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Drinking Taps for Schools and Unis

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Water Systems for Schools and Universities

Drinking taps for schools and universities need to meet the demands of busy campuses with a diverse range of requirements. It's very common for a single campus to need a variety of different drinking water systems. We can recommend and supply the right solutions for you.


Why Choose The Water People


Custom Solutions

We can provide drinking water solutions which are perfectly tailored to the needs of your school or training facility.


Expert Advice

Our team has years of experience helping people get the clean, healthy, and refreshing drinking water they need.


Meet With Us

We can arrange a site visit for your facility. Talk to our team face-to-face for honest advice on your education facility.

We are 100 per cent focused on bringing you great service with a friendly smile and first class knowledge of the product we supply and install. We understand students and staff need to be at the top of their game and hydration during learning is a key factor in absorbing as much information as possible. We adapt to the system that is currently at the premises, or we completely change and evolve it to benefit usability and functionality in your space.

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Long-term Partnerships

Education campuses can have dozens of drinking taps, and often multiples types of systems. That's why we help you in the long-term. Drinking taps for schools need to be serviced and maintained correctly which can be complex and time consuming for maintenance and administration staff.

At The Water People, we make this easy for you. We work with our client on a long-term basis to ensure all your taps and drinking fountains are properly maintained. We use industry leading software to keep track of the service history of each system you have on-campus.

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The Water People maintain over 200 water systems for La Trobe University Bundoora

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La Trobe needed to review their supplier

After many years with their previous provider and various renovations to the campus, La Trobe Bundoora did not have a solid record of all their drinking water systems. They needed new proposals to decide whether to continue with their old provider or change to a new provider.

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Continued support from our supply and maintenance service

We provided a free on-site system audit of all buildings and systems on-campus, which took three full days to complete, and submitted our recommendations. Our proposal included more than 50 new rental systems as well as ongoing maintenance and repairs for all existing systems.

La Trobe accepted our proposal, and we got to work changing over the old rental systems from the previous supplier. We changed all the rental systems in a two-week window during the semester break, minimising interruptions for students and staff.

We are proud to provide ongoing maintenance and repairs for over 200 systems at La Trobe Bundoora, including the rental systems and those owned by La Trobe.

Servicing & Support

Drinking taps for schools and universities need proper servicing and maintenance to avoid flooding risk and ensure the water is clean, safe, and healthy. We provide ongoing scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs to ensure you always have water.

  • Regular filter changes
  • Service checks
  • Break-down repairs
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System Rentals

Education facilities often choose to rent drinking water systems instead of purchasing them outright. This can be more cost-effective and convenient with ongoing servicing, maintenance, and filter changes in the rental fee.

We provide all the services you need and outstanding customer service as part of our rental agreements.

  • Year on year rental contracts after your first year
  • Flexible, customised contracts to suit your needs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you service all brands of drinking taps for schools?

Yes, we do. Anything to do with drinking taps for schools, we are your go-to service provider. We service well-known brands such as Zip and Billi, as well as many others. We can handle all your service needs for all brands of school water bubbler and drinking water systems.

How long are your regular service contracts?

We don't have minimum terms for our service contracts. We do not believe in locking you into long-term service contracts for your school water bubbler. We feel that if you want to change providers, then we clearly aren't doing our job well enough and you should have the freedom to move on.

Instead of lock-in contracts, we provide an agreed timeline for service frequency. This keeps us honest and reliable, and ensures we maintain our high service levels at all times.

Can you service our multiple campuses?

Yes. We have service contractors Australia wide, so if you operate in multiple cities, regional, or interstate locations, you have the advantage of still dealing with only one service provider. We will maintain and coordinate all servicing and repairs from our head office in Melbourne across all of your locations.

How long are your rental contracts?

This depends on what kind of systems you need. Most of our rental contracts are three years, but we can provide bespoke rental solutions based on your needs and circumstances, and will tailor the right solution for you. We don't have a one size fits all model because we understand the differing needs of schools, universities, training organisation, and TAFEs.

How much industry experience do you have?

Established in 1990, we have been the go to drinking water experts for over 28 years. We uphold great pride in all that we do. We are a private, family owned and operated business who always goes above and beyond to ensure you get the solution you need. We can recommend and supply the right school water bubbler to suit your needs.