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How much does a sparkling water tap cost?

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How much does a sparkling water tap cost?
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November 21, 2019
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Choosing a long term solution for your hospitality business

Sparkling water taps offer a continuous supply of carbonated, chilled, or still water, without the need for plastic bottles. Sparkling water taps don't just save on waste. They also save on costs, providing an energy efficient solution that cuts down on overheads and ongoing costs, by removing the reliance hospitality businesses place on suppliers of sparkling and filtered water.

The Water People is here to help your hospitality business save on waste and costs. Check out our range of sparkling water taps, and read on to learn more about the costs associated with owning and running them.

Overview of sparkling water tap prices

Sparkling water taps in restaurants

Purchasing a sparkling water tap for your business is an excellent decision to save on waste, costs, and energy. When you purchase a sparkling water tap through The Water People, you own it outright. We can service and maintain your system going forward by replacing filters and CO2 supply, and ensuring that it is always running with minimal downtime.

Many companies that specialise in filtered water only sell via rental plans and long term locked in contracts with difficult and expensive cancellation policies. These can be fraught with hidden costs, which can be a risk for low margin, high turnover businesses like cafés, restaurants, and bars.

Finally, sparkling water taps can not only pay for themselves, but can also provide a new revenue stream for your business. You can easily monetise sparkling water to return costs to your business. For instance, sparkling water is an essential part of many cocktails, such as spritzers. You can also charge for sparkling water by the bottle, or offer a bottomless carafe of sparkling water for a small fee, if desired.

What impacts the price of sparkling water taps?

Several things that impact upon the cost of sparkling water taps, including:

  • Capacity: This is the main influence on the price of sparkling water taps. The more cups per hour a tap can produce, the more expensive it will be.
  • Design: Taps with more features will cost more than economy models. Models with adjustable levels of temperature and carbonation come at a premium, as do all in one tap options.
  • Filtration: Buyers can elect for further filtration options, such as fluoride filtration, which will come at greater ongoing expense.
  • Energy: While all models of sparkling taps are energy efficient, some are more so than others. If you want to cut down on your power bill, look for a model that saves on energy by powering down when not in use.
  • Installation locations and connectivity: Installing taps in some locations may require more work, such as extra plumbing or cabinetry modifications, which can be more expensive. All taps need connection to mains water, waste water, and power supply, which may require the assistance of a plumber.
  • CO2 change overs: No matter how much they are used, sparkling taps will require a CO2 changeover at some point. These taps are best to go on maintenance arrangements to keep costs down. Otherwise, you can simply pay for CO2 as you go. The larger CO2 cylinder that fits in your space will ensure the less frequent CO2 refills and changes, keeping maintenance cost down.

In the end, it's important to choose a sparkling water tap that complements your business. Whether you own a restaurant, bar, or café, The Water People can recommend a sparkling water tap that fits in perfectly with your requirements.

Options for sparkling water taps

Now that we know what affects the price of a sparkling water tap, let's have a look at some specific models. The two most popular sparkling water tap manufacturers are Billi and Zip. Both companies have sparkling tap models that are suited to commercial hospitality applications.

Billi Alpine Sparkling and Chilled

Billi Alpine sparkling and chilled water tap

This model from Billi is an ideal solution for cafés and restaurants, being able to produce high levels of chilled and sparkling water around the clock.


  • Large chilling capacity of over 100 cups per hour
  • Adjustable water temperature and level of carbonation
  • Minimal under bench space

Price: around $2,500

Zip Hydrotap Classic

Zip Hydrotap Classic

This model from Zip is an intuitive solution for your hospitality business. It's ease-of-use and high operational capacity make it an appealing choice for high traffic areas.


  • Large, fast capacity of 175 cups per hour
  • Attractive tap styles in a large range of colours
  • Interactive touchscreen display

Price: around $4,500

Zip Hydrochill

Zip Hydrochill

Designed in the classic bar tap style, the Zip Hydrochill is a stylish solutions for modern bar and restaurant settings. It boasts three different types of filtered water, ready to be dispensed at the bar.


  • Instant chilled sparkling, chilled still, and ambient mains water in one tap
  • Adjustable chilled temperature levels
  • High flow capacity of 90 litres per hour

Price: around $6,500

The benefits of pricier sparkling taps

Premium sparkling water taps offer the most all-encompassing solution for larger and busier hospitality businesses. They save on waste and costs, while producing a high volume of sparkling, chilled, and ambient water at all times. They require less maintenance, and are incredibly easy to use, with a range of features, like temperature changing.

The benefits of cheaper sparkling taps

Cheaper sparkling water taps offer even more savings. They use less energy and cost less to run than premium models. Depending on the model, they might lack some intuitive features like touchscreen interfaces and adjustable levels. However, if you do not require a high capacity in your setting, it's an economical choice.

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