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Shower Filter Cartridge Replacement

Say goodbye to skin breakouts and itchiness with pure, luxurious shower water

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[Shower Filter] Reputable brands

Reputable brands

We work hard to source the highest quality shower filters on the market today

[Shower Filter] Experts on the phone

Experts on the phone

With a quick call, our experts will help you pick the right shower filter cartridges

[Shower Filter] Same day dispatch

Same day dispatch

Our trusty transport partners will have your shower filter cartridge replacements on the road ASAP

[Shower Filter] Direct delivery

Direct delivery

We’ll bring your shower filters to your doorstep, no matter where in Australia you are

Browse Our Range of Shower Filter Cartridges

Shower filters protect your skin by cleansing water of dirt and chemicals

Minute traces of chlorine are commonly added to the municipal water supply to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Though safe for most, it can be tough on sensitive skin. Fortunately, the right shower filtration system can help with chlorine removal, freeing you and your loved ones from eczema, dry skin, breakouts, damaged hair, burning eyes and rashes.

The Water People are proud to present a wide range of high-performance shower filter cartridges, manufactured by the most reliable brands in the industry. If you need advice on choosing the right shower filter, our friendly experts are only a phone call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Water People help me replace my shower filter cartridge?

Of course! Whether you need your shower filter replaced, or simply cleaned and maintained, we’re happy to send one of our experts out to you. Give us a call and let’s find a convenient time.

Why do my water filtration cartridges need to be replaced at all?

As the filter strips chlorine and other impurities from your shower water

The chlorine and other impurities stripped from your shower water remain within the filter, and will eventually clog it. A backed-up filter will no longer absorb chlorine, and will also begin to decrease your water pressure.

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