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Filtered water taps

Tap into good health with filtered water taps, boiling water taps, and chilled water taps

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For home

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Our filtered water types

We have stylish tap systems to suit every kitchen sink. From boiling and hot water through to chilled, sparkling or ambient filter taps, explore our range of filter taps below. 

Premium water taps for commercial applications

Our extensive range of commercial filtered water taps are designed to meet the specific needs of businesses and establishments, delivering premium-quality water for various applications. With advanced filtration technology, these taps remove impurities, chlorine, and odours, guaranteeing a refreshing and great-tasting water experience for staff and customers.

Trust The Water People to equip your commercial space with top-of-the-line filtered water taps, ensuring the right capacity unit and hydration for all. 

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Filtered water tap brands we stock

At The Water People, we stock a wide range of top-quality filtered water tap brands, ensuring you have access to the finest selection for your filtration needs.

Latest products & offers

Suited for a range of industries

Our wide selection of filtered water taps are ideal for various settings, including homes, offices, schools, warehouses, restaurants, gyms, hotels, and healthcare facilities. 

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Committed to sustainability

At The Water People, we believe in minimising the environmental impact for our business and our customers. Learn more about our sustainability practices.


We offer servicing, repairs & more

Our experienced technicians are on-hand to help with all your filtered water tap needs, including servicing, installation, and repairs.

Repairs and servicing

Our filtered water taps

As your local filtered water specialists, we proudly bring you the best drinking water solutions. We've been in the business since 1990 and know what it means to sell filtered drinking water systems that are tried, tested, and dependable.

We can even provide a single drinking water tap as an all-in-one solution that dispenses not only mains hot and cold water but also boiling, chilled, sparkling and ambient water. Ideal for those who are renting or those who simply want a single-tap solution all in one.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the options for ongoing filter replacements?

Changing the water filters for filtered water is imperative. You can change these yourself with our Ezi Debit AUTO SEND club, where we automatically send you new filters when they need changing. If you prefer a professional touch, we can send a service member out to change the filter of your tap for a small fee.

Can you supply filtered water taps Australia-wide?

We can supply filtered water taps to most locations in Australia. We have allied service technicians covering most areas and can supply parts anywhere. We also offer installation in all Australian metro areas. If you are outside of these areas, we can deliver your units to you, and you can have your preferred plumber install them.

Should I book a technician to change my water filters?

You don't have to. The owner can change all filters on filtered water taps. It's a very easy process to learn from your supplier or via the Internet.

Just be sure to turn off all the water before you begin changing the filters to prevent any leaks. When you finish, ensure that every component is nice and tight. If you'd prefer not to do it yourself, we have an in-house service team that can assist in installing your new taps and changing filters.

When do water filters need to be changed?

Filters for filtered water taps are consumables and must be changed every few months, as recommended to ensure water quality. The timeframe will depend on how often they are used and the quality of your local mains water. Home filters should be changed every 8 to 12 months, while filters in commercial settings should be changed every 4 to 6 months.

Who makes my water filters?

Water filters are made in countries all over the world. At The Water People, we favour the consistency and quality of world-leading manufacturers like the USA. Products from regions with tight manufacturing guidelines and regulations are certified for quality. All filters coming out of the United States adhere to these standards.

As the regulations in countries improve over time, so do their water filter products. At The Water People, we can also recommend filters that meet exacting standards for quality and budget constraints. Talk to us about what you need in your water filter accessories, and we will give you clear, unbiased advice.

What should I do with my water filters when leaving home?

The water filters used in your home water filter systems are kept in a water-tight casting. If unused for a prolonged period of time, bacteria can grow in the filter. So, if you're going on holiday or are likely out of the home for any other reason for several months at a time, we recommend removing the filter before you leave. Rinse it and store it in a clip-seal bag in your fridge. When you return, run the filter under the tap for up to 10 minutes to keep it clear.

I want to attach a new water filter to my kitchen tap. Do I need a second tap?

Not necessarily, but we will almost always recommend installing a separate filter water tap. At the very least, a 3-in-1 mixer tap can accommodate both mains hot and cold as well as the filtered water as well.

According to Australian regulations, water filters must be lower pressure than mains water to prevent a  rupture and flood risk. Running a water filter system directly off your mains tap will dramatically reduce water pressure. Filling up your sink will take a while, lengthening the washing-up process.

Furthermore, you would use filtered water for activities like washing dishes or watering plants that don't require filtered water. In that case, you will only shorten the life of your filters, meaning they will need to be changed more frequently.

How is a reverse osmosis filter system different to a conventional water filter system?

A reverse osmosis and conventional water systems will filter the water of impurities, but they do it on very different scales.

Filters have a micron rating, which measures how fine the particles are so that they can remove from your water. Most household filter systems have a rating of between 5 to 0.2 microns. A smaller number of microns in a filter means smaller particles are filtered out.

Anything lower than 0.2 microns in a conventional water filter system will start to slow down your water flow seriously. People can use a reverse osmosis filter system to get a lower-micron filter. These have a micron rating of as low as 0.0005 and slowly drip feeds the purified water into a reverse osmosis water storage tank.  In summary, reverse osmosis systems can filter out much more than the conventional drop-in style of filters.

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