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How Does the Billi Alpine Filtered Tap compare to the competition?

The Billi Alpine Sparkling and Chilled Tap is a cost-effective, high-quality solution

Billi Alpine Sparkling & Chilled 100 (Residential & Commercial) Review

Billi Alpine Sparkling & Chilled 100 (Commercial)

Product reviewed by:
Melissa Croxford

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Water Quality:
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Value for Money:


  • Very good value for money
  • Low maintenance
  • Adjustable temperatures and carbonation levels


  • Doesn't filter fluoride as standard
  • Standard 1kg CO2 tank may need to be upgraded for commercial use

Billi Alpine Sparkling and Chilled Tap Review

The Billi Alpine Sparkling and Chilled filter tap dispenses instant filtered chilled and sparkling water in a dual lever tap. The slimline and stylish goose neck style tap comes in polished chrome and is easy to use with one leaver dispensing filtered, chilled, still water and the other filtered, chilled and sparkling water.

The Billi Alpine sparkling tap has undergone a recent upgrade in chilling technology (ice bank technology) allowing water to instantly chill as it passes through the internal 'almost freezing' coil, eliminating the need to store water in an internal tank. This provides a higher level of carbonation, higher capacity of chilled water per hour, and colder temperature of water. This has allowed the tap to become one of the best chilling capacity sizes on the market, with two models offering either 100 cups or 200 cups of chilled or sparkling water per hour.

It has an adjustable chilled and sparkling control so you can adjust the water temperature up or down, as well as the level of carbonation for your desired taste.

The Billi Alpine sparkling and chilled tap is compact in its under bench size, featuring a chiller box, single external water filter and one kilogram CO2 bottle which should deliver approximately 166 litres of sparkling water, depending on the level of carbonation you set it to.

It's an excellent choice for domestic homes, restaurants, cafes, and offices. You can upgrade the CO2 bottle to a larger refillable version for commercial installations since the one kilogram CO2 bottle may not be adequate for busy commercial applications.

It comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, is manufactured in Melbourne and is proudly Australian owned. It's also one of the most cost-effective sparkling taps with leading technology currently on the market. It's no wonder this is one of our best selling sparkling and chilled taps on the market. This is an excellent choice and will not disappoint.

Check out the Billi Alpine Sparkling and Chilled tap.

Design and Functions

The tap itself comes in polished chrome and is slimline and strong in its design, yet still modern in the goose neck style spout. The dual lever dispenses filtered chilled and still water from one side and filtered chilled and sparkling water from the other.

Under the bench, the system is connected to your standard cold water line and the water passes through an external filter and into the chiller 'on demand'. It has two internal tanks, one that injects CO2 resulting in chilled, sparkling water and one that doesn't, resulting in chilled, still water. The tap in uncomplicated, not electronic, and offers a practical solution with low maintenance.

  • The chiller for both the 100 cup and 200 cup models measures H: 410mm x W: 255mm x D: 420mm
  • The 1kg CO2 cylinder is H: 410mm x D: 120mm
  • The external filter kit measures approximately H: 320mm x W: 120mm x D: 100mm

It requires a single 10AMP power outlet and, apart from routine filter and CO2 changes as required, it is a low maintenance system.

Billi Alpine Sparkling & Chilled 100 (Commercial)

Chemical Filtration

The Billi Alpine sparkling tap uses a single certified NSF filter that is manufactured with unique Fibredyne technology allowing for longer filter life, higher flow rate and lower pressure drop.

Available in a sub-micron rating or a 10 micron rating, both filter options reduce sediment, bad tastes and odours, chlorine, chemicals, and pesticides. The sub-micron filter provides additional filtration of heavy metals, giardia, and cryptosporidium cysts.

If you do require additional fluoride reduction or bacteria and viruses filtration, you will need an additional filter system to combat these issues which can easily be added to the Billi Alpine Sparkling tap.

Water Quality

The water is filtered on both sides so it tastes clean, fresh, and is free of bitter aftertaste unlike standard tap water. The sparkling water taste is not dissimilar to commercial bottled mineral water, but you get the added advantage of knowing how it is filtered, saving the effort and cost of buying bottles, and minimising the environmental impact of plastic and transport.

The water is cold and crisp and it's great with a twist of fresh lemon or even a dash of cranberry juice. The chiller temperature can be adjusted as well as the level of CO2 dispensed, so if you like lots of bubbles or only a few the unit can be adjusted to suit.


Apart from filter and CO2 changes, the Billi Alpine sparkling tap is low maintenance. Depending on your water quality and usage, the average family home should see approximately 12 months of use from the filter. It's very easy to change the filter yourself with a quick, swing change action.

The amount of sparkling water you drink will determine the life of a one kilogram CO2 canister. On average, each canister should produce approximately 166 litres of sparkling water. It's a good idea to keep a spare CO2 canister on hand so when you run out, you can change this over yourself and purchase a replacement CO2 when convenient. Again this is very easy to do yourself.

During each filter or CO2 change, it's a good idea to check all water connections and fittings for any signs of leakage and damage along with the base of the unit for any signs of moisture.

Value for Money

This is our best selling chilled and sparkling system for a reason. Chilling technology and capacity, compact under bench system, inexpensive replacement filters and CO2 canisters, stylish modern tap, two-year warranty, and Australian owned and manufactured. And better still, it's actually one of the cheaper sparkling taps on the market today retailing around the $2,500 mark.

It should last you a good 8 to 10 years and if you purchase bottles of sparkling or filtered water every week, or you run a restaurant or cafe and buy bottles of sparkling water constantly, do your sums. This unit may in fact save you money before you even know it.

Other Details

It's important that your under bench cupboard has adequate ventilation as it can heat up inside the cupboard. Without adequate ventilation the chiller can be under excessive pressure and not perform as designed. Make sure you check for the ventilation requirements to ensure the system will fit where you want it to go.

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