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Boiling, chilled and sparkling 3-way filter tap — perfection

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Boiling, chilled and sparkling tap

Our 3-way filter mixer taps have something for everyone

Ditch the kettle, duck the supermarket aisle and clear your freezer. These cleverly designed taps give you boiling, chilled, and sparkling water instantly, and they look pretty dang good doing it, too. With several tap designs and colour choices to choose from, you’ll love not only the convenience but also the look of this luxurious addition to your home, business or office.

Designed by Zip and Billi — both leaders in the industry — we can sort you out with residential- and commercial-capacity three-in-one filtered drinking water systems.

More than just convenient and stylish, these taps and filter systems are also extraordinarily eco-friendly, helping you cut down on single-use plastics and electricity. And what's more, all of our systems come with a premium water filter, so you can be sure you're drinking clean, healthy, and great-tasting water from your tap at all times.

Authorised Zip and Billi agents

Zip taps - Water People are an authorised agent for Zip tapsBilli taps - Water People are an authorised agent for Billi taps

Google reviews

We work hard to earn the trust of our clients by sourcing the best products and delivering a reliable service. Reading the kind words they’ve left us, we’re glad to see our efforts have paid off.

"The admin staff went the extra mile to accommodate an appointment with minimal notice. They were understanding and helpful. Quick response to my email too. Alan, the technician who came out was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Excellent customer service all round."

Danielle Q

"I use reverse osmosis system installed by The Water People for about 10 years now. Recently I had to change a faucet due to a kitchen reno and they kindly found exactly what I required for me! Good company and good craftsmanship."

Mikhail A

"Thank you to the amazing team at The Water People. Each and everyone of you made this process so easy. From Imogen in the call centre to Dale in installation. Thank you so much. We love our new Triple fluoride filtration system."

Athena D

"I purchased my reverse osmosis water filter from The Water People and have been using them for my water filter cartridges for over 20 years now. Love that I get them sent automatically and I don't have to think about it. All the staff are very friendly and always happy to help with anything. They only stock the best quality filter cartridges; with the best interest of their customer being very important."

Laura B

"Customer Service at The Water People is exceptional. Staff are friendly, kind, and responsive. Service people arrive quickly, on time and are awesome.

Lou M

The top-notch tech within our three-in-one filtered drinking water taps

The 3-in-1 mixers from Zip and Billi have set a high standard in our industry by blending elegance and functionality into award-winning designs.

The filtration technology included with these systems is exceptional. Both brands employ sub-micron filters that effectively eliminate 99.9% of cysts and bacteria, as well as sediment, chlorine, and any unpleasant tastes or smells from the water. For those seeking to reduce fluoride levels, we offer the option to equip your selected tap with an Aquakleen Twin Fluoride pre-filter system for enhanced water purity.

Zip and Billi have developed unique technology that offers the ability to precisely adjust your water's temperature, both boiling and chilled, to your liking, and to fine-tune the carbonation level for your ideal sparkling water. Both brands’ products also boast safety features to protect the vulnerable from scalding water burns.

plumbersZip HydroTap 3 in 1 mixer

Need a recommendation? Here are our best-selling 3-way taps

We’ve got just over a dozen three-in-one filtered water systems for you to choose from. Any of them would make a great choice, but how do you make the right choice? We’ve summarised a few details from our four best-sellers to help you decide.

  • The Billi B-5000 is a residential-grade system. It comes with splash-free boiling water delivery technology and a childproof safety switch.
  • The Zip HydroTap G5 Elite Plus is a residential system with a stylish touchscreen display, safety locks and three energy-saving modes.
  • The Billi Eco is a commercial-grade system rated for a small venue (10 users’ needs). It offers multiple energy-saving modes.
  • The Zip HydroTap G5 Classic is a commercial system that outputs 100 cups of boiling water and 75 cups of chilled water per hour, and approximately 433 litres of sparkling water per 2.6kg CO2 tank.

For a personalised recommendation tailored to your needs, just reach out. We’re always happy to chat.

Zip tap

Frequently Asked Questions

How do three-in-one taps actually work?

Three-in-one taps offer filtered instant boiling, chilled, and sparkling water all from one tap. The tap is separate from your main kitchen mixer tap and is installed either over your sink to the side or on a benchtop as a stand-alone kitchen appliance.

Under the sink, your mains cold water line is connected to the appliance, and the water is fed through an internal water filter and through the chiller or boiler, giving you the instant filtered water of your choice. Whether boiling, chilled or sparkling water.

Which are the best brands for instant boiling, chilled, and sparkling water taps?

Billi and Zip stand out for their exceptional technology and design. Their instant boiling, chilled, and sparkling water taps are sophisticated devices featuring advanced electronic components, honed to perfection over years of development. Proudly made in Australia and certified to meet Australian standards, these products have garnered international acclaim. Their global demand is a testament to their quality, leading both companies to expand their reach worldwide.

How do I compare the Zip and Billi 3-in-1 instant boiling, chilled and sparkling taps?

Choosing the right brand often boils down to the style of tap that appeals to you most. Both Zip and Billi are outstanding brands, each highly recommended in their own right. To help make your decision easier, you might find our Zip vs Billi guide useful.

Can I take my tap with me and install it in my new house if I move? How can I cover up the hole left behind in my sink or benchtop?

We get that you might grow attached to your new appliance. If you move, you can simply remove the system and install it in your new home, leaving a hole behind. To cover this hole, you have a couple of options: one is to use a chrome-plated disc, which will look like a sleek button on your sink. Alternatively, you could install a standard water filter system with its own tap, like the Aquakleen Ezi Twist Twin.

I’m worried about people burning themselves on the instant boiling water. Is there a safety setting?

Yes. All of the Billi and Zip boiling taps have a boiling safety feature which requires you to press two features on the tap at once to dispense boiling water. This makes it difficult for young children or older people to burn themselves accidentally. This can be enabled or disabled at any time.

Can I adjust the level of sparkling water my filter tap dispenses?

Yes. All of the 3-in-1 taps allow you to adjust the level of carbonation in your sparkling water.

What manufacturer’s warranty comes with the 3-in-1 instant filter taps?

Zip offers a three-year warranty with a five-year warranty on the tank. Billi offers a two-year warranty with warranty extensions available.

What is the average life span of one of these filter taps? How long can I expect it to last?

On average, you should expect a good eight years or more from your appliance before you need to consider a replacement. Remember, these are highly technical electronic kitchen appliances with many moving parts. Once they are past eight years old, you may find the costs of repair outweigh the benefits of replacing them with a new one. After that time, more advanced models will be offered on the market as well.

If my system stops working, can you come out and repair my instant boiling, chilled, and sparkling filter tap?

Yes. Our network of service technicians is Australia-wide. They can change your filter or CO2 bottle or service your tap in the event of a breakdown.

Do you offer installation and service Australia-wide?

We have a national network of technicians ready to install taps all around Australia. Even if you are located in a remote area, we can deliver your system to your local plumber for installation.

Can you deliver my filter tap to me directly so my plumber can install it?

Yes. We deliver to every postcode in Australia.

How much electricity do the instant filter taps use?

All brands of boiled, chilled, and sparkling taps have been designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. Power-saving modes included in their design can help conserve energy when inactive. Some models also include preset timers to let you turn them off when not in use.

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Our team are all experts in drinking water. We have a wide range of filtered water taps and we can help you get whichever solution you need. That's why we've been leading the industry since 1990.


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We have a team qualified installation technicians who can install your boiling, chilled, and sparkling tap for you. We can also help you with ongoing maintenance and servicing for your system.

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