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Our automatic drinking fountains

To today’s crowds, hygiene is arguably the most important consideration when it comes to using public amenities. Customers or public crowds at your site need to trust that the drinking fountains you make available are hygienic and safe for themselves and their loved ones. The Water People’s motion sensor drinking fountains eliminate the need for physical contact, massively reducing the risk of infection. Of course, they also dispense thoroughly and reliably filtered water for a totally safe thirst-quenching experience.

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Feel safe with sensor-activated water dispensers

With fresh memories of highly contagious diseases fresh in our memory, we know that even low-traffic public spaces carry a risk. Professionals returning to the office after years of working from home are as at risk around the office water cooler as young children filling their bottles around the schoolyard water fountain.

Drinking fountains activated by motion sensors reduce the anxiety our staff, students, loved ones, and the public might feel about drinking from public dispensers. They’ll know that you have prioritised their safety. Our sensor water fountains feature:

  • Fluoride, chlorine, or reverse osmosis purification filters
  • Anti-bacterial components made of stainless steel and solid brass
  • Automatic shut-off

With a little help from The Water People, you can replace your existing dispensers with highly durable and filtered automatic water fountains.

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Sanitary motion sensor water fountains for all Australia

We have developed a reliable network of experienced technicians that spans Australia. Wherever your site is located, whether in a metropolitan CBD or a regional township, our team can reach you for all of your installation and maintenance needs.

Our team can also upgrade your existing water fountains with touch-free taps, saving you the cost of replacing the entire unit while still improving your site’s hygiene. Our efficient experts are also happy to help you with:

  • Repairs for mains-connected or bottle-fed water dispensers
  • Servicing for all types of taps, including sparkling, boiling, chilled and mixed
  • Repairs and replacements of all types of water purification filters

Whether you need new, replacement or upgraded sensor drinking fountains, The Water People have a solution.

Our full-service specialists will handle everything


Our plumbing and technical experts will install as many touch-free water dispensers as needed with minimal disruption to your business or site operations.


Renting sensory motion bubblers may be a more appropriate solution for your budget. Our rental fees cover yearly filter replacements and maintenance, too.


If a breakdown occurs or your water fountain is damaged, you can rely on our nationwide team to quickly reach your site and make all necessary repairs.


At your request, we’ll keep a detailed service record of your touch-free drinking fountains so that we can automatically schedule servicing and filter replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What servicing will my motion sensor water dispensers need?

We recommend that you have your filters replaced every 3-6 months. We also recommend a full technical inspection every six months.

We can create a regular maintenance schedule for your motion sensor water dispensers, and we’ll come out to complete maintenance without you having to worry about it.

How long are the rental contracts for your automatic water dispensers?

Most of our clients opt for three-year contracts. However, we can create bespoke contracts that suit your needs. Give our team a call to book a consultation.

Do your touch-free drinking fountains come with a warranty?

Absolutely. We offer a 12-month warranty standard on all of our products and installation services. Some of our products even come with extended warranties, offered by their original manufacturers. You can find the details of these extended warranties on each product’s page.

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