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Reverse Osmosis Filters

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reverse osmosis system

Our Reverse Osmosis Filters

For the ultimate in water purification, nothing matches our reverse osmosis filter systems. In addition to removing organic and solid inorganic contaminants - achieved by standard water filtration - reverse osmosis removes dissolved organic and chemicals pollutants, including pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride. Reverse osmosis filters are ideal for both residential and commercial use, including:

  • Naturopaths and those who are highly health conscious
  • Individuals with chronic illness, including cancer and kidney disease
  • Medical practitioners and dental surgeries
  • Individuals and families seeking absolutely pure, unadulterated water

Unlike standard filters, which absorb impurities, reverse osmosis uses household water pressure to push tap water through a membrane, which blocks contaminants and allows only purified water to pass through. The impurities and contaminants are flushed down the drain as waste while only the purified water is stored in a specialised water storage tank and then released through the filter tap on demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reverse osmosis Filter System?

Of all the methods to purify water, the process of reverse osmosis is the most advanced and effective. The process was developed more than 50 years ago by scientists working at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Since then, both private and public sectors have invested many millions developing and refining the techniques of reverse osmosis.

After passing through usually two speciality pre-filters, polluted water is then forced by water pressure against a semi-permeable membrane. Purified water molecules easily pass through the membrane while pollutants, typically being larger than the pores, cannot pass through and are washed away. In effect, the membrane divides the purified water allowing this to be stored in a tank ready for use and dumps the unpurified water as waste.

I’ve heard there is high water wastage with reverse osmosis filtration. Is that true?

The ratio of waste to purified water depends on the brand, quality, and type of membrane used in your reverse osmosis system.

While some membranes have a waste ratio of 3:1 (three litres of waste per one litre of purified water) our Aquakleen Safety Seal Reverse Osmosis System now has a 1:1 ratio membrane, making this reverse osmosis system one of the best in the world.

Does a reverse osmosis filter system also remove essential minerals in the water? Is it possible to retain these minerals?

Yes. As the membrane is .0005 micron very little can get through, meaning that minerals are also stripped out. While we shouldn’t rely only on drinking water for essential minerals in our diet, there is a simple solution if you are concerned about this. You can add a mineralizer cartridge after the tank to put the minerals back in after the water has been purified.

How much space does a domestic reverse osmosis filter system take up under my sink?

While most reverse osmosis filter systems are compact and mounted out of the way, you also need to consider the size of the water storage tank. These come in many sizes, and the most common residential size of the tank is 8 litres and is not much larger than a small pot.

Our Aquakleen Reverse Osmosis System is 420mm high x 325mm wide x 115mm deep, and the standard 8 litre tank size is 317mm high x 203mm in diameter. The 12 litre tank is 367mm high x 243mm in diameter.

Why does a reverse osmosis filter system have so many filters? What does each of them do?

Each filter in your reverse osmosis system plays an integral part in the purification process. Most reverse osmosis systems use four or five filters, and each of these has a special role:

  • Filter 1: Sediment – initial filter to removes larger particles.
  • Filter 2: Carbon – removes chlorine before the water reaches the membrane as chlorine damages it.
  • Filter 3: Membrane – reverses the natural water flow so only purified water molecules can pass through, and polluted water is dumped as waste.
  • Filter 4: Carbon – polishes the water as a final stage to improve the taste.
  • Filter 5: Optional mineralizer – ads the minerals back into the purified water before dispensing from your tap.

Where does the term reverse osmosis come from? What does it mean?

When the water reaches the membrane, it is forced in the reverse direction of normal osmosis from a larger concentration to a lesser concentration. The lesser concentration is 'purified' and the larger concentration is waste. The natural water flow is reversed, hence the term reverse osmosis. This is a process used for water filtration, desalination of seawater, and in kidney dialysis machines.

Is a reverse osmosis filter system easy to maintain myself?

The brand of reverse osmosis system you purchase will determine how easy it is to change the filters. Our Aquakleen Reverse Osmosis Safety Seal system makes it very easy to change filters as they have a thread and simply screw in and out. It's as easy as changing a light bulb and saves you the cost of having a service technician do it for you.

How can I get replacement filters for my reverse osmosis filter system?

We make it easy for you, so you don’t need to worry. We keep a record of your system and constantly update it when you purchase and replace each of your filters.

We have service technicians in Sydney and Melbourne metro who can replace your filters for you, or you can simply join our auto-send filter replacement program. We’ll automatically post new filters out to you when they are due for changing. Alternatively, you can purchase your filters here and they will be dispatched within 1 or 2 days of ordering.

How should I store my filters if I go away for a while? What do I need to do when I get back?

There are two main things to consider when you leave your reverse osmosis out of use for a period of time: the filters and the water storage tank.

If you are going away for a long period of time, we recommend you run your tap for 5 minutes to flush your filters through and then remove them, store them in an airtight ziplock back in the back of your fridge. This will prevent your filters from growing bacteria and drying out when not in use.

You should also empty your tank before you leave. When you return and put your filters back in, flush them through and fill up your tank, then empty your tank again. Once you fill it up for the second time, you’ll be ready to go.

If you’re worried about any potential bacteria build up in your tank, you can always dissolve a tablet form of steriliser (like the tablets used to sterilise baby bottles) which are available from most supermarkets.

Why do filters have different recommended change timelines?

As each filter has a different role, they need changing at different times. Effectively, the cleaner the water is when it reaches each filter, the longer that filter will last. We recommend the following filer change frequencies:

  • Filter 1: Sediment – 6 monthly
  • Filter 2: Pre-carbon – 12 monthly
  • Filter 3: Membrane – 4 yearly
  • Filter 4: Post carbon – 2 yearly
  • Filter 5: Optional mineralizer – 2 yearly

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