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Billi Alpine Sparkling & Chilled 100 (Commercial)

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Billi Alpine Sparkling & Chilled 100 (Commercial)
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Billi Alpine Sparkling & Chilled 100 (Commercial)
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Billi Alpine Sparkling & Chilled 100 (Commercial)
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This tap design is included in our standard range tap options when you purchase any of our filtered and reverse osmosis drinking water systems.
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Billi Alpine Sparkling & Chilled 100 (Commercial)

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Like sparkling water? Like convenience? Now, you can have filtered sparkling water on tap.

Whether it be for your own personal luxury, pleasing your hard working staff or saving money in your café or restaurant by never having to purchase bottled sparkling again, this system that provides both filtered and chilled sparkling and still water is for you.

With the added technology of being able to adjust the water temperature and the level of sparkling to suit your taste, the Billi Alpine Sparkling System is sure to put a smile on your face. Available in either 100 or 200 cups chilled capacity per hour, we have the right system for you.  Enquire Today.

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  • Instant chilled/sparking and chilled/still filtered water all in one tap
  • Smart, clean line polished chrome dual levered tap design
  • Adjustable C02 sparkling levels
  • Adjustable chilled temperature levels
  • Stylish chrome twin levered slimline tap (or matte black option)
  • 1 litre CO2 Disposable Cylinder
  • External Filter
  • Australian Manufactured
  • 100 cups of chilled water capacity per hour
  • Optional 2.6kg or 6kg refillable C02 bottle upgrades
  • Optional fluoride water filtration upgrades


  • Premium filtration giving you filtered chilled and sparkling water every time
  • Eliminate The Need To Purchase High Cost Bottled Sparkling Water Saving Both Your Wallet and Our Environment
  • A Stylish Luxurious Addition To Any Workplace or Hospitality Venue
  • A Point Of Difference for Your Cafe or Restaurant Saving You Money as Well As Delighting Your Customers


H410mm x W255mm x D420mm
Flow Rate
100 Cups Chilled Water Per Hour (Also Available in 200 cups chilled capacity)
Temperature Range
6°C-15°C chilled - adjustable
Singe 10 AMP
Polished Chrome & Matte Black
Up to 2 years conditional warranty
Suitable for

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Billi Alpine Sparkling & Chilled 100 (Commercial)
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