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Water cooler vs drinking fountains

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Water cooler vs drinking fountains
water cooler vs water fountain page imagewater cooler vs water fountain page image
Water Coolers
The Water People
The Water People
July 3, 2019
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Choosing the right hydration solution for your business

The right water cooler or fountain will provide filtered drinking water in your business for many years. Different fountains and coolers come with a variety of features, so it’s important to consider which will best meet your requirements.

Water coolers are suitable for offices, reception areas, and health care settings. Take a look at the Filtered Water Coolers that we have on offer.

Drinking fountains offer robust and convenient solutions for settings like factories, worksites, and warehouses. We provide a range of quality Indoor and Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains.

For expert advice on water coolers and drinking fountains for your business, contact The Water People. Our team will be very happy to help you.

Key considerations

There are some important questions to consider when choosing a water cooler or drinking fountain for your business:

  • How many people will be drinking from the dispenser each day, and how much will they drink?
  • Who will be using the dispenser, and will the dispenser need to be reinforced to prevent damage?
  • How much space do you have to accommodate the solution?
  • Which will best suit the style of your setting?
  • Will the dispenser be situated indoors or out?
  • Will a mains water supply be available nearby?

Common features

When placed in the correct setting, both water coolers and drinking fountains offer a fantastic solution to the need for cold, instant drinking water.

The new generation of products has some exciting and innovative features. They are increasingly convenient, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Both water coolers and drinking fountains can now provide filtered healthier water.

Water cooler features

water cooler product example

Water coolers are best utilised where people spend time, such as waiting rooms and offices. Designed to look modern and stylish, they offer businesses a sleek, professional-looking appliance.

  • The water is usually delivered from a reservoir (often a large plastic bottle) or from the mains water. Disposable cups may be provided alongside.
  • Some water coolers also supply hot drinking water enabling employees and visitors to make hot drinks easily.

Drinking fountain features

water fountain product example

Drinking fountains* are a good option in places that require heavy use. The robust design of drinking fountains allows them to endure more damage. In these settings, drinking fountains offer a more cost-effective option.

  • Water may be consumed straight from the spout or tap, or alternatively a bottle/cup can be filled.
  • A basin underneath the tap catches the excess water and drains it away.

*Please note, drinking fountains are always plumbed into the mains water.

Water coolers: the pros and cons

waterlux mains water cooler chilled and hot floor standing review

The pros

  • Stylish and professional appearance, in a variety of styles and colours
  • Free-standing or bench top
  • May provide ambient and hot water
  • May not need a nearby water supply
  • Movable (unless plumbed into mains water)

The cons

  • Not suitable for outdoor locations
  • Require disposable cups
  • Require mains electricity

Check out the Waterlux Main Water Cooler. This reliable water cooler is rated 5/5 in our expert review.

Drinking fountains: the pros and cons

waterlux robust drinking fountain review

The pros

  • Suitable for high usage
  • Suitable for use outdoors
  • Low maintenance, and (depending on the model) vandal-resistant
  • Enable the refilling of personal water bottles
  • Cost-effective, even when usage is high

The cons

  • Needs to be near a mains water supply
  • Requires mains electricity
  • Do not provide hot water
  • Needs to be undercover when outdoors
  • Extra room required around fountain to allow people to bend over to drink

Check out the Waterlux Robust Drinking Fountain. It offers excellent value for money and is very economical. Rated 5/5 in our expert review.

How The Water People can help you

Choosing between water coolers and drinking fountains is a fluid process. There are many things to consider and many courses to take. In a market flooded with options, you need expert guidance to navigate your way through.

With decades of experience in our field, The Water People are the best in the business. Our extensive range of water coolers and drinking fountains is only matched by our experience in providing drinking solutions.

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