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Billi tap maintenance tips

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Billi tap maintenance tips
billi tap maintenance tips hero imagebilli tap maintenance tips hero image
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The Water People
The Water People
November 1, 2018
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Your Billi tap troubleshooting and maintenance guide

Here at The Water People, we've provided business and home owners with a great range of Billi taps. Homes, offices, schools, and gyms have all enjoyed the benefits of having clean filtered water on tap. Like any premium product, Billi taps still require maintenance to keep them in great working order.

With the right guidance and replacement parts, Billi tap maintenance is easy. At the same time, we understand that some clients don't have the staff resources or time to maintain their own Billi taps. That's why we offer a Billi tap maintenance and repairs service to all our Billi tap owners.

For expert advice on Billi tap maintenance, contact our Billi experts today.

Troubleshooting signs for Billi tap maintenance

Your Billi tap has an intuitive warning system in place that will let you know when it's time for maintenance. LED light indicators will give you an early warning when it's time to change over parts like filter cartridges.

While your Billi tap has been designed to require minimal maintenance, there are certain components you can check during a filter change.

  • Check all piping and connections for any signs of leakage
  • Check the cupboard area around the base of your unit for any signs of moisture
  • Ensure the side vents of your under bench module are not obstructed

So if you experience any lapse in performance from your Billi tap, be sure to check all components are in great working order. If you're unable to identify any failing parts of your Billi tap system, it's best to contact a repair technician.

The Billi tap maintenance experts at The Water People are more than qualified to carry out a repair and maintenance service if required.

Cleaning your tap and setting it to holiday mode

You may notice your Billi tap's dispenser will get stained from everyday use. The surface of your dispenser can get dirty from beverage spills, fingerprints, and grease marks.

When it's time to clean your tap dispenser, avoid using abrasive cleaners. It's best to use a non-solvent and non-smearing cleaner such as Windex. Avoid pouring water directly over your tap. Wiping your tap down with a damp cloth is suitable enough for getting the job done.

To save on energy consumption, your Billi tap unit can be switched to holiday mode. This feature is best used when you know your tap won't be used for an extended period of time.

In holiday mode, the water chiller and water heater are disabled. Your unit will consume very little power while in this mode. It's a simple yet economic solution that will help your business reduce running costs.

billi tap maintenance

How often should I replace my filter?

To stay on top of your Billi tap maintenance, the manufacturer recommends changing your unit's filter cartridge every 6 months. This will ensure your Billi tap is always dispensing clean and healthy drinking water.

You should also consider your own usage rates when it comes to replacing filter cartridges. Heavy usage may demand that your filter cartridges get changed sooner. If you know that you Billi tap hasn't been used heavily, it's safe to assume that you can delay changing the filters.

Billi filter taps come with a filter change monitor. This monitor works by counting the number of cups dispensed and the number of days since the last changeover. Your Billi tap's change filter indicator will flash to alert you when it's time to change filters.

How to change your Billi tap filter

Replacing your unit's filters is fairly straightforward. Your installer can show you how to do this or you can rely on a technician for your Billi tap maintenance. Here are the essential steps you need to follow.

  1. Remove the front panel of the under bench unit and set your tap to holiday mode
  2. Gently tilt the filter towards you and release it from the holding cradle
  3. Install your new filter by gently pushing it into the holding cradle
  4. Tilt the new filter back into the cradle until it locks into place
  5. Flush chilled water until flow stops. Wait 10 minutes and repeat this process 2 times
  6. Replace the front cover of the under bench unit


For more information on Bill tap water maintenance, download a copy of the Billi tap user manual.


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