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The Boiling Billy Boiling and Chilled HM10 Tap Review

A low-cost and low-maintenance tap for the home or office

Boiling Billy Boiling & Chilled 10 (Residential & Commercial) Review

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Melissa Croxford

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Value for Money:


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Great value for money
  • Less moving parts that require less maintenance
  • Can be attached to 3 sizes of under sink boilers or chillers


  • Filters need to be changed every 6 months
  • Doesn't feature any advanced electrical controls
  • May require extra pump for installations with low pressure

Hydromix Boiling and Chilled 10 review

The Hydromix Boiling and Chilled HM10 Tap is a high quality solution for providing boiling and chilled filtered water. Its simple design makes it easy for anyone to operate and maintain. The tap itself operates on mains water pressure. It has no expensive pumps and is not electronic like other leading market brands.

The low maintenance benefits of this design make it a popular choice for those who are fed up with expensive and ongoing boiling and chilled tap repairs. It doesn't have expensive pumps or solenoid valves. The cabinet itself contains a simple boiling element that maintains a temperature within one degree celsius of set point.

This tap comes with a separate boiler and chiller cabinet along with an externally mounted water filter system. It can be attached to 3 different sizes of under sink boilers and chillers along with a wide range of filters. So regardless of your boiling and chilling needs, this design can be assembled to suit your requirements.

Check out the Hydromix Boiling & Chilled 10.

Design and function

The tap itself is made from solid brass with a polished chrome finish. It features two ceramic disc levers; one that dispenses filtered, chilled water while the other dispenses filtered, boiling water. Both handles are controlled by a simple turn lever action.

Seeing as boiling water safety is paramount for some applications such aged care facilities, hospitals, and schools, this boiling billy tap has an option for a "boiling water safety package". This package ensures the flow of boiling water is automatically disabled after a set time.

While the physical look of the tap may not seem very modern or contemporary, it's low running costs and versatility makes it a great choice for many businesses and government applications such as offices, warehouses, aged care facilities, schools, and universities.

Chemical filtration

One of the most appealing features of the Hydromix Boiling and Chilled tap is the level of customisation for water filters. You can install a simple twin filter system that reduces chlorine, dirt and sediment like the Aquakleen Ezi Twist Twin.

Additional filtration for fluoride, cysts and heavy metal reduction can be achieved with the Aquakleen Triple Fluoride Filter System. If you use tank water and require bacteria and virus reduction, you can install the Aquakleen Bacteria Twin Filter System.

Whatever you need in terms of chemical and contaminant reduction, you can achieve it by installing the right filter system.

Water quality

With the right filtration system installed with your new Hydromix tap, you'll notice a significant difference in quality and taste. Your drinking water will be clean, clear, and free of the contaminants found in regular tap water.

It's always best to seek professional advice about water filtration. Experts like The Water People will ensure the right water filter system is installed so you can rest assured your drinking water quality meets the needs of your application.


The Hydromix Boiling and Chilled HM10 Tap is exceptionally easy to maintain. Unlike other leading brands of chilled and boiling filtered water taps, it doesn't have any 'moving parts'. When there are no moving parts like pumps, solenoid valves, or electronic taps, there's fewer breakdowns and parts that do not need replacing.

During operation, if the separate boiler or chiller cabinet fails for some reason, the whole system is not compromised. You'll still be able to dispense water. If the boiler cabinet does fail for some reason, it's easy to fix because most likely all that may be required is the replacement of its low-cost heating element.

Like any filter tap, it's important to change its filters every 6 months to continue dispensing healthy and clean drinking water. Filter changes are easy enough to do yourself. If you rely on a professional to change over your filters, other parts such as tubing, connections and fittings can be inspected and checked for wear and tear at the same time.

Value for money

Compare the market and you'll find the Hydromix Boiling and Chilled HM10 Tap is still one of the cheapest models available. You'll save a considerable amount of money upfront with the purchase. The low cost of on-going maintenance and servicing will also help you save money in the long run.

Other details

There's a great range of boiler and chillers available for your Hydromix Boiling and Chilled 10 Tap. We recommend choosing one based on your expected usage. You can rely on the services of water system experts like The Water People to determine the perfect model for you.

The right boiler size, chiller size, and filter system should be chosen to match your usage. As the demands of your organisation changes, your water system can be customised to cater for smaller or larger groups of people.

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