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Boiling Billy Servicing & Repairs

Repairs and maintenance by approved Boiling Billy technicians

Our technicians can service Boiling Billy taps, hot or cold water units all over Australia.

Authorised Boiling Billy servicing and repairs

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Boiling Billy service, repairs and filter replacement

Whether your Boiling Billy water system needs scheduled maintenance or a quick emergency repair, our expert technicians are here to help.

We can help with:

  • Approved replacement parts
  • Regular maintenance and emergency repairs
  • Boiling Billy water filter replacement

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Boiling Billy servicing and repairs


Boiling Billy water system servicing

Our authorised technicians can undertake scheduled servicing and regular maintenance on all Boiling Billy water systems. Regular servicing means you'll always have hot or chilled water on tap.


Boiling Billy tap repairs

Even the best taps sometimes leak. Our team of technicians are on call to support you whenever you need it.

Filter replacement

Boiling Billy filter replacement

Filters are one item that needs replacing at regular intervals to keep your Boiling Billy system working at its best. We can show you how or replace the filter for you.

Our process

[Boiling Billy servicing] Call The Water People

Call The Water People

We'll find a technician near you who can help.

[Boiling Billy servicing] Make an assessment

Make an assessment

If we can, we'll repair your system on the spot.

[Boiling Billy servicing] Finding the right parts

Finding the right parts

We can source the right parts to repair your Boiling Billy system.

[Boiling Billy] Detailed service records

Detailed service records

Detailed reports of servicing and maintenance mean we know what to expect in the future.

[Boiling Billy servicing] Ongoing support

Ongoing support

After repairs or servicing, we'll check in to ensure everything is running smoothly and remind you when your next service is due.

Ask The Water People about Boiling Billy servicing

Flexible options for Boiling Billy servicing

Scheduled servicing

Regular maintenance keeps your Boiling Billy water system in peak condition. Scheduled servicing is the best option to ensure you always have a reliable water supply.

Filter replacement

Regular filter replacement keeps your Boiling Billy system running smoothly with fresh, clean water. We can replace filters or show you how to do it.

Emergency or one-off repairs

If your Boiling Billy system has been unused or isn't working, a one-off service will get your taps flowing again.

Frequently asked questions

My Boiling Billy water system is out of warranty. Can you help with repairs?

Yes, we can repair and service Boiling Billy taps and water systems of any age. Whether you purchased the system from The Water People or another supplier, our technicians can get your system working again.

How often does my Boiling Billy tap need servicing?

As a guide, the system should be cleaned and serviced annually. When our technicians service or repair your tap, we keep detailed records of the job ready for the next service.

How often do I need to change the filter?

The lifetime of the filter depends on use frequency and the quality of the water supply. On average, aim to change the filters every six months.

How can I prolong the life of my Boiling Billy refrigerated water system?

The first thing you can do is ensure airflow around the system to prevent overheating. Cleaning the condenser blades, the coil at the front and vents at the sides of the unit regularly helps maintain the cooling system.

Do you service Boiling Billy units in my area?

We have technicians in all major cities and most regional towns in Australia. You can get in touch to confirm our service availability in your location.

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