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Zip Tap Servicing And Repairs

Let our Zip tap service technician take care of your taps and filters

Whether you need a Zip water tap repair or just routine servicing our team at the Water People ready to help.

Official repairs, servicing and filter replacement for Zip taps and water systems

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Zip tap service, repairs and filter replacement

Whether you're having trouble with your zip tap, or just need some regular scheduled servicing, our team of zip tap experts are ready to assist you. Even after installation, we can continue to help with a variety of Zip replacement parts

  • Zip tap repairs to all makes and models
  • Replacing Zip tap water filters
  • Regular maintenance for Zip taps

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Zip tap servicing and repair


We can service your Zip taps

We offer Zip tap servicing for both residential and commercials customers. Regular servicing can help to prevent your Zip taps from breaking down, and also lengthen their lifespan. Routine Zip tap maintenance and servicing is a must if you want to keep your taps running effectively and filters clean.


Zip tap repairs

Even the best taps can spring a leak. At The Water People, our team can help you by providing emergency and breakdown repairs. No matter the problem, our team with help.

Filter replacement

Zip filter replacements

Ready for a Zip tap filter replacement? Our team can come to you and replace your Zip tap filters when they're due.

Our process

[Zip] Call our team

Call our team

We will dispatch help right away.

[Zip] We'll find a course of action

We'll find a course of action

If repairs can be performed immediately, we'll get the job done.

[Zip] We've got the parts you need

We've got the parts you need

If necessary, we'll book a follow up appointment and return with the parts you need.

[Zip] Logging service history

Logging service history

We keep detailed reports, so we'll know what to expect in the future.

[Zip] We won't leave you high and dry

We won't leave you high and dry

Our team will get in touch, and let you know when your taps are ready for another service.

Talk to our team and get your Zip taps serviced

Flexible options for Zip servicing

Routine servicing

With routine servicing, your Zip taps will remain in peak condition, and are far less likely to break down.

Filter replacement

Filters need to be replaced. We can either replace your Zip tap filters for you, or show you how to do it; the choice is yours.

One off

If your Zip taps have broken down, book in for a one off repair service to get the Zip water system up and running again.

Frequently asked questions

Something has gone wrong with my Zip hot water service. Can you help?

Absolutely. No matter what kind of Zip tap you've got, or what problem you're facing, our expert technicians are up to the task of fixing it.

When do I need a Zip tap service?

Depending on how often your Zip taps are being used, you'll need a Zip tap service sooner or later. Talk with our team about your Zip taps, where they're located, and how frequently they're being used, and we'll be able to plan a Zip tap service schedule that suits your needs.

Do you offer zip tap repairs near me?

Probably! We can provide servicing and repairs across Australia. So, whether you need a zip tap service in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, or beyond, there's a good chance you are within range for us to send help.

Do I have to change my own Zip tap filter?

You don't have to change your own Zip tap filters, but you can if you like. Whether you'd like to do the work yourself, or have one of our technicians come out and do the job, we are happy to help facilitate your desires.

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