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Ambient filtered drinking water systems

Safe, durable ambient water taps, fountains and bubblers

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Ambient water cooler

Our ambient filtered water taps

While we offer a range of boiling and chilled mixer taps for commercial and residential capacities, not everyone needs all those bells and whistles. 

In our experience, a simple yet safely filtered ambient drinking water system is the best choice for a home’s sink or a high-traffic space like a public park, school or university campus, or gym. Our curated selection of drinking water systems includes:

  • Ambient filtered water fountains (freestanding and wall-mounted)
  • Ambient water bottle-filling stations (with split-level fountains for easy access to kids)
  • Ambient-only drinking water taps with pre-filters

Authorised Zip and Billi agents

Zip taps - Water People are an authorised agent for Zip tapsBilli taps - Water People are an authorised agent for Billi taps

Google reviews

We do our best to set our clients up with the ideal filtered water system for their unique needs, and we’re quite proud of the kind words they’ve shared after a job well done.

"The admin staff went the extra mile to accommodate an appointment with minimal notice. They were understanding and helpful. Quick response to my email too. Alan, the technician who came out was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Excellent customer service all round."

Danielle Q

"I use reverse osmosis system installed by The Water People for about 10 years now. Recently I had to change a faucet due to a kitchen reno and they kindly found exactly what I required for me! Good company and good craftsmanship."

Mikhail A

"Thank you to the amazing team at The Water People. Each and everyone of you made this process so easy. From Imogen in the call centre to Dale in installation. Thank you so much. We love our new Triple fluoride filtration system."

Athena D

"I purchased my reverse osmosis water filter from The Water People and have been using them for my water filter cartridges for over 20 years now. Love that I get them sent automatically and I don't have to think about it. All the staff are very friendly and always happy to help with anything. They only stock the best quality filter cartridges; with the best interest of their customer being very important."

Laura B

"Customer Service at The Water People is exceptional. Staff are friendly, kind, and responsive. Service people arrive quickly, on time and are awesome.

Lou M

We can recommend the best ambient water tap for you

Ambient drinking water taps, fountains, and filters are relatively easy to install since they don’t require the space needed for a water chilling or boiling system (compact as those are these days). The simplicity of our systems allows us to place them practically anywhere across your site.

If you’re unsure what the right system for your site is, let’s chat at a consultation. Based on your family, staff, or clients’ needs and your site's unique qualities, we’ll give you a shortlist of products. Here’s a few to get you thinking.

  • The Britex ambient outdoor drinking fountain boasts a stainless steel design that’s as stylish as it is vandal-resistant. Its heavy-duty bottle filler and bubbler offer a continuous flow of refreshing water, perfect for sports clubs and public amenities.
  • The Britex ambient wall-mounted fountain is a WaterMark-certified, cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and tamper-resistant system. It’s one of our best value-for-money systems.
  • The Aquakleen Triple Fluoride and Virus Plus filter system can be installed in your existing ambient drinking water tap to remove fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, bacteria and pathogens, heavy metals, and sediments as small as 0.5 microns.
plumbersZip HydroTap 3 in 1 mixer

We’ll install your ambient taps and fountains in a jiffy

Consider us your go-to team for everything.

The Water People’s service technicians bring years of experience with them and have been trained and approved by leading drinking water systems manufacturers like Zip and Billi. We can help you with:

  • Ambient water tap and filter recommendations
  • Site audits to determine the best place to install your new ambient drinking water fountains
  • Installations
  • Emergency maintenance and repairs
  • Ongoing servicing and filter replacements

While we’re based in Melbourne and Sydney, we have a nationwide network of approved plumbers and technicians ready to send to your site. Just let us know what we can do to help.

Zip tap

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ambient water?

Ambient water is a common term used in the water filtration industry and just means the water temperature is as it comes from the original source. Some say “room temperature”, but a better explanation is the temperature of your cold water supply from your tap at any given time.

I have heard that drinking ambient water is better for my health. Is that true?

As our internal body temperature is naturally 37 degrees C, many ancient and leading health experts claim that drinking water closer to our body temperature offers better hydration and digestive function as our bodies take less energy and time to absorb warmer water than cold.

What types of undersink ambient filtered water systems do you recommend?

Our undersink water filters offer basic to premium water filtration, depending on your needs. If it’s just chlorine, taste and odour you wish to filter, our economical Aquakleen Ezi Twist Twin filter system is a great choice.

If you’re on tank water, our Aquakleen Twin Bacteria filter system will give you high-quality water filtration every time. For those who want more advanced water filtration, such as fluoride and heavy metal removal, both the Aquakleen Triple Fluoride and Reverse Osmosis water filter systems are excellent choices.

Do your office water coolers offer ambient, filtered water?

Yes, they do. Our bottled and mains-connected water coolers provide both ambient and chilled water, filtered and ready for consumption. You can purchase or lease models in either a bench-mounted or floor-standing application. View our extensive range of office water coolers here to find the model that works for you.

Do you have portable ambient water filter system that can sit on my benchtop?

Yes. Our benchtop filter range includes single, twin, reverse osmosis and gravity-fed stainless steel and ceramic crocks.

I am considering purchasing a ceramic filter crock. What temperature is the water usually?

As our ceramic water crocks are hand-made on a pottery wheel and kiln glazed both externally and internally, the water remains cool.

Why choose The Water People

We're your experts in all kinds of drinking water. Our range of ambient filtered water systems includes solutions for all kinds of situations.


Expert advice

We can help you choose the right ambient water filter for your needs. Tell us what you want to get out of your system and we can recommend the right product for you.


Premium products

All our ambient water filters come from industry leading brands, carefully chosen for their quality and reliability. All our products are backed by manufacturer warranties as well.


Professional installers

Our team of fully qualified technicians can install your system for you, so you can be sure that everything will work how it should. We also provide ongoing maintenance and servicing.

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