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Boiling Billy Boiling And Chilled Water Units

Instant boiling and chilled water on demand

Boiling Billy units fit below or above sink for convenient, filtered, and instant boiling or chilled water. The Water People are expert Boiling Billy unit suppliers and installers.

Authorised Boiling Billy supplier, installer, and service agent

Boiling billy
Boiling billy
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Expert advice and tailored solutions

Premium range

Energy-efficient boilers and chillers

We offer above and below sink boiling or chilled water units as well as combined units offering both. Focusing on energy efficiency and value for money, Boiling Billy has products for anywhere between canteens and coal mines.

Professional advice

Our expert team has decades of experience

We are a leading filtered water specialist in Australia, with a fountain of knowledge in water solutions. As an authorised reseller of Boiling Billy units, The Water People offer expert knowledge of the products and servicing requirements.

Rental options

Flexible rental options make life simpler

Renting a Boiling Billy unit offers the flexibility businesses need. We offer standard rental terms of 12 months or longer giving you fixed operating costs with servicing and maintenance included.

Client Partnership

Our ongoing support keeps your hot and cold water flowing

The Water People are committed to our customers with ongoing servicing and maintenance support. Our technical expertise and years of experience ensure your system keeps performing for many years. As an authorised Boiling Billy service agent, we can quickly upstream any parts you need.

Parts and Consumables

Order your parts and consumables online

Even Boiling Billy's filter cartridges are recyclable! We make it easy to find any part or consumable you need for your Boiling Billy unit. Our supplies include replacement filters and tap parts.

Boiling billy

Servicing and maintenance made easy

We have a fully equipped and trained service division offering expert support for servicing, maintenance, and repairs. As an authorised Boiling Billy reseller and service agent, we have the resources and skills to provide ongoing service and support.

Common issues we can help with include:

  • Changing filter cartridges
  • Cleaning and servicing
  • Troubleshooting
  • After sales support

Boiling Billy units comes with a one year warranty. Please note that terms and conditions apply.

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Not sure which boiling or chilling unit is right for you? We can help.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you install Boiling Billy units in my area?

The Water People are represented in all Australian capital cities and most regional towns. We can install Boiling Billy units at most places in Australia, but please get in touch with us to confirm our services in your location.

How often do I need to change my filter?

Filter life is very dependent on its use and is affected by water flow and water supply quality. We recommend an average replacement interval of about six months.

How often does my unit need servicing?

The manufacturer recommends cleaning and servicing of Boiling Billy units every 12 months. The Water People have all the expertise to offer these services and keep your unit running smoothly.

What is the cause of excessive steam from my tap?

Excessive steam from a boiling water unit can be caused by a faulty element. You should contact our service department if you notice this condition on your Boiling Billy unit.

How can I prolong the life of my chiller?

Chiller performance is achieved using refrigeration gas and a compressor. Air flow is vital to prevent the system from overheating. Clean louvres and condenser fins regularly as well as the coil on the front of the unit and the vents on the sides.

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