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All-in-One Filtered Water Taps

They’re hot, they’re chilled, they sparkle, they shine. You can have it all.

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All in one tap

Our All-In-One Filtered Water Taps

Introducing the cutting edge of design and technology. It has everything you need and filters out everything you don't want. All in one cleaver appliance.

Combining the best in filtered drinking water options - chilled, boiling, and sparkling - our all-in-one taps also release both hot and cold unfiltered water, for everyday cleaning purposes. All with the touch of a button or press of a lever. All from one single tap. The faucet contains two separate outlets - one for filtered water, and one for non-filtered. No add-ons. No secondary units, off to the side. No extra holes in your bench. Everything in one place, front and centre stage, ready for action. Instantly.

A stylish and practical luxury for your home. A feature for your office to delight your staff and clients. Zip and Billi taps offer the best when you simply need it all.

Our expertise will ensure the right combination for you, the right tap design, the right capacity. Regardless of size, regardless of needs. We have the solution you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an all-in-one tap? What do they do and what combinations do they come in?

Industry manufacturers refer an all-in-one filter tap system as one that offers unfiltered mains hot and cold water as well as any combination of filtered boiling, chilled, and sparkling water. This can be achieved in one single stand-alone tap, or in two separate taps with the mains unfiltered tap using the same under-sink hot water system. This is common in multi-story offices, factories and warehouses.

What brands of all-in-one taps do you recommend and why?

Zip and Billi have proven to be world leaders in design and technology with instant filtered water taps. Both Australian made (with Billi Australian owned) they have both invested time, money and technology to bring the best to the market.

Our Australian made Hydromix all-in-one is a great low cost and uncomplicated option. It's available in boiling, hot, and cold mains, or boiling, chilled, hot, and cold mains. It's perfect for commercial use when you also need a hot water system and there is no need for sparkling water.

My staff kitchen doesn’t have access to hot water. We need an all-in-one tap that also provides hot water and acts as a mains hot water system. What are my options?

For commercial use, when budget and simplicity are priorities, our Hydromix Dual Tap is a great choice. With an undersink boiler/hot water system, with or without a chiller, this system feeds hot water supply to your kitchen sink mixer, and gives you filtered boiling and chilled water in a separate tap.

When sophistication, technology and cutting-edge design is your priority, Zip offers a dual tap system or a single tap all-in-one, in a range of boiling and chilling capacity sizes, and additional sparkling water options. The Zip Hydrotap Five in One and Zip Hydrotap Classic All-In-One are up there with the best.

Billi also offers an exceptional all-in-one system in a dual tap application with the Billi Quadra Sparkling Plus or Billi Quadra Plus. Both Zip and Billi offer a range of tap designs and colour choices.

What are the best all-in-one filtered water taps for my home?

When it comes to leading design and functionality for your home, we recommend the Zip Hydrotap Celsius Arc. Offering mains hot and cold water supply along with additional boiling, chilled, and sparkling water, all in one stylish goose neck style tap, this is definitely the choice of today.

It comes with a three-year warranty and a five-year warranty on the tank, and it's available in colour options such as polished or brushed chrome, gloss or matte black, gold or brushed gold, rose gold, platinum, gunmetal, nickel, or brushed nickel.

Does the Zip Hydrotap all-in-one also offer a vegetable spray and pull out hose for my mains water?

As the internal tap mechanisms are complex to allow for many types of water flows, the Zip Hydrotap does not come with an optional pull out hose or vegetable spray.

How do the all-in-one taps actually work?

On one side of the tap is a handle that mixes and dispenses hot and cold unfiltered mains water and the other has push button technology dispensing boiling, chilled, or sparkling water.

How much under bench space do I need to install an all-in-one Zip Hydrotap?

You need to allow for both the chiller/boiler unit and the CO2 bottle. Check the individual product for model specifications and space requirements.

How much does a Zip Hydrotap all-in-one cost? What is the price range?

At the top of the range, the Zip Hydrotap Celsius Arc starts at $5,995 for the polished chrome colour, with an additional $300 - $400 for colour upgrade options. You can expect to pay between $350 to $450 for the installation. Please note that this may differ based on your preferred plumber or installation technician.

Do Billi offer an all-in-one filtered water tap? What do they offer?

As a single tap including mains hot and cold water supply, no. Billi does offer an all-in-one system in dual taps such as the Billi Quadra Plus and the Billi Quadra Sparkling Plus. A great option which eliminates the need for a hot water service at the kitchen sink as the boiler doubles as a hot water service, providing hot water to the main kitchen mixer tap. Available in a range of tap designs, colours and capacities to suit the usage demands.

Can the all-in-one tap swivel from left to right?

Yes, all the Zip all-in-one taps can swivel left and right.

How big is the hole for the all-in-one Zip Hydrotap? Can it simply fit where my old tap mixer was?

The hole required for the Zip Hydrotap all-in-one is 50mm. Keep this in mind if you are replacing an existing mixer tap, as the Zip Hydrotap may be slightly larger. Ask us how this can be adapted if you are unsure.

How tall are the Zip all-in-one Hydrotaps?

The Zip Arc Hydrotap is the tallest at 440mm in height, and the Classic, Cube and Elite models are shorter. Ask us for any specifications you need.

I’m worried about the boiling side around my children. Does the all-in-one tap have a boiling safety feature?

Yes. All of the Billi and Zip boiling taps and combined all-in-one taps have a boiling safety feature requiring pressing two features on the tap at once to dispense boiling water.

Can I increase or decrease the level of sparkling water in my all-in-one tap?

Of course. Each all-in-one model contains a simple adjustment feature that allows you to control the amount of CO2 entering into your system, thus dictating how sparkling the water is.

Does a manufacturer’s warranty come with the Zip all-in-one Hydrotaps?

All of the Zip Hydrotaps come with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty with an additional 2-year warranty on the internal tank.

In the event of a malfunction, can you come out and repair my all-in-one tap?

Yes. We have a network of technicians Australia wide who can change CO2 bottles and filters, or service your tap in the event of a break down.

Do you offer installation and service Australia wide?

Yes. We have a network of installation technicians Australia wide, not just here in Melbourne where our head office is located. If you are in a remote area, we can simply deliver your system and your local plumber can conduct the installation.

Can you deliver my all-in-one tap so my plumber can install this for me?

Yes. We deliver to every postcode within Australia.

How much energy do the all-in-one taps use?

Both the Zip and the Billi systems are designed with energy consumption in mind. They both offer 'power off' or 'sleep when it’s dark' modes to conserve energy when not in use. Some even have a timer you can preset. Ask us for the unique energy saving feature on your preferred model.

What level of water filtration do the all-in-one taps offer? Do they also have fluoride removal filters?

Both the Zip and Billi all-in-one taps come with a sub-micron water filter that reduces chlorine, cysts, heavy metals, sediment, rust, and bad tastes and odour. If you do require additional fluoride reduction, you can achieve this by adding our Aquakleen Twin Fluoride as a pre-filter system to any Zip or Billi tap.

What size CO2 bottle comes with the all-in-one filtered water taps and how much sparkling water can I expect from it?

All of the Billi sparkling and Zip residential sparkling taps come with a 1 kilogram disposable CO2 bottle. The Zip commercial sparkling systems come with a 2.6 kilogram refillable CO2 canister.

Generally speaking, a 1 kilogram CO2 bottle should produce approximately 166 litres of sparkling water, a 2.6 kilogram bottle will produce 433 litres, and 6 kilogram bottle will give you 1,000 litres.

Do you offer larger CO2 bottles than the 1 kilogram bottles?

Yes. Any Zip or Billi sparkling water systems can easily be upgraded to a 2.6 kilogram or 6 kilogram refillable CO2 bottle. This is a great option if you have enough space under your bench as the cost of your CO2 refills will be dramatically reduced.

What are the ongoing costs associated with the all-in-one filtered water taps? How much are replacement filters and CO2 canisters?

Depending on usage and water quality, we recommend filter changes every 6 to 12 months and range from $156 to $245, depending on your model. Replacement 1 kilogram CO2 canisters cost around $175 for a twin pack. You can buy all these through our online store here.

If you have a 2.6 kilogram or 6 kilogram refillable CO2 bottle, you can expect to pay around $55 to $85 for refills as a 'swap over' in-store service. We offer this service and can also come and do this for you in the Melbourne metro, or Keg King has retailers Australia wide and most offer this swap over service.

Can I change the filter and CO2 canisters myself?

Yes, you can change your filters and CO2 bottles yourself. We also offer a service team who can do this for you. Just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when changing these yourself.

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