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Billi tap price guide and advice

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Billi tap price guide and advice
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The Water People
The Water People
July 24, 2018
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Find out how much you can expect to pay with our Billi tap price guide

Ready to purchase a new Billi tap for your kitchen? You've made a great choice. Billi is a proud Australian manufacturer with a reputation for producing high-quality drinking water systems.

Billi produces an innovative range of tap designs that not only look great but offer great functionality. Choose from a range of taps that can provide chilled, boiling, sparkling, or ambient water. There are even some models which can dispense boiling, chilled, and sparkling water from a single tap.

How many people will be using the tap, and how often? If the tap is being installed in an office kitchen, the tap's filter may have to be replaced more often than you think. Are you concerned about aesthetics? There's a great range of tap colours to choose from.

Asking yourself the right questions can narrow down your choices. Thanks to Billi's diverse range of taps, there's bound to be a model that meets your expectations for budget and usage.

Discover the Billi tap price for the model you want. Ask the Billi tap experts from Water People today.

Billi tap price breakdown

Our Billi water tap price breakdown is sorted into two main categories: commercial and residential. Commercial taps can provide you with a combination of up to three different water types, including hot water supply for washing dishes, while some residential taps are limited to only two since they don't commonly require this optional feature.

The price of a new Billi tap can vary depending on its individual features. Commercial models like the Billi Sahara Boiling & Ambient 180 can boil up to 180 cups of boiling water an hour. Alternatively, you'll find residential models are designed to produce significantly fewer cups of boiling water per hour since most homes do not require the larger boiling capacities.

It's important to choose a model that will accommodate your kitchen's needs. There's no need to overcompensate by purchasing a commercial model if it's only going to be used in a regular home kitchen. Residential Billi tap price ranges are between $2535-$4717. Commercial Billi tap price ranges vary between $4406-$7103.




[th]Product name[/th]


[th]Kitchen type[/th]





[td]Billi Alpine Sparkling & Chilled Tap[/td]

[td]from $2535*[/td]

[td]Home or small office/café kitchen[/td]



[td]Billi Sahara Boiling & Ambient Tap[/td]

[td]from $1984*[/td]

[td]Home or small office/café kitchen[/td]



[td]Billi Eco Boiling & Chilled Tap[/td]

[td]from $3421*[/td]

[td]Home or small office/café kitchen[/td]



[td]Billi Eco Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled Tap[/td]

[td]from $4717*[/td]

[td]Home or small office/café kitchen[/td]



[td]Billi Boiling & Chilled Tap Range[/td]

[td]rom $4406*[/td]




[td]Billi Boiling, Sparkling & Chilled Billi Tap Range[/td]

[td]from $6579 *[/td]





*Commercial and residential tap prices can vary depending on additional features such as colour upgrades and drain front kits.

Where are you installing your new Billi tap?

The location of your new Billi tap is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a model. Are you thinking about installing the tap on an existing kitchen sink? You won't need as many extra parts installed if that is the case.

If you want the tap to be a standalone feature, you may need additional fixtures installed. These fixtures may include a new sink, drain front kit, and a tap riser extension to raise the height of the tap.

Billi supplies a range of bench front kits that enable you to install a new tap on a kitchen island. The colour of the front kit and the height of the tap extension will influence pricing. Prices for front kits start from $380.

Colour options

billi tap

Once you've chosen the perfect Billi tap model for your kitchen, you may want to think about the colour options available. Tap colour upgrades can start from $250 extra for brushed chrome, matte black, gloss black, matte white or gloss white.

Premium colours such as rose gold, yellow gold, and urban brass are valued at a higher price point. You can expect to pay an additional $900 for one of these premium colour options.

Filters and CO2 replacements

Like all great brands, Billi's range of taps requires a regular changeover of their water filters. Regular changeovers ensure your Billi tap will continue to dispense healthy drinking water.

The life of the water filter depends on the water quality going through it and how often it's used. A Billi tap at home may only require a changeover once a year while one installed in an office kitchen may need to be changed every six months.

Replacement filters range from $150-$180. The price can vary depending on the micron rating of the filter you choose. If your Billi tap is a model that dispenses sparkling water, you'll need to consider purchasing replacement CO2 cylinders.

The amount of CO2 cylinders you'll need really depends on just how much sparkling water you consume. All Billi taps come with a standard 1kg disposable factory standard cylinder.

As a general rule, it takes approximately 6 grams of CO2 to produce one litre of sparkling water. A 1kg CO2 cylinder can deliver up to 166 litres of sparkling water. Replacement CO2 cylinders can be purchased in a twin pack for around $173.

CO2 cylinders can be purchased online from reputable dealers like The Water People. If you'd like your cylinders to be installed by a professional, an on-site delivery and installation service is available from The Water People.

Making the right choice for your kitchen

billi tap price for home kitchen

So, when it's time to choose a new Billi tap, think about your kitchen's needs. Consider things like how many people will be using your new Billi tap. Do your employees need access to boiling, chilled, or sparkling water?

It's also important to consider the ongoing maintenance costs of your new tap. The frequency of replacing filters and CO2 cylinders can vary, depending on usage.

So, if you're unsure about which Billi tap is right for you, think about how you plan on using your new tap.

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