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Do you provide installation in my area?

Most likely, yes. We have technicians Australia wide, and we can install taps and other products in all capital cities, surrounding suburbs, and most major regional towns. If you're unsure, please get in touch with us and we can let you know.

How much sparkling water can I expect from my sparkling tap?

This depends on the type of system you have and the size of its CO2 bottle.

  • A 1 kilogram CO2 bottle should produce approximately 166 litres of sparkling water
  • a 2.6 kilogram CO2 bottle should produce approximately 433 litres of sparkling
  • 6 kilogram CO2 bottle should produce approximately 1000 litres of sparkling water

Many of our sparkling water taps come with a 1 kilogram CO2 bottle as standard which can be upgraded to either of the 2.6 kilogram or 6 kilogram CO2 bottles.

How often do I need to change my water filter?

This depends on your level of usage and the number of people using it on a daily basis. Most domestic homes should expect about 12 months filter life, and most work places about 6 months. The system has a built in monitor to alert you when your filter is due for changing.

Can I change the filter myself or do I need a technician to do it for me?

You can replace your own filters or we can do it for you. We have a fully equipped service division who can provide filter changes, routine maintenance, and emergency repairs.

Where can I purchase replacement CO2 bottles and water filters?

You can buy replacement filters and CO2 bottles directly from us. Check out our full range of products or get in touch with us if you can't find what you're looking for.

Does sparkling water need to be chilled?

Yes, for optimum performance and sparkling quality, all sparkling water systems produce chilled sparkling water.

Do you have rental options for businesses?

Yes, we have flexible rental options to suit all kinds of businesses. Find out more about our water cooler rental options.

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