything is in excellent condition, so you won’t have to worry about breakdowns or tainted water harming your staff.

Do you service all brands of office water dispensers?

Yes, we do. We are your go-to service provider for office water dispensers including mounted/under sink boilers, chilled and sparkling filtered taps, and floor-standing office water coolers. The most common brands we service include Zip, Billi, Birko, and Insinkerator.

How long are your regular service contracts?

We do not lock you into fixed service contracts. You are free to utilise our services whenever you like, or to turn to another provider (though we’re confident our quality service won’t give you any reason to).

Can you service multiple office locations?

Yes, we are able to service all of your offices wherever they are located. All repair and maintenance services are organised from our head office in Melbourne.

How long are your rental contracts?

The duration of your rental contract really depends on what kind of office water dispenser you need. Most rental contracts with our customers last around three years. 

A bespoke rental solution can be arranged to suit your specific needs. We don't have a one size fits all approach with our rental contracts because we understand not all office drinking requirements are the same.

How much industry experience do you have?

For over 28 years, we've installed, repaired, and maintained office water dispensers for a number of clients around Australia. We know how to match the right model with your daily usage requirements. Whether your office is on the top floor of a highrise or a spread-out ground-level industrial site, our technicians can meet the challenges of your site.

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