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Boiling and Ambient Drinking Water Systems

Instant boiling water for your cuppa and ambient drinking water. What else could you need?

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Boiling and ambient tap

Our Boiling and Ambient Drinking Water Systems

Eight glasses a day go down easier and do more good when they're at room temperature. Hot water with lemon invigorates the body and mind. And a cup of tea soothes the soul. Small things? Yes. But the small things can make the biggest difference to how we feel, at home, at work and at play.

Our boiling and ambient water systems deliver filtered water, boiling and room temperature, instantly. Our range is select and consists of trusted brand names such as Zip and Billi, and our own label, Hydromix. Our range includes:

  • Instant filtered boiling and ambient water from a single tap
  • Custom water filter solutions
  • Stylish and designer taps in many styles and colour choices
  • On sink applications or stand-alone bench mounted designs

Our boiling and ambient taps feature contemporary, compact design and they complement current trends in kitchen decor, and are suited to both residential and commercial settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for an under-sink water filter system that offers both boiling and ambient filtered water. What do you recommend?

Often the style of tap will lead you to the brand of choice when choosing an instant boiling and ambient filter tap. If you want a boiling and ambient filter tap for your home, our most popular taps are:

They all offer stylish designs and the latest technology and come in a range of colour choices to compliment any kitchen.

In the workplace, practicality and ongoing maintenance are the priorities. The Hydromix HM10 is an excellent choice, it is available in three boiling capacity sizes and can keep up with heavier usage.

If I have a boiling and ambient water filter system, is the water filtered from both sides?

Yes, both your boiling and ambient water is filtered the same. Your mains water passes through your water filters first, and then it either goes directly to your dual tap to give you ambient, filtered water or it goes through the under-sink boiler to dispense instant filtered, boiling water.

What do your boiling and ambient water filter systems remove?

Any of our water filter systems can be added to our Hydromix HM10 boiling and ambient taps, so you can filter out whatever you want.

Our most popular filter system for the workplace is the Aquakleen Ezi Twist Twin, which reduces dirt, rust, sediment, chlorine, and bad tastes and odour.

If you want additional fluoride, heavy metals and cyst removal, you will need our Aquakleen Triple Fluoride filter system.

If you’re on tank or untreated water, the most suitable filter system is our Aquakleen Twin Bacteria filter system.

Both the Zip and Billi taps come with a single sub-micron filter that removes cysts, chlorine, heavy metals, sediment, and bad tastes and odour. We can also add our Aquakleen Twin Fluoride filter system to both Billi and Zip taps if you want additional fluoride reduction.

What temperature is the ambient water when combined in an instant boiling and ambient tap?

Your ambient water temperature depends on the temperature of the water coming in from your cold mains water line. When combined with a boiling feature in a single tap, the ambient water can be warmer than your standard cold tap as the ambient water line runs alongside the instant boiling water line within the tap.

The ambient water is slightly heated from running close to the boiler, resulting in a more lukewarm temperature rather than room temperature. Keep this in mind if you choose an instant boiling and ambient filter tap. If this concerns you, you could consider a boiling and chilled tap instead.

I already have chilled filtered water dispensing from my fridge, is a boiling and ambient tap the best option?

If you already have instant chilled filtered water from your fridge and would like the added kitchen feature of an instant boiling water tap, it makes sense to choose a boiling and ambient filter tap on your sink. Keep in mind, however, that the ambient (room temperature) filtered water may be lukewarm as it runs alongside the instant boiling water line within the tap.

Some people may see this as an added benefit however others may feel it’s not cold enough for their personal tastes. If this concerns you, you may want an instant boiling and chilled filtered tap instead.

You should also keep in mind what type of fridge filter you have. Most fridge filters are a single carbon filter removing only sediment and chlorine, and not other water contaminants such as cysts, bacteria, heavy metals or fluoride.

What are their main differences Zip and Billi? How do I choose between them?

Zip and Billi are both exceptional Australian brands which use the latest designs and technology. Apart from different tap styles and colour choices they offer, there are some other differences between the two. Check out our article Zip V's Billi for more information to help you make the decision of which brand is best for you.

Do the instant boiling water systems need to be plumbed in from the mains hot water line?

No. All of our undersink instant boiling water taps are simply connected to your mains cold water line. No hot water supply is required as they have an internal heating function which boils the water within the system itself.

I worry about people accidentally scalding themselves with an instant boiling water tap. What’s the best solution?

Both the Zip and Billi undersink instant boiling water taps have safety features which let you put your system on 'boiling safety mode'. To dispense boiling water, you need to activate both the safety switch and the boiling leaver at the same, making it harder to do it accidentally. This is a standard feature of your Zip or Billi system and can be either enabled or disabled at any time.

Since our Hydromix HM10 brand is not electronic, we can install a specialty boiler safety switch that can be used at the same time as the tap leaver. It also automatically disables the flow of boiling water after 15 seconds of activation.

Ask us about the safety features on the tap of your choice and we’d be happy to discuss the best safety options with you.

Do instant boiling water taps use up a lot of energy?

All of our instant boiling and ambient systems are designed to be energy efficient. Zip Hydrotaps, for example, use a sensor activated 'sleep when it’s dark' feature and the Billi Sahara, Eco and Quadra taps come with a two-hour stand-by mode which powers down the system when not in use.

The Billi Quadra also has an inbuilt seven day timer switch that ensures the system is running only when needed.

Our Hydromix HM10 brand of taps use less energy because they don’t use any pumps, solenoid valves or electric taps.

I’ve had problems with instant boiling water taps at my office in the past. What is the best option for a simple and reliable boiling and ambient tap?

The most common cause of problems with instant boiling water taps is that the wrong capacity size has been installed. When this happens, the tap can't keep up with demand and this causes most of the problems people have with their instant boiling taps.

Our Hydromix HM10 taps are simple and cost effective boiling and ambient filter taps. As they don't have the expensive electronic bells and whistles, there are fewer components and less chance of something going wrong. The Hydromix HM10 is:

  • Low cost and exceptional value
  • Available in three boiling capacity sizes
  • Operates from your mains water pressure
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance

I have a stone bench top. Can you drill through this to install my new water filter tap?

Yes. Our experienced installation technicians have special tools that can successfully drill through most stone bench tops such as granite, Caesarstone and more. If your bench top is concrete or marble, we recommend you have a specialist stonemason drill the hole for you before the installation of your new water filter tap.

How often should I change my water filers?

The frequency of filter changes depends on how much you use your tap and the quality of the water in your area.

For commercial use, your filters should be changed every 4 to 6 months on average. For home use, every 6 to 12 months. Keep in mind other factors however and consult with your water filtration specialist for their guidelines based on your system, usage and location.

Can I change the filters myself?

Yes, you can change your filters yourself or you can choose to have a technician do it for you. Most filter systems are easy to change once you know how to do it.

One golden rule is to always ensure you turn off the water supply to the filters before you begin, and when you finish, ensure you check for leaks once all canisters and connections are in place.

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