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Boiling water tap costs

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Boiling water tap costs
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Filtered Water Taps
The Water People
The Water People
May 7, 2019
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How much is a boiling water tap?​

Boiling water has a variety of applications in the home or workplace, from making coffee, to food preparation, to cleaning and sterilisation. Different boiling water taps will suit a range of commercial and residential settings, so it's important to know exactly what you require before you purchase.

The cost of boiling water taps can range between $1,800 and $8,000. The final cost largely depends on the following:

  • Boiling water capacity
  • Combination of water types
  • Tap colour and style
  • Installation requirements
  • Filtration requirements

For expert advice on the best boiling water taps for your home and office, call The Water People on (03) 9885 0222. When it comes to products and costs, our team have a wealth of knowledge, and would love to point you in the right direction.

Types of boiling water taps

types of hot water taps

When it comes to variety, boiling water taps are just a drop in the ocean of filtered water products. There are many types of boiling water systems available:

  • Residential tap systems provide boiling water for drinking, cooking and cleaning in an instant.
  • Commercial tap systems supply a high capacity of boiling water to busy workplaces or kitchens.
  • On-wall boiler units save on floor, bench and under-counter space.
  • Standing units provide a central, localised collection point for boiling water.


The first thing to consider is exactly what you want out of a boiling water tap. Does it just need to only supply boiling water? Do you also require cold, ambient or sparkling water from the same system? Does you boiling water system also need to provide the mains hot water for your kitchen for washing up your dishes?

There are many features, each of which carries a different price.

  • Straight boiling systems come in the form of over-sink taps.
  • Residential cost: From $1,800
  • Commercial cost: From $2,900
  • On-wall boilers offer easy access points for boiling water in the home or office.
  • Residential cost: Not recommended for home use
  • Commercial cost: From $700
  • Boiling/chilled taps are a popular combination of the two temperatures, and come in the form of taps or freestanding units.
  • Residential cost: From $3,000
  • Commercial cost: From $4,000
  • Boiling/chilled/sparkling taps also offer instant carbonated sparkling water.
  • Residential cost: From $4,100
  • Commercial cost: From $6,000
  • All-in-one systems offers all of the above as well as the mains hot and cold water all in one single tap.
  • Residential cost: From $6,000
  • Commercial cost: From $6,500


Capacity is determined by how much boiling water is used all at one and also over a period of time (such as per hour). Higher usage, such as a commercial setting, will require a larger capacity. Lower usage, like in a smaller office or home, will require much less boiling water on demand.

Residential capacity

In residences and small offices (less than 10 staff), boiling water isn't required in such great amounts, meaning that customers can afford to buy less expensive models.

  • Residential boiling water systems can deliver up to 90 cups of boiling water per hour.
  • There are less cups on demand available in residential models than commercial models.

Commercial capacity

In the commercial space, the frequent use of boiling water requires a much greater boiling water capacity to meet the demands of heavy usage. It's worth considering how much boiling water your workplace will use at peak demand, as this will affect the size of the system you require.

  • Commercial boiling water systems can deliver up to 300 cups of boiling water per hour to meet the demand of heavy usage.


When it comes to boiling water taps, there are several makes and models to suit your needs.

  • Zip taps offer four over-sink tap designs in a range of striking matte, gloss or metallic finishes.
  • Hydromix taps are a simple, low maintenance and low cost solution, available in a single turn boiling only tap, or dual temperature boiling/chilled tap.
  • Billi taps offer over-sink models with dual lever or touch button tap designs in a large range of powder coated, gloss, matte or metallic finishes.


Other options

All of the above brands also produce on-wall boiler systems, which come in a range of boiling capacities with stainless steel or white powder coated finishes. On wall boilers range from simple, low maintenance and low cost systems to more advanced touch screen and high tech systems that can be programmed with times, temperatures and usage requirements.

Finally, Waterlux and Bibo provide a series of free standing and bench mounted units that are fed by bottles or mains water.



types of hot water taps

Some boiling water taps are easier to install than others. Depending on the setting of your new system, you may need to cut through a variety of materials.

  • Timber and laminate bench tops will be relatively easy and inexpensive to modify. The installation of your new boiling water system could cost around $350.
  • Stone and marble bench tops could result in an additional cost if a stonemason is required, adding an extra $250 or more. The Water People do not charge extra for this, so it's important to check with your supplier if this will incur an additional fee.
  • Some systems may require additional cabinetry modifications from a qualified tradesperson. This can be as simple as removing an internal shelf, or as complex as a complete re-configuration of your cabinet and plumbing set up. This will need to be costed depending on your requirements.
  • Freestanding water systems are connected to the mains water supply, and will work as long as there is a power point and a water connection inlet within a metre of the unit. You should expect to pay from $295.
  • Wall mounted units are more complex to install as they require wall mounting and plumbing connection. Depending on your set up, you can expect to pay from $395 installation.
  • Over-sink cabinetry modifications also need to be considered.

The Water People can offer you accurate, expert advice on the kind of installation work your new boiling water tap system will require. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.


Different boiling water taps require different filtration methods, materials and equipment to continue to work at peak performance and capacity.

Residential boiling water tap filters will generally last up to 12 months, depending on the quality of your water. You can expect to pay around $180 for a new filter each year.

Due to their heavy usage, commercial boiling water tap filters need to be changed every 3 to 6 months. You can buy a replacement water filter from $125 to $180.

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