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The Zip tap guide to selecting the right chilled water dispenser

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The Zip tap guide to selecting the right chilled water dispenser
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The Water People
The Water People
July 22, 2021
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Find the best Zip chilled water dispenser for your organisation

In this guide, you’ll learn how chilled water dispensers work, whether you need a drinking fountain or filtered tap, and what size system you require. It covers everything you need to know, so you'll be fully informed and able to select the perfect chilled water dispenser for your organisation.

With decades of experience servicing  all industries, The Water People can help you find the best Zip chilled water dispenser for your organisation.

First, why should you buy Zip’s chilled water dispensers?

1. Your team and customers appreciate chilled water

Crystal clear chilled water is healthy, delicious and refreshing. Your team and your customers appreciate a constant supply of chilled water straight from the tap.

2. They’re good for your bottom-line and the environment

Chilled water dispensers save you money. They are far cheaper than bottled water. And unlike bottled water, they aren’t constantly creating plastic waste.

3. Zip taps has a dispenser for every organisation

Zip taps are made in Australia to the highest standards, so you’re getting a superior chilled water dispenser that your business can rely on. The range of stylish and sturdy designs by Zip compliment every organisation, from high-end commercial offices to demanding work sites.  

How does Zip's chilled water dispensers work?

Zip Hydrotap Classic Polished Chrome

When you’re shopping for a chilled water tap, ensure it has a quality chilling system and filter so that your water is refreshing, delicious, and crystal clear.

They chill the water so it’s cool and refreshing

Through internal research and development, Zip created the Direct DryChilling System, a high performance closed refrigeration system to chill your water.

Here’s how Zip’s Direct DryChilling System works:

  1. Inside the innovative system, a lightweight aluminium MicroChannel Condenser transfers excess heat away.
  2. Then the Evaporator system, within the solid aluminium block and stainless steel coils, rapidly cools your water
  3. Your water is chilled, refreshing, and ready to drink.

They filter the water so it’s clean and safe

A high-quality filter is essential. It ensures your water is clean and healthy, protects your water dispenser, and makes every glass of water taste fantastic.

The world-class Zip GlobalPlus® 0.2 micron filtration system:

  • Removes dirt and contaminants as tiny as 1/5000th of a millimetre.
  • Removes chemicals like chlorine, eliminating any odour.
  • While it removes unwanted particles and chemicals, it retains fluoride in the water to keep your teeth healthy.

How do you know what size system you will need?

Zip Hydrotap G5 Classic All In One

The most important thing when selecting a Zip chilled water dispenser is to select the correct size for your company. Getting this right will save you from having a costly upgrade or maintenance issues.

You’ll need to consider:

  • Population - A small office or large cohort
  • Frequency of use - Sporadic or constant demand
  • Plumbing - Easy water access or limited
  • Flow rate - The amount of water passing through the system
  • Servicing - Regular or limited

At The Water People, our master plumbers can help you determine the exact tap size your business requires.

How are Zip chilled water systems maintained?

Regular maintenance will keep your chilled water tap safe and sanitary, while making it last longer. When servicing your system, it needs to be washed and disinfected, the filter needs to be replaced, the unit must be inspected for leaks, and the fan and compressor must be checked.

While your cleaning staff can do the basic cleaning daily or weekly, it’s important to have an expert technician give it a full service at least every six months.

What type of chilled water dispenser suits your organisation?

Zip has  two main types of chilled water dispensers. Filtered water taps and drinking fountains. We’ll examine them now so that you can select the system that best suits your organisation.

Filtered water taps

Filtered water taps seamlessly fit into any kitchen or bench space. Consequently, they’re a popular choice for:

  • Bars, cafes, and restaurants
  • Lunchrooms
  • Small and large office spaces

Which filtered water tap is best for your business?

Drinking fountains

Drinking fountains are sturdy and built to last, energy-efficient and cost-effective, and easy to clean and install. Drinking fountains are an excellent option for:

  • Gyms
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Work sites

Does a chilled drinking fountain suit your organisation? Consider installing the Zip EconoMaster Drinking Fountain. It costs only a few cents per day in energy running costs, is hard wearing, and provides instant and continuous chilled water.

Selecting the right Zip chilled water system is critical. Having the right size, the appropriate filters, and a maintenance plan helps you provide safe, sanitary, and delicious chilled water for your organisation.

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