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Enware-Oras Electra Wall Mounted Hand Free Sensor Tap

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Enware-Oras Electra Wall Mounted Hand Free Sensor Tap
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Enware-Oras Electra Wall Mounted Hand Free Sensor Tap
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Enware-Oras Electra Wall Mounted Hand Free Sensor Tap
This tap design is included in our standard range tap options when you purchase any of our filtered and reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

Enware Sensor Activated Wall Mounted Touch Free Tap with Battery Operated Integrated Sensor

Touch Free
Touch Free
Product Code:
ENM6186 or ENM6187

Suitable for:


Water types:

Boiling & Ambient
Chilled & Ambient
Chilled & Boiling
Boiled, Chilled & Sparkling
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Quite possibly on of the leading sensor taps available today. Easy to use, hygienic and durable, this wall mounted touch free Enware sensor tap is easy to clean, low maintenance and ideal for commercial applications including schools, healthcare, council facilities and offices alike.

Activated via a sensor at the front of the spout and with a long life integrated battery operation, this touch free wall mounted sensor tap is versatile and cleverly designed. Its' features include adjustable flow times, sensor range and auto flush settings as well as adjustable after flow and cleaning modes. Suitable for both cold or mixed water with a low battery warning indicator light and anti-vandal design, also with an option at add a wall mount 3 x piece tap conversion kit, this is sure to be an excellent choice for your washroom needs.

Available in either 185mm or 235mm length spouts, enquire today and discover your next state of the art washroom inclusion.

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  • Chrome finish
  • Single temperature or mixing temperature
  • Optional wall mount 3 x piece conversion kit
  • Modern clean line design
  • No external parts or battery packs
  • Low battery warning indicator light
  • Adjustable Sensor Range from 100-200mm (factory set at 150mm)
  • Adjustable Flow Time Range from 10 - 300 seconds (factory set at 120 seconds)
  • Adjustable Auto Flush setting from off to 72 hours
  • Adjustable After flow from 1 - 8 seconds (factory set at 3 seconds)
  • Integrated Battery Operated - 2 x AA Lithium Battery (1.5V)
  • 2 x size wall spout length options (185 mm or 235mm)
  • Watermark


  • Easy to operate
  • Hygienic
  • Suits many applications
  • Reliable & Consistent Operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost operation
  • Easy to clean


Spout - H 70mm x W 70mm x L 185mm or L 235mm
Flow Rate
Adjustable flow time 120 seconds set as standard Minimum 10 seconds Maximum 300 seconds
Recommended Working Pressure 100 - 500 kPa - Flow Rate 505 lpm
Temperature Range
Recommended Temperature Cold/Warm up to 43 Degrees C
Lithium Battery AA 1.5V x 2
12 months warranty for any manufacturing defects
Suitable for
Commercial wash rooms, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Offices

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