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Zip Drinking Fountains

Quality Zip drinking fountains and water bubblers for commercial use

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Servicing Australia with reliable water fountains

Zip drinking fountains and water bubblers make for the perfect hydration station for any commercial business. Whether you’re running a gym, office space, sporting facility, park, school or any high-traffic setting, we’ve got the perfect floor-standing Zip water fountain for your needs.

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The Water People are Zip water fountain specialists

From drinking fountains to water bubblers, Zip has mastered hydration products for work sites and other commercial purposes. With their impressive and innovative line of filtered or unfiltered water products, The Water People are proud to be the leading specialist for Zip drinking fountains in Australia. 

  • 60-140 glasses of chilled water available per hour 
  • Stainless steel fountain and bowl 
  • Features a Zip bubbler and bottle/glass filler 
  • Optional twin water filter kit 

At The Water People, our technicians have the experience, skills and knowledge to seamlessly install and integrate a Zip drinking fountain into your commercial space. With our regular maintenance services, we’ll ensure your Zip bubbler and water fountain continue to run in top condition. 

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If you have any questions or need some advice on the best product for you, get in touch. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help.

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Enjoy innovative chilled drinking water solutions

Whether you’re looking for unfiltered water delivered chilled, or an economical chilled water product, Zip drinking fountains and water bubblers are the ideal hydration solution. With heavy-duty adjustable feet and an impressive water flow, Zip products are made with practicality and convenience in mind. 

  • Efficient air-cooled refrigeration system 
  • Provides instant chilled water continuously 
  • Easy to clean and hard-wearing
  • Instant filtered water when an additional twin filter system is installed 

The expert technicians at The Water People will recommend the most suitable Zip water fountain for your site. Once the perfect unit has been selected, our plumbers will ensure it is installed securely for all to use. 

We’re experts in Zip drinking fountains


When it comes to installing your free-standing Zip drinking fountains and water bubblers, the technicians at The Water People will do so quickly and efficiently. Our specialists are experienced in installing various water dispensers in commercial properties. 


Experience the benefits of instant chilled water without making an outright purchase. We offer flexible rental agreements for our water dispensers that allow you to try Zip water fountains before you buy.


At The Water People, our technicians and plumbers are equipped with the skills and tools needed to offer quick repairs across the nation. We offer timely solutions for all water products.


Our team will schedule regular maintenance and filter replacements for your Zip drinking fountains. We’ll also keep a record of your service history for a more streamlined approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install or repair a Zip drinking fountain in my area?

The Water People team specialises in all Zip water dispenser products. With our extensive knowledge of drinking fountains, we can easily install, repair or replace Zip water fountains and bubblers across Australia. No matter where you’re located, The Water People can provide services in your area.

How long does a Zip water filter last?

Depending on the level of usage and water quality, we recommend that your Zip water filter is replaced every six months. This ensures that dust and other particles do not contaminate the water over time. For quick and easy replacement services, get in touch with The Water People.

How chilled is the water in a Zip drinking fountain?

The water in a Zip drinking fountain or bubbler is chilled to the ideal drinking temperature. Usually, this means between 5-10℃. Zip products keep water instantly chilled for continuous use during the day. They are ideal for commercial spaces such as gyms, offices and parks. 

Are Zip water fountains suitable for small spaces?

Zip drinking fountains are compactly sized to fit into tight spaces. They make for the perfect hydration stations in high-traffic settings without taking up too much space. With their hard stainless steel casing and design, you won’t find a better water dispensing option.

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