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Robust by Name. Robust by Nature.

The Waterlux Robust Drinking Fountain is a simple and effective solution for any application

Waterlux Robust Drinking Fountain Review

Waterlux Robust Drinking Fountain

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Melissa Croxford

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  • Long lasting and durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple and effective design


  • 1 chilling capacity size of 30 litres p/hr
  • Bottle Filler tap known to get damaged by rough use

Waterlux Robust Drinking Fountain Review

The Waterlux Robust drinking fountain has stood the test of time and has proven to be a strong, reliable, durable and functional appliance. Made from a rota-moulded pigmented polyethylene, the U.V. stabilised cabinet has a modern granite look and is completely rust proof, making this drinking fountain a great choice for outdoors (under cover) as well as indoors.

The top and basin is a single piece, with a removable front access panel secured by four concealed screws. The robust nature of the cabinet material provides an unequalled vandal and impact resistant structure with easy access for internal maintenance.

With a 12-month comprehensive warranty and possibly one of the cheapest drinking fountains on the market today, this drinking fountain is our best seller and suits many applications such as sporting facilities, schools, gyms, sports clubs, community centres and construction sites.

Check out the Waterlux Robust Drinking Fountain.

Design and Functions

With a modern granite look, the Waterlux Robust drinking fountain is sleek, smooth, moulded, and practical. External filters are mounted behind the unit to allow for easy access when it's time to change them over. It is not recommended they be installed internally due to the internal compressor generating heat and affecting the water filter cartridge and the life of the fittings.

  • Boxed and packed weight (prior to installation) is 28kg and measures H: 1,180mm x W: 420mm x D: 420mm.
  • Dimensions of the drinking fountain are H: 1,000mm x W: 410mm x D: 410mm.

The drinking fountain comes with an industry standard 1/2" threaded water inlet, a 40mm integrated drain outlet, a 1.5 metre electrical cord and has the option of a 1.5 metre temporary drain kit for temporary installations such as construction sites.

It has a chilling capacity of 30 litres per hour at 10 degrees C (when water inlet temperature is 27 degrees c) with a 1.9 litre stainless steel chilling tank.

External water filters are recommended to improve water quality and taste as well as protecting the internal fittings from residue build up. Although filters are not mandatory, this drinking fountain will provide fresh, clean drinking water of higher quality when filters are fitted.

As standard, all of our Waterlux Robust drinking fountains come with a carafe filler (bottle filler) as well as a bubbler so it can be used to fill up drinking bottles and glasses as well as dispensing clean drinking water direct from the bubbler.

Waterlux Robust Drinking Fountain

Chemical Filtration

Any water filter combination can be installed behind the drinking fountain depending on your needs. We recommend a twin filter system that reduces sediment, dirt, rust, sand, chlorine, bad taste, colour and odour.

There are specialty filter options if you're on tank or untreated water, or if you require fluoride and heavy metal reduction.

Water Quality

Water quality will depend on whether you install filters or not. When installed, you can expect clean, crisp, chilled and great tasting drinking water every time, as long as the filters are changed over as recommended.

It's important your drinking fountain is installed with a 550KPA pressure limiting valve to ensure it operates at optimum water pressure the unit is designed for. When installed correctly, the water pressure from both the bubbler and the bottle filler will provide a steady and constant flow as expected.


Unlike the stainless steel models of drinking fountains, the Waterlux Robust won't show finger prints, smudges and marks, and it's easy to wipe down and clean. Due to the construction of the cabinet it is also vandal and impact resistant, keeping your drinking fountain in good shape over many years of use.

If installed with filters, it's recommended they be changed every six months on average, and all fittings should be checked over for leaks, wear and tear at the same time.

These drinking fountains can last over 10 or 15 years, but the internal chassis can break down over time, like any appliance, in which case the cost of repair would outweigh the cost of replacing the unit entirely. However, this is not a common issue.

The standard bottle filler tap that comes with the unit has been known to break over time, and I see this more in schools and gyms when they are subject to rough use. Users sometimes think it can bend and twist causing it to weaken and leak. If this is the case, I recommend replacing it with a stronger fixed filter tap and can recommend the right one for you if need be. This is not a common issue, but can happen depending on the nature of use.

Value for Money

The Waterlux Robust drinking fountain is the most economical drinking fountain we offer and is excellent value for money. This is a great choice when on a budget or looking for a practical, reliable and durable drinking fountain for any needs.

Other Details

It's important your drinking fountain is installed by a licensed plumber. It has a water inlet and a drain outlet and your installation may require special plumbing adaptions suitable for your building and set up. If you're unsure, ask for a pre-purchase site inspection to determine what plumbing works may be required prior to installation.

Although you can install this drinking fountain outdoors, keep in mind it has an internal chiller and external power cord much like a refrigerator. To ensure your drinking fountain chills and operates efficiently, it should be installed under cover.

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