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Filtered Water Taps

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Our Filtered Water Taps

We've filtered the market to bring you the best drinking water solutions, and only recommend what we would use ourselves. Since our start in 1990, we have extensive product knowledge and our range is tried, tested, and dependable.

We cater to commercial and residential markets alike and, as a long standing and trusted water filtration specialist, our ability to customise solutions is unparalleled. Whether you're on mains treated water or fresh untreated tank water, we find the right filtration solution for you.

We can even provide a single drinking water tap as an all in one which dispenses not only filtered water, but normal hot and cold mains water, for washing, through a 3 in one mixer tap. Ideal for those who are renting or those who simply want a single tap solution all in one.

We offer filtered water taps, delivering any of the following combinations:

  • Chilled
  • Boiling
  • Ambient
  • Sparkling
  • All-in-One

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a reverse osmosis filter system different to a conventional water filter system?

A reverse osmosis filter system and a conventional water system will both filter water of impurities, but they do it on very different scales.

Filters have a micron rating, which measures how fine the particles are that they can remove from your water. Most household filter systems have a rating of between 5 to 0.2 microns. A smaller number of microns in a filter means smaller particles are filtered out.

Anything lower than 0.2 microns in a conventional water filter system will start to seriously slow down the flow of your water. To get a lower micron filter, people can instead use a reverse osmosis filter system. These have a micron rating of as low as 0.0005.

Can I attach a water filter system to my existing mains kitchen tap without second tap?

The short answer is 'yes'. However, this is not ideal. We always recommend you either have a separate filtered water tap or a three in one mixer tap to accommodate both filtered water and your mains hot and cold water.

Water filters require a lower water pressure (Australian regulations 350 KPA) to prevent blow outs and bursting. If you run a water filter system off your mains tap, your water pressure will be dramatically reduced and it will take a very long time to fill up your sink for things like washing dishes. In addition to this, you will waste your filter life on unnecessarily filtering your dish water, meaning more frequent and costly ongoing filter changes and maintenance.

If I'm leaving home, how should I store my water filters?

The water filters used in your home water filters systems are kept in a wet, water tight casting. If unused for a prolonged period of time, they can start to generate bacteria growth. So, if you're going on holiday or are likely to be out of the home for any other reason for several days or weeks, we recommend that you remove the filter before you leave. Rinse it in cold water and store it in a zip lock bag in your fridge. Then, flush the filter through by letting the tap run for up to 10 minutes when you return before you use it again.

Where are your water filters made?

Water filters are made all over the world, however, filters made in the USA have an industry reputation as world leaders for their manufacturing quality. The USA has tight industry regulations unparalleled globally and if you are purchasing USA made water filters which are NSF certified you are sure to be getting a quality filter that has been independently tested and certified.

Many other countries are improving over time and, depending on what filter you are looking for, can often offer more affordable products with similar quality. Most of our water filters are USA manufactured or NSF certified, but we also recommend other filters which still do a great job at a fraction of the price.

When do water filters need to be changed?

Filters have a limited lifespan, and need to be changed every few months. The exact timing of the filter change will depend on usage and water quality. For home use, water filters should be changed between every 8 to 12 months, although other factors can come into consideration and alter that time frame. In a commercial setting where the taps are used more frequently by more people, 4 to 6 month filter changing is usually suitable.

Can I change the filters myself or do I need to book in a service technician every time?

You can change the filters yourself and we also offer a service team who can do this for you if you are limited for time or patience. Most water filters are easy to change once you know how. Ensure you contact your water filter supplier for instructions on how to do this, or if you have a new installation, ask the installer to show you for future changes.

One golden rule is to ensure you turn off the water supply to the filters before you begin and when you finish, ensure you check for leaks once all canisters and connections are in place. The last thing you want is flooding or leaking.

Do reverse osmosis water filters also take out good minerals in my water? And if so, how can I put them back in?

Reverse osmosis water filters only allow for very small particles to pass through them (smaller than 0.0005 microns). This strips most minerals from the water, many of which are beneficial to health. A mineralizer filter to the tank can put good minerals back into your water.

Fluoride: should I remove it from my drinking water?

Many people have strong opinions on fluoride in drinking water. Fluoride is banned in many countries, but Australia is not one of them. The chemical is used to prevent tooth decay and has the approval of the National Health and Medical Research Council, but many people are unconvinced that it is not harmful. If you'd like to remove fluoride from your drinking water, contact us and we'll help you get a system in place.

Can you supply filtered water taps Australia wide?

We sure can. With a head office in Melbourne and service technicians covering most locations in the country, we can supply filtered water taps to most parts of Australia. We also ship anywhere in the country, so if we don't have an installation team near you, we can still deliver the taps and you can hire a local to install them.

What are the options for ongoing filter replacements?

We provide several different options for changing your water filters. If you want, you can replace the filters yourself. Join our Ezi Debit AUTO SEND club and we will automatically send you new filters when they are due. Alternately, we can send you an email when they're ready to be replaced. Or, if you'd rather we do it for you, our service team can change the filters over fora low service fee.

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We're experts in all kinds of filtered water taps and drinking water solutions. Our filtered water taps give you healthy, clean water on-demand.


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We have extensive product knowledge and we're independent and unbiased. We consult with you and recommend a solution to fit your needs.


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