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Our Boiling Water Systems

In a world of fast trains, high-speed internet, and instant messaging, waiting for the kettle to boil is like driving a cart-and-pony. It will get you there. Eventually. Whether you just need a cup of tea or need to run a large commercial kitchen or function centre, we can help you get there sooner.

With our carefully chosen and select range of instant boiling water systems, including premium brands such as Zip, Billi, Bibo and our own brand, Hydromix, we keep you moving. Whatever you need, we have the instant boiling water tap for you. Our product range of instant boiling water is extensive, including:

  • Wall mounted units
  • Under-bench systems
  • Bench mounted systems
  • Floor standing water coolers with a hot tap feature

Authorised Zip and Billi agents

Zip taps - Water People are an authorised agent for Zip tapsBilli taps - Water People are an authorised agent for Billi taps

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of systems that offer instant boiling water?

Long gone are the days when instant boiling water was only a luxury commercial kitchens and large commercial tea rooms could afford. Instant boiling water is fast becoming a must have in homes and small offices too.

The different types of boiling water systems include:

What sizes are the wall mounted boilers available in?

The smallest wall mounted boiler is the Zip Econoboil 1.5 litre unit. The largest we offer is the Hydromix 60 litre. There are many capacity sizes in between from brands such as Billi, Zip and Hydromix, so there is sure to be an on wall boiler in the capacity size you need.

Do instant boiling water systems need to be plumbed in from the hot water line?

No. All of our boiling and hot water systems are simply connected to your cold mains water line. No hot water supply is required for any of our instant boiling water systems.

What temperature is the hot water from water coolers with a hot water tap?

If you want the hottest water available in a plumbed in water cooler, we recommend the Bibo Boiling & Chilled countertop system. With a hot temperature close to boiling at 96 degrees C, it’s a great option in the bench mounted range.

Our other hot and cold water coolers such as the Waterlux Mains Hot & Cold and the Waterlux Trend Mains Hot & Cold heat to 88 degrees C. Hot enough to make tea or coffee but not quite boiling.

Do the on wall boilers come with water filters?

All of our on wall boilers can have additional filters attached outside of the boiler, under the sink for example, but not all come with them as standard.

It’s a good idea to add water filters to your on wall boiling water system as they not only provide you with clean and healthy water, they also protect the internal tank and water lines from residue build up and potentially prolong the life of your boiling water appliance.

What type of filtration do the Zip and Billi under sink boiling water systems have?

Both the Zip and Billi systems offer an integrated or external, depending on the model, sub-micron filter that reduces sediment, chlorine, heavy metals and cysts.

If you require a deeper filtration such as a filter system for fresh water or fluoride removal for mains treated water, then either the Aquakleen Bacteria Twin or the Aquakleen Fluoride Twin can be added to either system as a pre-filter, giving you the superior filtration you need.

I worry about small children and the elderly potentially scalding themselves with an instant boiling water tap. What’s the best solution?

Both the Zip and Billi under sink boiling water taps offer an integrated safety feature that allows you to set your system to 'boiling safety mode'. This means that you will need to activate the safety switch and the boiling leaver at the same time to dispense boiling water. It remains a feature of your system and can be either enabled or disabled at any time.

Do instant boiling water taps use up a lot of energy?

The advantage of choosing a Zip or Billi instant boiling water tap is that they both have advanced technology to save energy when not in use. The Zip Hydrotaps come with a sensor activated 'sleep when it’s dark' feature, and the Billi Eco and Quadra taps come with a 2-hour standby mode that powers down the system when not in use.

I've had problems with instant boiling water taps in the past. Is there a simple solution that just works?

There are a number of reasons why an instant boiling water tap might have problems. If the wrong kind of boiling water tap is installed for the environment, it may not be able to keep up with demand and this can cause a lot of problems.

If you just want a simple and cost effective boiling water tap without the expensive bells and whistles, look at our Hydromix Boiling Only and Hydromix Boiling & Chilled systems. They are available in three different boiling capacities and operate from mains water pressure without expensive valves, pumps, and technology. These simple, Australian made boiling water taps are exceptional in both functionality and low maintenance design.

I have a stone benchtop. Can you install my boiling water tap on this?

Yes. We have many years of experience and specialty tools that allows us to drill through granite, caesarstone and many other stone benchtops easily. This is common practice for most modern kitchens these days.

However, if your benchtop is marble or concrete, we recommend you commission an experienced stone mason to conduct this work for you. We can provide you with the hole size and tap specifications of your choice if and when you need.

I have had an on-wall boiler for some time and little floaty bits are now coming through the water. What could be the issue?

Chances are, your wall boiler does not have a filter system connected or the filters have not been replaced for some time. In either case, there has probably been a build-up of deposits and residue inside the internal boiler tank. Contact our service team and we can clean out your tank and install a filter system to your boiler for you.

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