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How much are new Zip taps?

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How much are new Zip taps?
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The Water People
The Water People
September 21, 2017
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What can I expect to pay for a new Zip water tap for my home or office?

Depending on what type of tap you are looking for, there are Zip taps which suit a variety of budgets in both the commercial and residential product range. So how do you know which Zip taps will suit your budget and where should you start looking?

In the commercial world, it’s critical your Zip water tap can perform adequately based on the number of people using it. You need to ensure you have enough capacity to provide boiling, chilled and sparkling water for the number of cups required per hour. This will determine the right size unit for your intended application.

At home, capacity isn’t such a big key factor as the residential Zip taps range is designed to suit the majority of homes and usage requirements.

To find what is right for you, there are some key considerations that will determine the price of your desired tap, including:

  • Tap features
  • Colour
  • Application
  • Capacity
  • Installation requirements
  • Filter & C02 replacements

Tap features

What do you want your tap to do? Chilled only, boiling only or a combination of a few such as boiling/chilled/sparkling, or the all in one tap also offers you unfiltered mains water hot and cold all in one?

Zip has a large selection of any combination to suit your needs. And with their new Zip taps design range such as the Arc, Cube or Elite tap designs, it’s good to know you will not pay any more than the traditional Zip Classic Hydro Tap. All tap designs are the same price now, giving you four different tap design options at the same price. But where do you start?

For a new Zip water tap, as the tap and system only, you can expect to pay:


  • Boiling only – $2,095 +
  • Boiling/Chilled –$4,395 +
  • Sparkling/Chilled –$2,795 +
  • Boiling/Chilled/Sparkling –$5,095 +
  • All in one - $3,195 - $5,995 +


  • Boiling only – Price starts from $3,895 - $4,295 +
  • Boiling/Chilled – Price starts from $4,995 - $7,495 +
  • Sparkling/Chilled – Price starts from $4,795 +
  • Boiling/Chilled/Sparkling – Price starts from $5,695 - $7,995 +
  • All in one – Price starts from $5,195 - $8,595 +

See all our Zip taps here.

Zip tap


Polished chrome is the standard tap colour and most popular. However, many new stylish colour options are now available. Add an extra $200 for matte black, gloss black or brushed chrome or $500 for the Zip Platinum colour range including:

  • Rose Gold
  • Brushed Rose Gold,
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Gunmetal
  • Nickel
  • Brushed Nickel


Is your tap being installed over a sink or as a standalone feature on a bench top or island bench requiring a separate drain font? If it’s being installed over a sink, there are no extra parts required. However, if it is a stand alone application, you will need a drain font kit and a tap riser extension to raise the height of your tap. Zip has a stylish round drain font kit suitable for bench mounted applications starting from $342 (for polished chrome) and an additional $200 if you require your font to be in a matching tap colour.


The residential Zip taps range is suitable for the vast majority of homes and capacity isn’t generally a consideration. For a commercial application, however, it’s critical you consider how many cups of boiling/chilled/sparkling water you will need to match the level of usage required. The larger the capacity required, the more expensive the tap. Your local retailer who specialises in these taps will be able to advise you which is best suited to you.


Who will you commission for the installation of your system? Your new Zip water tap may require cutting a hole in your stone bench top or if you have marble, you may require the skills of a qualified stonemason. Most Zip water tap installations will include cutting into stone, your sink or laminate bench top and some installers will charge extra for this. Marble bench tops require the skills of a qualified stone mason who will need to be commissioned by you.

Most skilled plumbers will be able to install your new Zip water tap however it’s a good idea to have a qualified Zip technician to do this for you to ensure all the functions are set up correctly from the start. Installation costs range from $350 residential or $450 commercial or your local plumber could provide a quote for you.

Keep in mind this cost does not take into consideration any under cupboard cabinetry modifications that may be required. If needed, you will need to have a cabinet maker do this for you.


The new residential Zip taps range now comes with a more affordable filter priced at $169 and, depending on your usage, you should see it last around 12 months. This is also dependent on the quality of your water.

Commercial replacement Zip water filters are priced on average around $245 and, dependent on usage and quality of water, the average workplace should get a good 6 months out of it. However, it can be only 3 to 6 months in very busy offices or those with low-quality water.

For every litre of sparkling water produced it takes an average of 6 grams of C02. All the residential sparkling taps come with a 1kg disposable C02 bottle which should deliver approximately 166 litres of sparkling water. Replacement bottles are purchased in a two pack for around $171.

All Zip commercial sparkling systems come standard with a 2.6kg refillable C02 bottle. Refills are priced around $86 however keep your eye out for other retailers such as The Water People who offer C02 refills at a much more affordable price.


To adequately budget for your new Zip water tap, you should consider four key factors:

  • Zip water tap Features
  • Colour
  • Drain font or not?
  • Installation

For your home, with all above taken into consideration, you can expect to pay anything from $2,500 - $6,500 with the most popular taps sitting around $3,500. Ensure you ask about any specials when purchasing through an authorised retailer. Some common specials include free colour upgrades, free installation, or free replacement filters.

For commercial applications, you can expect to pay from $4,200 - $8,900 with the most popular taps sitting around the $5,000 mark.

It’s important you purchase your new Zip tap from a qualified retailer such as The Water People who know the right questions to ask, so you purchase the right system for you.

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