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The Water People are committed to protecting the environment

We are proud to be doing our part to minimise the impact our business and our customers have on the environment. By protecting the environment today, we hope to protect the health and prosperity of future generations.

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Minimise waste

Our products help to reduce the use of disposable plastic water bottles for your home or business. By having chilled and sparkling water available on tap, there’s no need to buy additional bottled water.

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Recycling appliances and hardware

All our drinking tap hardware is recyclable. When old drinking water appliances come to the end of their lifespan after many years, they are collected by our metal recycling partners to be stripped and recycled.

WaterPeople product showroom

Recycling CO2 bottles

Your CO2 bottles which need to be restocked regularly are fully recyclable. The CO2 cylinders are punctured and collected by our metal recyclers, and we also offer a drop off recycle box for customers to drop them in to us for recycling.

WaterPeople product showroom

Energy saving features

Our filtered water taps and other products have modern energy saving features which help to minimise the amount of power they use. With sleep mode and scheduling features, your filtered water tap will be ready when you need it and inactive when you don't.

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