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Public Spaces
Public Spaces
Public Spaces

People deserve access to safe drinking water in public spaces. From playgrounds to sports fields to event grounds — even metro sidewalks — access to free and fresh water is a necessity. But in order to provide your constituents with this access, you’ll need drinking fountains that can withstand the public environments and still deliver clean, drinkable water.

The Water People have your solution. Our range of public water dispensers not only boasts robust public water filters, but they’re also highly durable, easily accessible, low maintenance and stylish to boot.

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Public drinking fountains designed for the outdoors

Outdoor drinking fountains need to be able to withstand anything. Not only are they likely to see high traffic (especially during events), but they may also have to contend with rough use and vandalism. At the same time, your public need to feel confident that the water they’re drinking is free from infectious contaminants.

The Water People have carefully curated a list of public water coolers we know can get the job done. Their hard-wearing designs can take a knock or two without breaking down.

Free-standing or wall-mounted public drinking fountains

Our secure free-standing public drinking fountains are excellent for open spaces like sports fields and public gardens. But our wall-mounted public drinking fountains are best for high-traffic areas around or inside buildings, such as city streets and airports.

Our wall-mounted units can be set into walls at any height, making them more accessible.

Purifying public water filter systems

These days, the public has extremely high hygiene standards and needs reliable ways to quench their thirst without putting themselves at risk of infection.

The Water People can fit your chosen public drinking water tap system with your choice of activated carbon, reverse osmosis or UV filters to guarantee your public water is free of contaminants. Our powerful water filtration systems will cleanse your water of bacteria, heavy metals, foul odours and gritty particulates.

Committed to sustainability

If you are in any way responsible for public health and safety, then we have no doubt your commitment to sustainability is as strong as ours. The best way to meet that commitment is together. 

We have partnered with leading Australian recycling companies to reduce our plastic and metal waste. Not only are all of our tap hardware and CO2 bottles recycled, but our public water dispensers are also fitted with power-saving features to reduce energy consumption. 

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Our techs can service all of your public water dispensers

Robust as our systems are, there’s no telling what might happen to them in public spaces. Your new water coolers might be dinged by stray footballs or scratched at by thirsty pets. Whatever happens, our nationwide network of technicians will be out in no time to get your water dispensers working again.

At your request, we will also keep strict track of your water dispensers’ service histories. We’ll inform you when they’re due for a filter replacement or servicing, and then get those tasks completed for you. That’s another headache you don’t have to worry about.

Public Spaces

Provide water to your public quickly, easily and affordably


Our efficient technicians will install your public drinking water taps with minimal disruption. Whether you need one fountain or hundreds, our team will get it done.


Not only is renting water dispensers a cost-effective solution, but the rental fee will also cover regular maintenance to ensure the fountains are in good working order. 


We understand that it's important to get your water coolers back up and running as soon as possible, so our team is ready to rush out and make any necessary repairs you need.


Our technicians not only ensure that everything is working as expected, but also identify and solve potential problems before they have a chance to cause issues. 

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Do you service all brands of public water dispensers?

Yes, we do. Our technicians are trained to service every product you see in our online store.

How long are your regular service contracts?

We don't believe in locking our customers into long-term service contracts for their public drinking water dispensers. If you feel that you need to switch providers, it means that we haven't been doing our job well enough. We’ll do our best to make sure that never happens, but you should know you’ll always be free to leave.

Instead of minimum terms or lock-in contracts, we offer an agreed timeline for service frequency. This approach keeps us accountable and ensures that we maintain our high levels of service. By providing reliable, high-quality service, we know we can earn your trust.

Can you service multiple public areas?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you’re providing drinking water for multiple public areas, by partnering with The Water People, you’ll only have to deal with one expert. We’ll coordinate the installation, maintenance and repair work for all of your areas.

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