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Do you need servicing or repairs for your Britex drinking fountain?
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Britex Drinking Fountains

World-first designs for stainless steel drinking fountains

Britex drinking fountains have exceptional durability due to their heavy-duty grade 304 stainless steel design. Fill a bottle or sip from a bubbler with standard, touch-free and refrigerated options from the Water People.

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Drinking fountains for every space

Look no further for the best drinking fountains — including touch-free and refrigerated drinking fountains from Britex. There's a drinking fountain to suit every space from the Water People.

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Custom drinking fountain installation

With extensive industry experience, our team can tailor solutions to meet your requirements. Let us know what you need, and we'll find a practical and effective solution.

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We'll help to keep things flowing

Keep your Britex drinking fountain flowing year after year with our top-quality service and maintenance.

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Commit to a solution for now

Infrastructure can change as your needs evolve. Our Britex drinking fountain rental allows you to adapt your hydration solution to meet these changing requirements.

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Order filters and more online

Keep your water clean and cool by regularly changing the filters and CO2 cartridges. It's easy to order replacement items online when you need them.

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Seamless Britex servicing

Our technicians are authorised to repair and maintain Britex drinking fountains. With years of experience, we can fix any issue to keep the water flowing so you can hydrate worry-free.

  • Replacing filters and CO2 tanks
  • After-sales support
  • General maintenance and repairs

New Britex drinking fountains come with a 12-month warranty on all parts and labour (Terms and conditions apply).

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Not sure which Britex drinking fountain will be best for you? We can help.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you install Britex fountains in my location?

The Water People have technicians available right across Australia, covering the major cities and many regional towns. Ask our helpful team about Britex installation and repair in your location.

How frequently does the water filter need changing?

The frequency for replacement of the drinking fountain water filter depends on the level of usage. Frequently used drinking fountains in busy locations will need filters replaced every six months. The drinking fountain has an in-built monitor that will alert you when it's time to replace the filter.

Can I change the water filter myself, or do I need a technician to do it?

You can order new filters online and replace them yourself, or you can have a technician do it for you. Our service team are available for scheduled, routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

Do you have touch-free drinking fountains?

Our Britex touch-free drinking fountain allows everyone to stay hydrated while reducing contact between individuals for a healthier environment. This hands-free system comes in different heights to suit the needs of your application.

Ask our team about installing a touch-free drinking fountain in your school, gym, workplace or public area.

Do you offer accessible drinking fountains?

Our Britex wall-monted drinking fountains meet the DDA compliance requirements for accessibility. Choose from a refrigerated or non-refrigerated model for a stylish, vandal-resistant design, convenient for all users.

Can you install a drinking fountain in a small space?

Yes, our compact drinking fountains are ideal for small niches and cramped corners. If you aren't sure whether a unit will fit, our technicians are experts in creating a custom solution to provide you with fresh-flowing water right where you need it.

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