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Office Water Filters

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Office Water Filters and Dispensers

Whether you have a large or small office, it's essential to provide your staff with clean drinking water. It's just one of your business's many OH&S requirements. Office water dispensers are an easy and flexible solution that can provide chilled, sparkling, and boiling water on tap.


Why Choose The Water People



We're dedicated to providing custom water dispensing solutions that cater to your office's unique water usage requirements.



Our qualified technicians offer an ongoing repair and maintenance service to ensure your office water filter is always in great working condition.


Talk to us

Our office water filter experts can arrange to meet you in person to analyse your office's water usage and discuss which options are available.

Monday mornings can wreak havoc when the boiling water tap fails, and your staff can't kick off their day with their much needed morning coffee boost. No office should wait a week for a service call out. A good reputable service company should be able to be on-site within 24 hours (or sometimes even the same day) to get your system back up and going as quickly as possible.

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Long-term partnerships

Modern workplaces often rely on multiple office water dispensers to provide clean and refreshing drinking water for their staff. With high usage rates, it's paramount that all drinking water systems are maintained on a regular basis.

Our qualified and experienced technicians can carry out regular office water filter changes and maintenance checks for your office water dispenser. With regular checks, your water system is safeguarded from breakdowns and annoying disruptions to your office's drinking water supply.

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Helping Red Energy Save on Their Sparkling Water Tap Supply

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Overspending on frequent C02 replacements.

Red Energy has under sink filter taps in their office that provide clean drinking water to over 200 staff. After they started purchasing several small twin packs of C02 bottles for their sparkling water, we identified that restocking this size was both costly and time consuming for their business.

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New C02 bottles that reduce maintenance costs

After conducting an on-site, inspection we came up with the solution of converting all of their sparkling filtered water taps with larger 6kg refillable C02 cylinders. While this was an up-front cost, over time, they will save a lot of money without the need for so many frequent service call outs for cylinder replacements.

Servicing and Support

It's paramount for any office to supply clean and healthy drinking water to all its staff members. Water system breakdowns can cause a massive disruption to any busy office. That's why we provide a reliable ongoing maintenance and emergency repair service for all makes and models of office water dispensers.

  • Scheduled filter changes
  • Regular maintenance checks
  • Emergency repair service
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System Rentals

Offices often choose to rent a water dispenser instead of buying one due to the flexibility it provides. Rental contracts can be negotiated and customised to suit your office's changing needs. Ongoing servicing, filter changes, and maintenance can be included in your rental fee.

  • Maintenance services available
  • Renewable one year rental contracts
  • Access to our emergency repair service
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my office water filter be changed?

Most drinking water appliances require at least 6-monthly filter changes and servicing. Most offices require the convenience of having a specialist company that conducts regular scheduled service and maintenance visits. These services reduce your need to worry when the filters are due for changing and the system/s needs regular maintenance checks.

Do you service all brands of office water dispensers?

Yes, we do. We are your go-to service provider for office water dispensers including mounted/under sink boilers, chilled and sparkling filtered taps and floor standing office water coolers. The most common brands we service include Zip, Billi, Birko, and Insinkerator.

How long are your regular service contracts?

Most offices require a specialist to conduct regular scheduled service and maintenance visits for office water filters that are due for changing along with the machines they're installed in. We offer the same regular scheduled service without the need of locking you into any service contracts. This gives you the freedom to pick and choose your service provider.

Can you service multiple office locations?

Our contractors are located Australia wide. So if you have offices in multiple cities, you can always rely on The Water People to provide the same high level of service for all of your office water dispensers. All repair and maintenance services are organised from our head office in Melbourne.

How long are your rental contracts?

The duration of your rental contract really depends on what kind of office water dispenser you need. Most rental contracts with our customers last around three years. A bespoke rental solution can be arranged to suit your specific needs. We don't have a one size fits all approach with our rental contracts because we understand not all office drinking requirements are the same.

How much industry experience do you have?

For over 28 years we've installed, repaired, and maintained office water dispensers for a number of clients around Australia. Our technicians understand the challenges that come with installing an office water dispenser in a high-rise building. They know how to match the right model with your daily usage requirements.