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[Co2 cylinders] Delivery across Australia

Delivery across Australia

No matter where you are in this great country, we can deliver Co2 cylinders to your door.

[Co2 cylinders] Same day dispatch on your order

Same day dispatch on your order

When you order before 3pm, we'll send out your order of Co2 cylinders that day. There's no time to waste!

[Co2 Cylinders] The best Co2 cylinder brands

The best Co2 cylinder brands

When you shop with The Water People for Co2 cylinders, you're guaranteed a great product every time.

[Co2 cylinders] You're working with the experts

You're working with the experts

You won't find a more qualified team anywhere to help you buy Co2 cylinders online.

See our range of Co2 cylinders

Co2 cylinders for sensational sparkling water

A generation ago, sparkling water was the preserve of wealthy elites. Nowadays, with incredible breakthroughs in tap technology and affordability, all Australians can enjoy sparkling water from the comfort of their own homes. The good news just keeps getting better, because with The Water People you can now buy your Co2 cylinders online. Buy shopping for cheap Co2 cylinders online, the splendours of sparkling water become even more affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you service all brands of water filters for care homes?

Our techs can service all brands of water filters for care homes. We service and maintain market-leading brands including Billi and Zip. Our qualified technicians have the experience and expertise to diagnose a water system problem and fix it promptly.

How can I tell when it is time to buy a new Co2 cylinder?

If you notice that the pressure rating on your Co2 cylinder has gone down below the appropriate level, or noticed that there aren't many bubbles in your sparkling water anymore, that probably means it is time to invest in a new Co2 cylinder.

Can I replace my own Co2 cylinders?

Probably yes. Many people have no trouble replacing their own Co2 cylinders. However, if you're finding it difficult or would simply rather somebody else take care of it, a member of our team would be happy to assist.

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