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Buy Zip taps Australia wide

Award-winning filtered, boiling, chilled or sparkling Zip taps

Buy Zip taps Australia wide

Award-winning filtered, boiling, chilled or sparkling Zip taps


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Zip water products

Zip Water’s filtered water taps are ideal for commercial and residential settings. Enjoy pure-tasting chilled or sparkling water, access instant filtered boiling water, or choose a filtered Zip Water tap that delivers any combination of the three. If you’d like a recommendation, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Our Hydrotap G5 is a Good Design award winner

Zip Water’s innovative designs have been recognised year after year for their extraordinary quality, versatility and hygiene.
Learn more about the Hydrotap g5

Zip taps - all water types

We have a range of stylish Zip taps to suit your filtered water preference, from chilled, ambient, and boiling, to all-in-one and sparkling. Explore our range below.

Independent advice from an approved Zip Water expert

The Water People are an approved Zip Water specialist and know precisely how to install, repair and service all of their cutting-edge technology — and believe us: these are advanced devices. Still, as an independent expert, you can count on us to offer you personalised problem-solving advice suited to your unique needs.

  • Huge range of industry-leading filtered water taps
  • Tailored advice based on decades of industry experience
  • Long-term partnerships based on trust and expertise
  • Zip-approved plumbers guarantee proper installation
  • Order all replacement filters and CO2 cylinders online
  • 3-year Zip HydroTap warranty. Ts & Cs apply.

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions or need some advice on the best product for you, get in touch. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help.

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Zip Water has been leading the industry for eight decades

Few designers can boast of their filtered tap designs like Zip Water. Founded in 1947 in Australia, their taps filter out chlorine, heavy metals and fine particulates up to 1/5000th of a millimetre in size. 

Better still, Zip Water’s design updates aren’t just cosmetic — their latest generation has reduced its energy consumption over prior models by over 50%.

  • Hygiene-boosting features in several models
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Over 80 years of industry-leading innovation
  • MicroPurity 0.2 filters out 99.9% of water cysts
  • Cleanses chlorine, foul odours and tastes but retains fluoride
  • Highly energy efficient with eco-conscious designs

Zip HydroTap models

Browse our range of sleek Zip HydroTap models to find the best fit for your residential or commercial setting.

Zip Water filtered taps are renowned in all industries

In the home, filtered chilled water and instant piping cups of tea are a luxury. But in commercial settings where speed, reliability and quality are the foundations of success, then quick and reliable access to chilled, boiling and sparkling filtered water is an absolute necessity. 

The Water People have confidently recommended Zip tap solutions for clients in many Australian industries. Hospitality is an obvious one, but these taps are equally invaluable in healthcare, educational, office and public settings.


Frequently asked questions

Does sparkling water need to be chilled?

Sparkling water should be chilled for it to be at its refreshing best. C02 has a much better concentration in chilled water than in ambient water. That's why Zip water taps are designed to chill the sparkling water it dispenses.

Where can I purchase replacement C02 bottles and Zip filters?

You can purchase Zip Water taps and filters directly through The Water People. Give us a call if you’re unsure which is the best model for your needs.

Can I change a Zip Water filter myself?

Yes, you can change the filter yourself. But we’re only a phone call away if you’d like assistance.

How often must I change my Zip tap water filter?

Residential Zip Water filters should be changed yearly. Commercial filters in high-use settings should be changed every six months, depending on usage and water quality.

Zip Water systems feature a built-in filter replacement alert, to remind you when you are busy doing what you do best.

How much sparkling water will my Zip tap produce?

A tap needs approximately 6g of CO2 to produce 1L of sparkling water. Our residential Zip Water sparkling taps come with a replaceable 1kg CO2 bottle, and our commercial versions come with a 2.6kg refillable bottle with optional 6kg refillable bottle upgrade options.

  • A 1kg CO2 bottle produces approximately 166L of sparkling water.
  • A 2.6kg CO2 bottle produces approximately 400L of sparkling water.
  • A 6kg CO2 bottle produces approximately 1000L of sparkling water.

If you would like to upgrade your existing sparkling water tap for more or less output, we can help.

Can you install Zip taps in regional Australia?

We can install Zip taps at most locations in Australia. We have technicians available in all Australian capital cities and most regional towns. Get in touch with us to find out if we can service your area.

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