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Halsey Taylor Drinking Fountains

Choose sustainable hydration with a Halsey Taylor water fountain

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Seamless drinking fountains for commercial use

The Water People are specialist suppliers for all Halsey Taylor drinking fountain products. Designed for indoor use, Halsey Taylor delivers innovative hydration solutions for commercial businesses. Each Halsey Taylor drinking fountain comes with a bottle filling station, allowing for a more convenient and seamlessly engineered hydration system that doesn’t rely on plastic bottles. Whether for an entrance, corridor or walkway in your commercial site, Halsey Taylor ticks all the boxes.

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The Water People are Halsey Taylor drinking water fountain suppliers

At The Water People, we believe in low-maintenance and hygienic hydration solutions. That’s why we recommend the Halsey Taylor HydroBoost bottle filling station. As a touch-free and sensor-activated water dispenser, Halsey Taylor is truly providing Australia with innovative drinking solutions for high-traffic sites.   

  • Paired with a side-mounted Halsey Taylor bubbler
  • 20-second shut-off timer
  • Wall-mounted design and vandal resistant 
  • Watermarked to Australian standards 

At The Water People, our technicians have the knowledge and skills capable of seamlessly integrating innovative Halsey Taylor bottle filling stations into your commercial space. With our regular maintenance services, we’ll ensure all filters and parts continue to run smoothly.

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Enjoy innovative drinking water solutions

Halsey Taylor keeps sustainability at the heart of its brand. Not only are these innovative products encouraging the public to stop using plastic bottles, but the HydroBoost fountain also contains a green counter. This is a feature that informs users of the number of 600ml plastic bottles saved from waste. If you’re looking for a high-tech but eco-friendly option, a Halsey Taylor drinking fountain is the ideal solution. 

  • Wheelchair accessible design  
  • Easy access to fresh water 
  • Instant filtered water when twin filter kit is installed
  • Low energy consumption 

The Water People are expert suppliers of Halsey Taylor water fountain parts and drinking stations. We’ll recommend the best products for your indoor public space and offer timely installation and maintenance services. 

We’re experts in water fountain servicing


At The Water People, our plumbers will instantly and seamlessly install your Halsey Taylor HydroBoost water filling station and drinking fountain into any commercial indoor space. Our team is skilled and highly trained to complete even the most complex installations.


Sometimes, it’s better to try before you buy. To help make your decision a little easier, The Water People offer comprehensive rental services. Choose a flexible rental agreement for any of our Halsey Taylor water fountains.


We are experts in handling all Halsey Taylor water fountain parts. Our plumbers will identify the issues when your hydration system needs repair and offer streamlined solutions.


Our team schedules regular maintenance and filter replacement sessions for your Halsey Taylor bubblers and drinking fountains. We’ll keep a record of its service history and routinely check for its condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install or repair a Halsey Taylor drinking fountain in my area?

The Water People service businesses Australia-wide. Therefore, if you’re thinking of integrating an indoor water-filling system from Halsey Taylor into your commercial space, our reliable team offers expert installation services to any part of Australia. Contact us today for more information. 

How long does a Halsey Taylor water filter last?

The average Halsey Taylor water fountain filter will need to be replaced after every 6 months. This ensures that the water being dispensed is clean, free from contaminants and healthy to drink. For seamless replacement services you can rely on, choose The Water People.

What are the benefits of a wall-mounted drinking fountain?

A wall-mounted drinking fountain, such as the Halsey Taylor HydroBoost, is more accessible and easier to use than other free-standing options. For example, wall-mounted water stations allow people in wheelchairs to freely use the hydration system. Additionally, the HydroBoost is touch-free and sensor-activated, making its automation even more accessible and convenient for all. 

How much water will a Halsey Taylor drinking fountain produce?

On average, a Halsey Taylor water fountain will dispense 30 litres per hour of chilled refrigerated water. While it is a seamless bottle filling system, it also includes an optional water filter kit and/or side-mounted bubbler tap with a splash bowl. This allows for versatility and lets the public have a drink while on the go.

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