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Waterlux 8 Litre Micro Chiller Water Filter System

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Waterlux 8 Litre Micro Chiller Water Filter System
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Waterlux 8 Litre Micro Chiller Water Filter System
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Waterlux 8 Litre Micro Chiller Water Filter System
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This tap design is included in our standard range tap options when you purchase any of our filtered and reverse osmosis drinking water systems.
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Waterlux 8 Litre Micro Chiller Water Filter System

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If you like chilled water you will love our Waterlux Micro Chiller, now backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, this versatile and very compact water chiller will fit neatly and out of sight under your kitchen sink or even in an adjacent cupboard if you have limited space.  It can even be used separately for chilling drinking fountains in commercial applications.  Simply, if you're after chilled drinking water, this is a great choice.

This system can be used as a single stand alone water chiller or can be used with any of our water filter systems such as our Ezi Twist twin filter system, Aquakleen Fluoride Triple filter system or even or Aquakleen Bacterial twin filter system.  Any of our filter systems can be added to this chiller to ensure your drinking water is both crisp and cool as well as clean, great tasting and free from contaminants.

Choose one of our standard filter taps or upgrade to a dual temperature tap for those who want the benefit of both filtered/chilled and filtered/room temperature water. We also have single tap colour options such as brushed stainless steel or matte black.  Or, if you're concerned about the addition of a separate tap on your sink, look at our 3 in one mixer tap range.  They offer the benefit of a single tap on your sink offering chilled/filtered water from one leaver and your mains unfiltered hot and cold from the other.  All in one tap.

With many customisations to suit your needs, ask us today how our Waterlux Micro Chiller can best work for you.

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  • 8 litres chilled water per hour (8 cup initial draw off volume)
  • Powder coated galvalume cabinet
  • Chilled filtered water instantly
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Twin, triple or custom designed filter system options
  • Versatile chiller usage - under sink/ on bench/ in ceiling, in column, adjacent wall or service area
  • Stainless Steel internal 1.9 litre tank
  • Chiller Dimensions - H:  290mm x W:  210mm x D:  410mm


  • Competitively priced
  • Easy clean, corrosion resistant chiller
  • Very compact and will fit into those small spaces under the sink
  • Easy to install
  • Optional dual temperature tap for chilled & ambient filtered water dispensing
  • Optional 3 in one mixer tap eliminating the need for a seperate tap on sink


H290mm x W210mm x D410mm
Flow Rate
8 cup chilled initial draw off volume, 8 litres chilled per hour
Temperature Range
240 volts, 1/2hp, 50Hz, 2 metre, 3 pin cable
White Powder Coated Steel Cabinet, Select Tap
3-year comprehensive warranty on chiller unit
Suitable for
Home, Office, Factory, Nursing Home, Gym

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Waterlux 8 Litre Micro Chiller Water Filter System
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