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The Waterlux Mains Water Cooler Review: It's Everything You Need it to be.

Discover the best value water cooler on the market

Waterlux Mains Water Cooler Chilled & Hot Floor Standing Review

Waterlux Mains Water Cooler Chilled & Hot Floor Standing - D5CH

Product reviewed by:
Melissa Croxford

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Value for Money:


  • The most reliable water cooler on the market
  • large capacity of 44 cups chilled per hour and 15 cups hot water per hour
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty


  • Hot water is 88 degrees, not boiling
  • Not able to stand up a tall drink bottle under the tap

Waterlux Mains Water Cooler Review

If you're looking for a simple and effective water cooler that's great value for money then you're in the right place. The Waterlux Mains Water Cooler is one of the best options for a simple solution to your water needs.

It's available in bench mounted and floor standing models, and you can choose between chilled and hot water, or chilled and ambient water. External water filters can be easily fitted behind the unit as well.

Since it's a mains water cooler, you get a continuous supply of drinking water. And, since there's no drain, it's easy to install as well.

Check out the Waterlux Mains Water Cooler.

Design and function

The Waterlux Mains Water Cooler features a clean, simple design in a high-gloss white finish. The large 12-litre chiller tank makes it ideal for various different applications, including:

  • Factories
  • Large offices
  • Staff areas
  • Schools
  • Gyms

It features a deep, removable drip tray for easy cleaning and to minimise splashes. There's 177 millimetres between the drip tray and the taps, so there's plenty of room to fill cups, glasses, and water bottles, but you won't be able to stand a tall water bottle up straight underneath the taps.

You can install any type of water filtering system you need in the back of the unit. No matter what your filtering requirements are, the Waterlux Mains Water Cooler can handle it. There are also safety features for the hot water function to ensure hot water is always dispensed safely.

Overall, the design is simple and effective. It does everything you need a water cooler to do and it does it well.

Waterlux Mains Water Cooler Chilled & Hot Floor Standing - D5CH

Chemical filtration

The type of filter system you use will determine which chemicals and contaminants are filtered out of your water. Most businesses choose standard filtration which removes rust, dirt, sediment, odour, colour, and chlorine from their water.

The Waterlux Mains Water Cooler is compatible with any type of filter system you need, so you can also choose to have additional filtering for heavy metals, cysts, fluoride, bacteria, and virus removal.

Chilling capacity

The amount of chilled water that the Waterlux Mains Water Cooler can produce per hour depends on the room temperature it is operating in. Chilled water is typically 10 degrees celsius.

[th]Room temperature[/th]
[th]Chilled cups per hour[/th]
[th]Chilled litres per hour[/th]
[td]44 cups[/td]
[td]6.6 litres[/td]
[td]32 cups[/td]
[td]4.8 litres[/td]
[td]18 cups[/td]
[td]2.7 litres[/td]


Maintenance frequency depends on your water quality and usage. As a general rule, we recommend changing the filters every 6 months. As this is a water supply system, it is also important to regularly check all connections and piping to ensure there is no risk of leaking or rupture, and replace any of these fittings as required.

The internal storage tank also requires regular cleaning at least once a year to avoid the unit dispensing loose particles in the drinking water that could have built up from residue over time.

Value for money

This unit has been manufactured with quality in mind, and has shown proven performance for 20 years. That's why the manufacturer offers a unique 3-year product warranty.

Factoring in reliability, performance, price, and design, we highly recommend this product over other brands on the market.

Other details

  • Floor standing models - H: 1,040mm x W: 310mm x D: 310mm
  • Bench mounted models - H: 630mm x W: 310mm x D: 310mm


  • Floor standing chilled/ambient - 20kg
  • Floor standing chilled/hot - 22kg
  • Bench mounted chilled/ambient - 15kg
  • Bench mounted chilled/hot - 17kg


  • Chilled/ambient models - 0.25kwh/day & 7.5kwh/month
  • Chilled/hot models - 1.6kwh/day & 48kwh/month

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