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Chilled Water Dispensers and Taps

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Our Chilled Drinking Water Products

We are dedicated to providing quality, filtered, instant, chilled drinking water to Australians. Wherever you are, whenever you need it. To fulfil our mission of keeping a thirsty nation hydrated, healthy, and happy, we offer a select range of chilled drinking water systems, designed to meet the diverse needs of thirsty people.

Our carefully curated selection offers a solution for every budget and circumstance, while adhering to our renowned product advice and service guarantees.

  • Undersink and countertop filtered water taps
  • Water coolers, free standing and plumbed in
  • Water fountains, and bubblers, and more

We carry only the highest quality products - our own, signature range as well as brand name products such as Zip, Billi, and Bibo. Whether you are shopping for your home, workplace, school or recreation facility, we have the instant chilled water solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of chilled drinking water systems are available?

There are many ways to access chilled water on demand through various systems. Answering a few simple questions will lead you to the product most suitable to your needs.

  • Do you want a drinking fountain which people can drink from directly and also has a tap to fill up glasses and water bottles?
  • Do you want a water cooler that is plumbed in for an endless supply of chilled drinking water? Our water coolers come in either bench mounted or floor standing and can have cup holders mounted on the side.
  • Do you have limited water access and just need a plugged in unit with a water bottle on top? Our top filled bottled Water coolers are the way to go and a great solution without the need of ongoing purchasing expensive bottles of water.
  • Do you want a chilled filtered water tap on your sink? Our under sink water chillers such as the Waterlux Micro Chiller are compact and out of sight, and they come with a separate tap so you can conveniently fill your glass or water bottle on demand.
  • Do you want chilled filtered water as well as the addition of boiling and or sparkling water on tap? Then a combination system is your answer. Consider our range of boiling and chilled, chilled and sparkling, boiling, chilled, and sparkling, or all-in-one under sink filter taps.

I don't have access to a mains water supply, what are my options for chilled water?

Sometimes water supply is not available and a plugged in bottled water cooler is the only way go. Don’t waste your money on a water cooler that requires the ongoing purchase of bottles of water, consider our top filled bottled water coolers. Available in either floor standing or bench mounted models, they’re a great solution for any workplace that needs a quick and easy chilled drinking water solution.

What is the highest chilling capacity drinking fountain you sell?

The Billi Bubbler 175 has the largest chilling capacity of a single stand alone drinking fountain, offering 175 cups of chilled water per hour.

I need an under sink water cooler for my staff kitchen. What do you recommend?

Our compact, reliable and super-efficient Waterlux Micro Chiller has stood the test of time and offers instant chilled water on demand. Available with a choice of water filter systems and stylish separate tap options, they’re a great space saving and cost effective chilled water solution.

Do you have a water chiller that can be used for multiple drinking fountains and drinking water troughs?

Yes. The Waterlux Commercial 120 litre chiller is Australian made and designed, with a chilling capacity of 120 litres per hour. It can be used with up to 6 drinking water outlets or as a stand-alone chiller when you need high chilling capacity. It's a great product for schools, hospitals, universities and sporting complexes.

If my water cooler runs out of chilled water due to high demand, does water still dispense from my system?

Yes, it will still dispense water, but it will not be chilled until the system has had enough recovery time. At times of extreme hot weather and high usage, you can use up the chilling capacity, but we can also help you choose the right chiller for your needs, so you're less likely to ever run out.

Should I install filters to my water chiller? Can I put my system in without them?

You can install any drinking fountain, water cooler or water chiller without filters, however, it is not recommended. The filters not only provide you with clean, healthy and great tasting water, they also filter out sediment and particles protecting your water chiller from residue build up, potentially giving your appliance a longer life.

If my system breaks down or requires repairs, what services do you offer?

We have a team of trained water technicians in both Melbourne and Sydney metro and are supported by manufacturer’s chain of service technicians throughout Australia. If you do run into any issues, whether in or outside of warranty, we’re here to help you.

Why Choose The Water People

Here at The Water People, we're experts in all kinds of drinking water systems. From chillers to filter systems, we can help you get the chilled drinking water solution you need for your home or business.


Expert Advice

We can help you choose the right chilled water system for your needs. The right system will keep up with your chilled water needs so you never run out.


Premium Products

All our chilled water systems are high-quality products from industry leading brands. We choose our products carefully and they're all backed by manufacturer warranties.


Professional Installers

Our team of fully qualified installation technicians can install your new chilled water system and provide ongoing maintenance and servicing.