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Water Cooler Filter Cartridge Replacement

Replace your Bottled Water Cooler’s Filters for consistently High-Quality Water

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[Water Filter Cartridges] A team of experts

A team of experts

You don't have to figure it out on your own. Our team of experts will show you how to buy water filter cartridges online.

[Water Filter Cartridges] Premium products

Premium products

We sell premium products for premium results. You can rest assured you're getting excellent, top-rate water filter cartridges.

[Water Filter Cartridges] Delivery around Australia

Delivery around Australia

No matter where you are in Australia we can send you the water filter cartridges you need.

[Water Filter Cartridges] Same day dispatch

Same Day Dispatch

Don't wait around twiddling your thumbs! Buy from The Water People and get same day dispatch.

Bottled Water Filter

Whether for office or home use, the benefits of filtered water dispensers are invaluable

Convenient and affordable, water coolers provide filtered water free of contaminants and bacteria and help kick coffee and soft drink habits by simply being easier to access. With a quick cartridge replacement, you can give your family and staff access to a healthier water supply, free of impurities, bad taste and odours. If you’re looking for consistently high water quality and the taste and convenience of bottled water from home, installing water filtration to your mains water supply is the answer.

Filters for water coolers must be regularly replaced. The process of replacing the water filter system within your cooler is easy and can usually be done by you or your staff. Alternatively, we can organise a technician to install and maintain your cool water filters, if you require assistance. That’s one of the many services The Water People is proud to provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all water filter cartridges the same?

No. Different brands and kinds of water filter taps require difference, specialised water filter cartridges. At The Water People, we endeavour to stock a wide variety, so you can buy the specific water filter cartridges that will work with your tap system.

When will I need a water bottle filter replacement?

We recommend you change your water cooler filter once every 12 months. An unmaintained, clogged filtration system will leach unwanted substances into your drinking water. New water filters will keep your water dispenser running safely.

Can The Water People change my cooler filter for me?

We sure can. Give us a call, and we’ll organise for one of our friendly maintenance experts to come out to your home or office and make sure everything’s working in top condition.

How do I know my water cooler filter needs replacing?

The signs of a worn-out water cooler filter are easy to spot. You’ll notice changes to the smell and taste of your water, and potentially the colour, too. You’ll also notice a distinct drop in your tap water pressure. 

These are signs that it’s time to replace your water cooler filter.

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