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Drinking Water For Aged Care

Providing innovative and practical solutions to the aged care community.

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Aged Care

Filtered Water Systems for Aged Care

The Water People believe all senior citizens should be looked after with a high level of care, respect, and dignity. When it comes to providing clean drinking water, there should be no exceptions. That's why we provide a reliable range of water filters for care homes. Maintenance services and flexible rental contracts are available with all of our models.

Aged Care

Why Choose The Water People


Custom solutions

We offer custom water dispensing solutions like wall-mounted water units that provide a steady supply of filtered boiling water on tap.


Expert advice

Our experts will assess the usage of your aged care facility before recommending water filter systems that meet your safety and dispensing requirements.


Meet with us

We can arrange a site visit for your aged care home. Meet with our technicians in person to discuss what you need in a care home water dispenser.

At The Water People, we are committed to creating a comfortable and safe environment for them by providing the best water supply for the clients and staff possible, with sound knowledge and advice of products and with qualified, reputable technicians to install in the facility.

Long-term Partnerships

Aged care facilities rely on drinking water appliances to provide a constant supply of clean and filtered drinking water. When a water dispenser is out of action, it can cause big disruptions during peak times such as food service and visiting hours.

Our technicians are available on a long-term basis for water system maintenance. Using the latest tracking software, we keep track of your water dispensing unit's service history. Your water dispensing systems can be repaired and maintained on a regular basis to prevent any costly disruptions that may occur from a breakdown.

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Maintaining Water Dispensers Vasey RSL Care Facilities

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Vasey RSL needed a long-term drinking water solution

Vasey RSL care facilities needed a water system supplier that was able to provide the same level of service across all 5 of their facilities. They wanted a supplier that could install new water systems, stick to a regular maintenance schedule, and be able to perform on-site emergency repairs as required.

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Continued support from our supply and maintenance service

After initially being approached by Vasey RSL Care, we've continued to work closely with both the facility managers and management teams to provide drinking water systems. Drinking water systems are installed and maintained by our technicians when required.

We've been their preferred service agent and supplier for over 10 years which is a testament to our understanding of their needs and upholding our service promise every time.

Servicing & Support

When water filters for care homes are out of action, it can cause major disruptions for kitchens and food service areas. The Water People offer a 24-hour maintenance service that can answer your service call in less than a day. Our technicians can carry out a wide range of tasks including filter changes, emergency repairs, and the installation of new replacement water systems.

  • Scheduled filter changes
  • Regular maintenance checks
  • Emergency repair service
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System Rentals

Water filters for aged care homes can be rented instead of being purchased outright. Renting a care home water dispenser can be a temporary yet cost-effective solution for supplying filtered water. Aged care customers can still enjoy the same maintenance services like repairs and filter changes which can be included in the rental fee.

  • Maintenance services available for rentals
  • Flexible contracts that match your expected usage
  • Renewable one year rental contracts available
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you service all brands of water filters for care homes?

Our technicians can service all brands of water filters for care homes. We service and maintain market-leading brands including Billi and Zip. Our qualified technicians have the experience and expertise to diagnose a water system problem and fix it promptly.

How long do your service contracts last for?

We offer the flexibility of service contracts without minimum terms. We won't lock you into a long-term service contract for maintaining your care home water dispenser.

We believe you should have the flexibility to change providers if you desire. What we do provide is an agreed timeline for your maintenance service.

Can you service all of my aged care locations?

Yes. We have a broad network of service contractors based around Australia. So if you have water filters for care homes located in multiple states, you can still enjoy the convenience of dealing with one service provider.

How long are your rental contracts?

We don't have a one size fits all rental model for our rental contracts. We understand that each facility has different usage requirements for a care home water dispenser. Most of our rental contracts last for a period of three years. However, bespoke rental solutions can be arranged to suit your unique needs and circumstances.

How much industry experience do you have?

The Water People first began providing water system solutions back in 1990. To this day we still take great pride in providing water filters for care homes, offices, and many other facilities across Australia. We are a family owned and operated service that continues to go above and beyond what is required to keep our customers happy.