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Billi Eco Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled (Residential)

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Billi Eco Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled (Residential)
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Billi Eco Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled (Residential)
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Billi Eco Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled (Residential)

Billi Eco Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled (Residential)

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The all-in-one Billi Eco Sparkling system is the ultimate home water appliance that will be the envy of all kitchens.

Delivering instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water, there will be no need to boil a kettle or buy expensive bottled still or sparkling water again. You can even adjust the level of sparkling or water temperature to suit your tastes. Now that's a sparkling idea!

Enquire today and see how having the convenience of drinking water options on one tap can provide you with the luxury you deserve.

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  • Instant boiling, chilled & sparkling Water
  • Sub micron filter technology
  • Large range of tap dispenser colour options
  • Concealed boiling water safety switch
  • Adjustable sparkling and chilled temperature levels
  • 1kg Disposable C02 Cannister
  • Splash free boiling water delivery technology
  • Bench mounted drain font and tap extension kit available
  • 2 year warranty with extended warranty option available
  • Australian made and Australian owned
  • Touch button (no leavers) design available
  • Brail sticker option


  • Energy saving advanced technology
  • Sub micron water filter
  • Silver Ion system eliminating potential harmful bacteria growth
  • A stylish luxury appliance adding value to your home
  • Assists your environmental impact by eliminating your need to purchase bottled sparkling water
  • Supplied in two modules (separate chiller & boiler) enabling multiple cupboard fitment to maximise efficiency of your under cupboard space


Chiller - H385mm x W240mm x D325mm : Boiler - H340mm x W180mm x D360mm
Flow Rate
100 cups chilled/sparkling per hour, 90 cups boiling per hour
Temperature Range
6-15°C chilled, 98°C boiling
2 x 10 amp power outlet required, supplied with a 1 metre flex cord and plug
Polished Chrome, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Rose Gold,Gun Metal Grey, Gold, Matte White, Gloss White, Brushed Chrome, Platinum, Lime Green, Red, Grape, French Blue
Comprehensive 2 year warranty (extended warranty available)
Suitable for
Home, Small Business

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Billi Eco Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled (Residential)
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