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Drinking Fountains and Water Bubblers

Keep hydrated with quality products from Australia’s favourite water solutions provider.

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Drinking Fountains

Our commercial drinking fountains and bubblers

We offer an extensive range of commercial drinking water fountains and bubblers, perfect for any outdoor or indoor commercial setting. Our products are from reputable brands and have been designed to withstand heavy use in busy environments.

Our extensive range of indoor and outdoor drinking fountains and water bubblers are perfect for parks, playgrounds, offices, building sites, sporting facilities, gyms, warehouses, schools, and universities. We also provide a full installation and maintenance service, so you can be sure your drinking fountain or water bubbler will provide fresh, clean and cool water when you need it. Let the Water People keep you hydrated at work and play.



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drinking water fountains

Chilled water bubblers and drinking water fountains 

We offer various styles and configurations to choose from, so you can find the perfect drinking fountain or bubbler drink dispenser to suit your needs. Whether you need a wall-mounted unit for a small office or a floor-standing model for a busy factory, we have you covered.

Our chilled drinking water fountains and bubblers:

  • Are designed for stability and will stand on their own
  • Are made from rust-resistant stainless steel or UV stabilised polyethene
  • Are backed by extensive manufacturer’s warranties 
  • Come with optional filters for clean and great-tasting drinking water

If you need help choosing the right product from our great range of water drinking fountains and bubblers for sale, our experts are on hand to help. 

Drinking fountain brands we stock

Drinking fountain brands we stock

Industrial drinking fountains and bubblers

Our industrial water bubblers and fountains are suitable for every industry and application.

Australia's leading commercial drinking water solutions supplier

Businesses across Australia trust The Water People to provide them with quality drinking water solutions. We stock top-quality brands and offer a personalised service to our customers with a focus on:


All our products are from well-known and respected brands.

Independent advice

Our expert team is impartial and will recommend the best product for your needs.

Real customer support

We have a dedicated, friendly customer service team to help you with any enquiries.

Australia-wide service

Our national network of service contractors means we can provide you with the support you need, no matter your location.


All our products are designed to be water and energy-efficient, helping you save money and do your bit for the environment.
Outdoor drinking fountain

Ready to make a splash with our drinking fountains or bubblers?

If you’re considering installing a water fountain or bubbler at your workplace or in a public space, get in touch with The Water People today. We have the best water bubblers and fountains from Australia's leading brands.

Whether you need an industrial water fountain, a wall-mounted drinking fountain or a floor-standing water bubbler, we can help. We also stock a huge range of replacement parts and filters to keep your water fountain or bubbler in top condition.

For expertise in drinking fountains and water bubblers, you need The Water People. Contact our friendly customer service team if you have any queries about commercial or industrial drinking fountains and water bubblers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver water fountains Australia-wide?

Yes, we deliver water fountains and bubblers anywhere in Australia.

What price range are your drinking fountains?

Dependent on your choice, our drinking fountains range in price from $1040 (+ GST) to $1990 (+ GST). Ensure you get in touch to make sure we make the right product recommendation to suit your needs.

I have a quote already; can you offer a lower price?

Our goal is to remain Australia's market leader for quality, service, and price. If you have sourced a written quote for the price of drinking fountains, email it to us. We will do our absolute best to match or better that price however that may not always be possible. It’s best to chat with us first, asking the question never hurts!

Can I change the filters easily myself?

We supply our Aquakleen Ezi Twist filter system with our drinking fountains to make it easy for you to change yourself. Much like changing a standard light bulb, they simply click in and click out, making filter changes very easy to do yourself.

What services do you offer once my drinking fountain is installed?

We offer warranty repairs Australia-wide for all of our drinking fountains. We have on-ground service technicians in Melbourne and Sydney metro areas for repairs, service, or routine filter changes. And, we partner with service technicians in other states for repairs and servicing.

Shop online for replacement filters, accessories and spare parts for water fountains and bubbler-style water dispensers. You can also purchase our range via email or phone order, and we ship Australia-wide. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

How much are replacement filters for your drinking fountains, and how can I get these?

We only supply high-quality, durable, certified water filters. If you wish to add a filter system to one of our drinking fountains, we supply the Aquakleen Ezi Twist Twin Water Filter System. As a set of both the pre-sediment filter and the post-carbon filter, the twin pack will cost $127 + GST.

You can order replacement filters online or via phone or email.

What warranty do you offer on your drinking fountains?

All our drinking fountains come with comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties, with the Zip and Waterlux Robust offering a 12-month warranty and the Billi Bubblers offering a 2-year warranty.

What is the cheapest drinking fountain you sell?

If you are after the most economical drinking fountain on the market without compromising quality, we recommend the Waterlux Robust Drinking Fountain. It is a single moulded unit, not stainless steel, making it more affordable than most others on the market. 

Prices start from $1040 + GST with optional extras such as filter kit, delivery and installation. 

When you factor in the costs and environmental impact of plastic bottles as an alternate means of accessing fresh water, there’s simply no comparison! A water bubbler is a far better choice for you, your staff and the environment.

Can I install my drinking fountain outside with no cover?

We strongly recommend installing outdoor water fountains undercover to protect them from weather damage. Our drinking fountains are refrigerated, an electrical cord powers the internal chiller, and your system requires water connection in and drainage going out.

Installing a water fountain outdoors without cover can result in breakdowns and damage to the drinking fountain, filters and connections, and the internal chiller not operating efficiently.

What chilling capacity are your drinking fountains?

Water quality differs in all areas of Australia and even the water quality from your building may be different from the one next door, so it’s always important to add a filter system to ensure the water coming from your drinking fountain is clean and healthy for those who use it.

Adding a high-quality filter system can also prevent residue build-up from inside your drinking fountain and protect the internal mechanisms to give them a longer life. You can install your drinking fountain without filters, but we do not recommend it.

Will water quality be much improved by a drinking fountain?

Water quality differs in all areas of Australia, and even the water quality from your building may be different from the one next door, so it’s always important to add a filter system to ensure the water from your drinking fountain is clean and healthy for those who use it.

A high-quality filter system can also prevent residue build-up from inside your drinking fountain and protect the internal mechanisms. You can install your drinking fountain without filters, but we do not recommend it.

Do you offer the installation of drinking fountains?

For the installation of drinking fountains, we can attend sites in both the Melbourne metro and Sydney metro areas. If you live outside these areas, we can deliver drinking fountains for installation by your preferred plumber.

All we need to get started is a water connection coming in and a drainage connection going out. You will need to have this connected by a plumber before we can install it. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding installation.

Are your commercial water fountains and drinking bubblers suitable for outdoor environments or public spaces?

Some of our products are suitable for outdoor use; however, we recommend you check with us first to ensure you get the right product for your needs.

How much water does a drinking fountain use?

Drinking fountains use around 8 litres of water per minute. This may vary depending on the specific product.

What are the health benefits of installing a water fountain or bubbler at my workplace?

There are many health benefits to drinking filtered water in the workplace. Some benefits include:

  • Easier and more regular access to water leads to improved hydration.
  • More water consumption can lead to weight loss or healthy weight maintenance.
  • Drinking more water leads to increased energy levels and sharper brain function.
  • Regular water consumption can help to prevent or treat headaches.
  • Flushing toxins from the body regularly through increased water intake can improve immunity and resistance to colds and sickness.
  • Improved digestion as water aids the breakdown of food in the gut.
  • Drinking more water can help to increase concentration levels and improve productivity.
  • Reducing or preventing dehydration can help to reduce the risk of heat stroke.
  • Drinking water from fountains with mouthguards will protect teeth from accidental damage and improve hygiene.

As you can see, installing a water fountain or bubbler at your workplace has many benefits. Not only will it encourage your employees to stay hydrated, but it can also lead to improved health and productivity. 

Why Choose The Water People?

We've been in the industry since 1990, and in that time we've become specialists in all kinds of drinking fountains and water taps. Our team stays up to date with the latest products and technologies so we can give you the very best service and advice.

With Water People you get:


Expert Advice

With our long history, we have a great deal of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the products and options available.


Premium Products

We supply only the best products currently available on the market such as Zip and Billi drinking fountains.


Professional Installers

All installations are done by licensed plumbers with training and experience installing the products in our range.

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