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Instant boiling and chilled water taps

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Chilled and boiling tap

Our boiling and chilled filtered water systems

Chilled and boiling drinking water, filtered and on tap instantly: that's our promise. We’ve been keeping Australia hydrated since 1990, so we know precisely how to tailor our drinking water systems to our clients’ unique needs.

Whether you’re caring for a large crew who lives off piping-hot brews or a small tribe who needs a cool drink after a hot day of play, our filtered water taps will always deliver. Our range includes:

  • Instant boiling and chilled filter taps from leading brands like Zip, Billi, Bibo, and Waterlux
  • 2-in-1 office water coolers
  • Bench-mounted boiling and chilled water filter systems

With systems available in a variety of domestic and commercial capacities, we'll help you determine the correct product for your needs.

Authorised Zip and Billi agents

Zip taps - Water People are an authorised agent for Zip tapsBilli taps - Water People are an authorised agent for Billi taps

Google reviews

Our satisfied clients have been gracious enough to leave a kind word or two for us. Have a read-through to see why we’re the best at what we do.

"The admin staff went the extra mile to accommodate an appointment with minimal notice. They were understanding and helpful. Quick response to my email too. Alan, the technician who came out was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Excellent customer service all round."

Danielle Q

"I use reverse osmosis system installed by The Water People for about 10 years now. Recently I had to change a faucet due to a kitchen reno and they kindly found exactly what I required for me! Good company and good craftsmanship."

Mikhail A

"Thank you to the amazing team at The Water People. Each and everyone of you made this process so easy. From Imogen in the call centre to Dale in installation. Thank you so much. We love our new Triple fluoride filtration system."

Athena D

"I purchased my reverse osmosis water filter from The Water People and have been using them for my water filter cartridges for over 20 years now. Love that I get them sent automatically and I don't have to think about it. All the staff are very friendly and always happy to help with anything. They only stock the best quality filter cartridges; with the best interest of their customer being very important."

Laura B

"Customer Service at The Water People is exceptional. Staff are friendly, kind, and responsive. Service people arrive quickly, on time and are awesome.

Lou M

Our hot and cold water taps filter out all unwanted nasties

When curating our selection of products and brands, one of the key metrics we scan for is the quality of their filtration system. Expect excellent drinking water filtration no matter what product you choose.

Zip and Billi’s filtered water taps are some of the best in the industry. Both use 0.2-micron filters that remove 99.9% of cysts and 98.9% of lead, as well as chlorine, sediment, and foul odours and tastes.

If you’re after a high-capacity instant hot and cold water tap for, say, a commercial venue, then we can also fit your chosen tap with a pre-filter system designed for high use. The more details you give us, the more bespoke our recommendations can be.

plumbersZip HydroTap 3 in 1 mixer

Residential and commercial instant boiling and chilled water taps

We’ve got quite an array of products for you to choose from, so let us make life a little easier. Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

Most homes need a tap with style, sophistication, and practicality. Try these.

The most important consideration when choosing an instant boiling and chilled tap for the workplace is capacity. These are some of our most popular and economical products.

For more personalised recommendations, don’t ever hesitate to get in touch.

Zip tap

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot is the instant hot tap? Is it hot enough to make tea and coffee?

If you are after the hottest possible water in a plumbed-in water cooler, the best option is the Bibo Boiling & Chilled countertop system, which dispenses hot water at 96 degrees C.

There are several other options available, as well. The Waterlux Mains Hot & Cold and the Waterlux Trend Mains Hot & Cold are still hot enough for your tea or coffee with water at 88 degrees C.

Do your instant boiling and chilled taps remove fluoride?

Yes. We can install any filter configuration to all of our undersink boiling and chilled taps and mains-connected office water coolers. If you need additional fluoride removal, we recommend our Aquakleen Triple Fluoride water filter system which can easily be connected to any of our boiling and chilled taps.

What are the main differences between Zip and Billi water taps?

This is a very common question with no easy direct answer. Both brands are exceptional, with some obvious differences between the two. Please refer to our article Zip Vs. Billi guide for more detailed information.

Do the instant boiling water systems require plumbing from the mains hot water line?

No. All of our under sink instant boiling and chilled water taps are simply connected to your mains cold water line. You don't need a hot water supply as they have an internal heating function that heats or boils the water within the system.

I'm worried about people accidentally scalding themselves when using an instant boiling water tap. What’s a safe solution?

Zip and Billi boiling and chilled water taps both come with an integrated 'boiling safety mode' that can be turned on and off. When turned on, you will need to press both the boiling lever and safety switch at the same time to dispense boiling water.

Do instant boiling and chilled water taps use up a lot of energy?

All of our instant boiling and chilled systems are designed to conserve energy. Both the Zip and Billi brands of instant boiling and chilled water taps use cutting-edge technology to save energy where possible.

Zip HydroTaps, for example, use a sensor-activated 'sleep' feature, while the Quadra and Billi Eco taps come with a two-hour standby mode. Billi also uses a unique energy-saving system that recovers the heat produced from the chilling process and uses it to preheat the boiling water.

I have a stone bench top. Can you drill through this to install my new boiling and chilled tap?

Yes. We have all the experience and specialty tools we need to drill through most granite and modern stone bench tops. You'll need a qualified stone mason to cut through a marble or concrete benchtop, however. We can let you know what hole size and tap specifications you'll require if and when you need.

Why choose The Water People

We are experts in all kinds of drinking water options and systems. We can supply you with the right kind of instant boiling and chilled tap to perfectly suit your needs.


Expert advice

We can help you choose a filter and tap system to suit your specific needs. No matter how much boiling and chilled water you need, or what you want filtered out of it, we can help.


Premium products

All of our boiling and chilled water taps come from industry leading brands with a reputation for quality and reliability. Not only that, but they're backed by manufacturer warranties.


Professional installers

Our team of fully qualified technicians can help you with installation and ongoing maintenance. You can rest assured that we'll keep you boiling and chilled tap running perfectly.

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