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How Does the Zip Hydrotap Elite Stack Up?

The Hydrotap Elite is one of the best taps Zip has on offer

Zip Hydrotap Elite Boiling & Chilled (Residential) Review

Zip Hydrotap G5 Elite Plus Boiling & Chilled (Residential)

Product reviewed by:
Melissa Croxford

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Value for Money:


  • Beautiful and efficient design
  • Power saving modes
  • Safety features


  • Doesn't filter fluoride as standard
  • Quite expensive

Zip Hydrotap Elite Review

Bringing cutting edge design and technology that Zip is renowned for, the Zip Hydrotap Elite is stylish, practical, and functional. It has a subtle design and a push button electronic dispenser that's easy to operate, it won't overpower your main kitchen mixer, but will complement your kitchen as a valuable feature and practical appliance.

The Zip Hydrotap Elite can be installed on your sink, next to your mixer, or separately as a stand alone tap with a stylish round drain font. Stand alone installation is great for an island bench or walk-in pantry.

It has two energy saving modes, including a sensor which allows the appliance to 'sleep when it's dark', a boiling safety mode, and it comes in many colours to suit an array of kitchen styles and decor. With a three-year warranty (and a further two years on the tank), this Zip Hydrotap Elite is one of the most popular choices for homes.

Check out the Zip Hydrotap Boiling and Chilled.

Design and Functions

The Zip Hydrotap Elite looks sleek and modern with its clean lines. The buttons match the design and are simple to operate, dispensing filtered boiling or chilled water with the press of a button.

When in boiling safety mode, touch the boiling button and the safety lock on the front of the tap with a second finger simultaneously to dispense boiling water. The boiling safety feature can be activated or deactivated at any time directly from the dispenser or from the touch screen panel on the under sink unit.

The tap has two warning lights on the top. These will flash for various reasons such as when your filter is due for changing, the water temperature is not right or there is a system fault. The unit underneath also has an LCD touch screen display. Giving you information such as filter usage, energy mode, sleep mode, safety lock, boiling and chilled temperatures, model number, system fault messages and event logs, and even a password security lock to prevent others changing your preferred system settings.

The chiller, boiler and filter is all compact within one unit and takes up minimal space under your bench for what it is. The under sink dimensions are H: 333mm x W: 280mm x D: 455mm.

The system is air cooled, so it can heat up within the cupboard and it's important there is adequate ventilation around the unit to ensure the system will operate correctly. It is recommended that 50mm air gap on each side of the unit is provided along with 300mm above it. It comes with a separate vent which is cut into the floor of the cupboard during installation (under the cupboard doors - you cannot see this when closed) that also allows for further ventilation.

You can choose an additional vent tray that the unit can be mounted on which lifts it up off the floor to provide further ventilation underneath. This is an additional accessory which can be purchased at any time and recommended to allow efficient operation and less wear and tear on your Zip Hydrotap Elite.

Zip Hydrotap G5 Elite Plus Boiling & Chilled (Residential)

Chemical Filtration

The Zip Hydrotap comes with a single integrated water filter of 0.2 microns with a lifespan of 6,435 litres of water. It reduces chlorine taste and odour, sediment, cryptosporidium, lead, and limescale. This filter is independently tested and certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 and is WaterMark approved for use in Australia and New Zealand.

It does not reduce fluoride or bacteria so if these concern you, then consider adding an additional external filter system which can filter these. This is particularly important if you are on tank or fresh, untreated water.

The average household should expect 8 to 12 months life from the filter. This may be reduced if your water quality is particularly poor. You can extend the filter life by using 3 micron rating filters which will get blocked up less quickly but do not filter out cryptosporidium, lead, or limescale.

Water Quality

Filtered water always tastes much better than unfiltered. It tastes clean and fresh with no bitterness or aftertaste often experienced with chlorinated and unfiltered water. Whether you're drinking chilled water or boiling water in your tea and coffee, you will instantly notice a vast difference in the taste from unfiltered water. Ensure you replace your filter as recommended as they do have a lifespan once in use much like any consumable.


The Zip Hydrotap is a complex, electronic appliance with many moving parts. Like any appliance, parts can break down and may require servicing from time to time. The current G4 model is superior to the G3 of a few years ago as the parts have improved over time. This minimises the breakdowns and expensive repairs experienced by older models.

The average lifespan of the Zip Hydrotap is around 8 to 10 years. After this time, it may not be cost effective to repair rather than replace the unit with a new one. You do have peace of mind however that your new Zip Hydrotap Elite comes with a three-year warranty and a five-year warranty on the tank, and Zip are exceptional with product support and servicing. If you tap does break down for any reason, it is recommended you have an experienced technician look at this for you and advise you on the best course of action.

As far as self-maintenance is concerned, the only thing you really need to do is conduct regular filter changes as recommended. It's easy to change the filter yourself by following the manual without the need of paying for a service technician to do this for you.

Value for Money

The Zip Hydrotap is top of the range when it comes to technology and design, but it does come at a price. They are not the cheapest boiling and chilled tap on the market, but this should not be expected with the features and functions of the unit.

If you are after a budget boiling and chilled tap for your home or small office, this should not be your choice as there are cheaper brands on the market. However, if you are looking for a trusted brand with all the bells and whistles, this is the one for you. Keep in mind, your tap will likely be used every day and should last you eight years or more, so it's worth spending that little bit extra if you can.

Other Details

When deciding if this Zip Hydrotap is the right boiling and chilled tap for you, ensure you consider the following factors first:

  1. Do you have enough under bench space for the unit to operate effectively with the recommended room for ventilation?
  2. Do you require additional water filtration for your desired needs?
  3. Does your under cupboard space require carpentry or plumbing modifications prior to the installation to allow room for the unit?

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