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Rheem Electric Water Heater with plug - 25 Litre

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Rheem Electric Water Heater with plug - 25 Litre
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Rheem Electric Water Heater with plug - 25 Litre
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Rheem Electric Water Heater with plug - 25 Litre
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This tap design is included in our standard range tap options when you purchase any of our filtered and reverse osmosis drinking water systems.
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Rheem Electric Water Heater with plug - 25 Litre

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Ideal for single person households and suitable for installation in small space situations the economical Rheem 25 Litre Electric Water Heater is the perfect solution for your hot water requirements.

The water is heated by an electrical element and stored within the tank ready for immediate use. Temperature is controlled by a hi-temp fully automatic 70°C thermostat (due to the risk of scald injury this model requires temperature adjustment by a licensed electrical worker).

Light weight at approximately 18kg the unit is easy to carry and install* and comes complete with a power lead and plug as well as a host of other features and warranties including a 7 year cylinder warranty*, 3 year labour warranty on the cylinder* and 1 year parts and labour on all other components (for domestic installations)*.

Manufactured by Rheem, one of Australia's most reputable and trusted brands.

*Warranty conditions apply

*the Victorian Building Act 1993 requires the water heater to be installed by a licensed person

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  • Compact for restricted spaces
  • Thermostat controlled temperature
  • Temperature pressure relief valve
  • Easy installation
  • Dual handed connections
  • Small diameter 400mm x 400mm
  • Approximate packaged weight - 18kg
  • 7 year cylinder warranty


  • Suitable for single family households
  • Reputable trusted brand
  • Indoor installation
  • Automatic safety controls
  • 29 Litre storage capacity


400mm x 400mm x 430mm
Flow Rate
25 Litre
Temperature Range
60° C - 70° C
7 years cylinder warranty, 3 years labour warranty on cylinder, 1 year parts & labour warranty for domesstic installations
Suitable for
Restricted spaces

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Rheem Electric Water Heater with plug - 25 Litre
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Rheem Electric Water Heater with plug - 25 Litre
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